aka Benny CS

  • I live in England, UK
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is Massive Twat
  • I am confused and aroused
Supernova S9
Total. God-damn. Annihilation.
Nationality Britain, UK
First Edit Tornado, July 25th 2013
Favourite Series Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars
Favourite Robot Supernova
Least Favourite Robot Glitterbomb

The Introduction:Edit

Hi there. I am Doot, originally known as DemonOfTomorrow during when I first joined to mid-2019. I'm the typical 20-year old of the wikia, with a massive adoration for robot combat around the world.

I still consider myself a massive fan even today, and still have card models of various 'bots that I made from 2009-2016. Also used to play RA2, and made various 'bots that have been very well received by the community there.

I also potentially have plans to start making my own 'bots soon, though when that'll happen is currently unknown. I'm hoping to try and get something working somewhere during 2020, though.

What am I doing?Edit

Rather shockingly, I've re-awoken from a weird on-off period and have returned to the Wiki to... do nothing of merit, really. Eh, at least I'm active on the Arena forums, so there's that.

Alternate Stuff:Edit

Here is some of my other stuff. Feel free to take a look at it if you want to or something.

My Replicas and whatnot, made from 2009 to around 2015.'s-devastating-dsl-irl-showcase/ (RA2 'bots built from 2015 to the present and far future.)

Trophies, Badges and Various Other StuffEdit

Robochicken 7 This user made it into the quarterfinals of Wiki Wars 2015 with Robochicken. Not bad for a first attempt. :)
Behemoth - Replica This user used to be an avid replica creator.
TR2 turntable This user used to be a GTM regular.
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