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"Well, Chopper came out, I think with one plan in mind...Let's just get mullered! Let's get absolutely massacred, let's do our very, very worst!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Hello all, this is ToastUltimatum, resident Yorkshireman of the wiki. I'm one of the two active bureaucrats in the community.


Opinion pieces

  • Lists - A compilation of my favourite robots, battles, among other lists and writing pieces!

Robot Wars memorabilia

  • Collection - A list of each piece of Robot Wars merchandise I own, and which major items I'm missing, as well as sections on the authentic pieces of real robots that I own!

Name rating

Featherweight robotics

My first featherweight robot, The Tragic Roundabout

  • The Tragic Roundabout - Information on my first featherweight robot The Tragic Roundabout, presented as a "genuine wiki article" as though the robot had entered Series 10 of Robot Wars.
  • Euphoria - Information on my second, much more competitive featherweight robot, with a suitably more informative article.
    • Prince's Trust Robots - Working cardboard robots that I had put together on an educational course run by John Findlay, including the prototype for The Tragic Roundabout.

Fantasy tournaments

  • Audited Wars - A re-randomised version of each series of Robot Wars, and who I thought would win each battle.
  • Ragnabot - One of my favourite Robot Wars hobbies, my versions of the wiki's famous Ragnabot tournament.
    • Ragnabot Pt. II - The second page of Ragnabot, containing Series 10 competitors.
    • Ragnabot Success Rate - An archive of which robots have done well in my Ragnabot tournaments, and how often they did so.
    • Ragnabot Series Record - A giant table containing every robot's success record in the wiki's three official Ragnabot tournaments.
    • Ragnabot 3 Competitors Ranked - An opinion blog taking all sixteen robots from each heat of the wiki's Ragnabot 3 to rank them from best-to-worst, and see if we got the 'right' heat winners and heat finalists.
  • Miscellaneous Tournaments - A handful of other Robot Wars tournaments I've run for my own entertainment.
  • Robot Wars: The Eighth Wars - One of the first things I did after getting Internet at home, I ran a hypothetical Robot Wars: The Eighth Wars, as if it were held in 2012. But mostly with a cast from 2004. Very outdated; read for irony.

Periodical blogs

  • Seeing Robot Wars Live - A blog on my experiences at filming for all of the rebooted series of Robot Wars!
  • Completely Genuine Live Reactions - “Genuine” live “reactions” from NJGW and I as we pretend to watch Series 7 for the first time, featuring some special guests along the way!
  • Top 18 Series of Robot Wars - A project ranking all eighteen series of Robot Wars from worst-to-best, run in conjunction with an identical blog by NJGW.
  • The unprecedented heat winner that Series 7 nearly had - An out-there theory which reveals what surely would've been Series 7's most unexpected heat winner, had one small change taken place.
  • Top 50 Behemoth Fights - Out of all robots to compete on the show, Behemoth had by far the most fights, including some fantastic battles, so I took it upon myself to rate them from my least-favourite to favourite.

Me with my second featherweight, Euphoria

Blogs written by other users which I contributed to


That's me, riding Ripper in front of my local football stadium

Despite me only joining the wiki in 2012, where it was founded in 2008 I've actually had somewhat of a connection with this site since its beginnings.

When Robot Wars Wiki was first being created, Christophee asked two fellow Robot Wars fans he knew on Wikipedia, CBFan and Izzy259, to help out with this task. CBFan got in there pretty quickly, but Izzy259 didn't. As you may have figured by now, Izzy259 was indeed me, at just 10 years of age. Contrary to belief, I was not a girl, my young age made me think Izzy was a shorthand for Isaac ¬_¬

But no matter. If asked why I never joined this place, I honestly have no idea at all. I now know that I ought to have, this site would have been a great learning opportunity, as well as one to help the wiki as much as a 10-year-old could, and it would kick-start me into full-on wiki editing, which I now enjoy committing to.

where were you when i became the king of bots uk featherweight champion

Eventually, I did join the site under the poor username of Torngentleman2, where I added a quote from S3's team captain as to why S3 didn't compete in Series 7, and made the Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars/Heat G article. After that, I disappeared once more.

In September 2012, I finally committed myself to Robot Wars Wiki, with the ToastUltimatum account. I was an admin by the end of the same year, and became a bureaucrat at the start of 2016 after all of the other active bureaucrats had retired - and it was a good job I did, because during my application, the BBC decided to announce a reboot of Robot Wars!

Task List[]

My current aims for how to contribute to the wiki. People are of course welcome to help, but these are the things I've personally put my focus on. I can think of other jobs that need doing, such as taking more images from Dutch and German Robot Wars, but I can't give myself too much to work on at once.

Objective Progress
Go through all competitor articles which have separate team articles, and add small sections to their competitor articles detailing their team for its relevant series, linking through to the main team article. Example: Vulture, Push to Exit
Go through Series 6, and make sure we have images of contributions to battles from every competing robot. If a robot fought well before losing the battle, ensure at least one image demonstrates this. Up to Heat H.
Similarly to Series 5 and 6, ensure images of battle contributions from every competitor in Season 2 of Extreme Warriors are produced. Episodes 1-6 done.
Rename the Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors episode articles. Yet to be started.
Rewrite Team S.Tek from scratch. Yet to be started.

Top 10 Robots[]

Honourable mentions: DisConstructor, Hyperactive, Infernal Contraption, Infinity, Mega Morg, Pressure, Probophobia, Propeller-Head, Raging Knightmare, Tetanus, Thermidor II, Trazmaniac, Typhoon series, Vulture

Number Image Robot Thoughts
10 Gyrobot.png Gyrobot As a pre-teen, I had a real vendetta against Heat B of Series 7. I thought the whole thing (apart from the featherweights) was extremely dull, yet my poor organisation of my VHS tapes meant I'd keep watching it again and again, until the point where I genuinely labelled the tape "DON'T WATCH". Many years have passed now, and I give that episode much more credit. My evaluation of Gyrobot grew with it, and yet it's hardly the fault of the robot itself, which is still a little bit dull to watch in combat. The real reason is this. I'm sure many wiki members can attest to the fact that you develop strong appreciation towards the robots built by the roboteers you first corresponded with. Steve Wood wasn't the first roboteer I ever spoke to, but it happened as a result of responding to a YouTube comment in a period where Robot Wars was on its twelve-year hiatus, and I was still impressionable enough to be impressed by contact with a roboteer. This one worked out particularly well; after a few emails, I had received some exclusive photos of Gyrobot's qualifiers, and later, videos of the qualifiers themselves! The unaired qualifiers have always been my research area of interest on this wiki, so this was the best possible outcome. I'd eventually read through the very detailed Gyrobot website, and by the end of it all, I realised my huge attachment towards this little machine.
9 Scrap-II-Saur.pngScraptosaur.png Scraptosaur Discovering Scraptosaur was a game of two halves. I saw its Seventh Wars heat as it aired, and took a quick liking towards the machine, but it never really did enough to stick out from the crowd, even if it always stayed in my memory. Essentially, Scraptosaur was a robot that I'd always wanted to like, but I lacked the excuse. That is, until I watched the second series of Robot Wars: The Dutch Battles. Scrap-II-Saur was a wonderful contributor to that series, where it placed third, after great wins over Tough as Nails, Cyclone, Gravity and Meshuggah. By the end of all that, Scraptosaur was a firm favourite.
8 Chopper.png Chopper Chopper only had two fights in its combat history, so it really had to stand out in order to make my Top 10 robots, but stand out, it certainly did. As you'll see in a separate list, Chopper's battle with ICU and Mad Dog is one of my absolute favourites of all time, a battle that is quite synonymous with me, and Chopper is undeniably the root of the 'problem'. Chopper's complete and utter insistence on performing as badly as possible before winning regardless and requiring the eventual champion to get rid of it will never fail to amuse me. Well, Chopper came out, I think with one plan in mind...Let's just get mullered! Let's get absolutely massacred, let's do our very, very worst!
7 13Black.png13Black S7.png 13 Black 13 Black was an example of a robot with great aesthetic design, which still managed to be very effective. After a missed opportunity in Series 5, 13 Black became one of only three unseeded heat winners in Series 6, being eliminated in possibly the funniest battle in Robot Wars. After Series 6, 13 Black also impressed in Extreme II, earning impressive victories against Chaos 2 and Dominator II, even standing up to the mighty Razer. I'm well aware that 13 Black is far from the deadliest of spinners, but that adds to the charm for someone who isn't generally a massive fan of spinners - 13 Black tried its best, and actually got somewhere as a result. Here’s a piece of trivia, I almost named my Robot Wars Wiki username 13 Black, but decided to use ToastUltimatum for consistency across wikis. I went to Las Vegas in August 2018, and you know what I wasted my $10 on.
6 Eruption 2016.pngEruption S9.jpgEruption 10.png Eruption My favourite robot which I have seen in person, and by far my favourite champion, Eruption. I knew this would quickly become a robot I would like a lot when I saw it dominate Apollo in front of my face, after constantly being a force on the live circuit where I had watched it fight beforehand, but when it became the first competitor robot to flip a competitor out of the arena in the reboot, I leapt out of my seat, and Eruption was cemented as a favourite, immediately jumping into this list. And that was just the beginning. I had their backs all the way through Series 9, and they achieved an astonishing four out-of-the-arena flips within their heat, blasted Ironside3 into defeat, and won a classic battle against Aftershock. By the time of Series 10, Eruption was already a silver medallist, which made it harder to cheer for... until I learned that its heat contained Aftershock and Carbide. It was a sheer moment of joy when they got the triple-OotA in the group battle, with no editing magic to give the game away as I saw it in person. I proudly waved my Eruption banner around throughout filming (which funnily enough read "No, Eruption will beat Can't abide", I didn't even believe it myself but CALLED IT), and while I will admit it was hard to cheer for it during the 10 Robot Rumble and the first few rounds of the Grand Final, as it would have been the predictable winner, you couldn't possibly cheer against it in that Grand Final against Carbide, which has to go down as the greatest Grand Final victory of all time.
5 GravityDRW.jpgGravity.png Gravity Something that often goes unmentioned, I actually really enjoy watching Gravity in the Dutch Battles, where it defeated and out-pushed the UK vs Germany champion Das Gepäck impressively, before getting blown to bits in the Heat Final. But looking at its Series 7 form in action, I couldn’t not include Gravity on my favourites list, and Gravity has only grown higher since. Gravity wielded immense power in UK Series 7, and Robot Wars simply would not be the same without it. I wrote that last sentence several years ago, but it certainly could be interpreted as a dig towards the selection committee for Series 8...
4 Shredder s5 official.pngShredder.pngShredder Evolution.png Shredder I do like Shredder Evolution, of course, but it is because of its predecessor Shredder, as to why I like the series of robots so much. Shredder, a fairly weak looking machine, was clearly beating the seeded Mousetrap 2, before defeating itself in an admittedly funny way in Series 5, and it especially proved itself in Series 6. Shredder performed well in the first-round melee, where after initially taking damage from S3, it proceeds to dominate the seed by trapping it in the CPZ expertly. Shredder’s battle against The Alien was similarly impressive, as despite having an effectively useless weapon, it managed to come back from an initial deficit, and defeat the destructive The Alien, using nothing more than the power of ramming it, and the CPZ. The Heat Final wasn't close, but I wouldn't have it any other way, it says a lot when the robot still has drive, and it needed to be warped so badly that the tyres didn't touch the ground before you can declare a KO. The Shredder team laughed at damage they took, and even when they came back to life, they just rammed straight back into S3's disc face-first, and pitted themselves when they noticed the House Robots were "struggling", all of which contributes to Shredder taking the title of my fourth favourite robot. With some help from Shredder Evolution. The fact that Shredder ranks on some people's least-favourite robots lists is totally beyond my comprehension.
3 Atomic Removebg.png Atomic Atomic never struck me as a potential Grand Finalist, but it’s remarkable how close they came. Atomic swept under the eventual champion, Typhoon 2, and gave it a strong flip. If Typhoon 2 went over, the entire series would be totally different. Simple as it may be, “Typhoon 2 stands off” is among my favourite lines of commentary from Jonathan Pearce, because of the sense of drama it gives me. Atomic showed potential from the very beginning, defeating the 17th seed King B3, then tossed Mousetrap all around the arena in Extreme, even turning Hypno-Disc over. Series 7 was where Atomic really shone, getting four consecutive OotA’s, and winning my favourite battle in Robot Wars, all while looking dapper in bright yellow.
2 Mute S7.png Mute When I take a liking to a battle or a robot, one of the main ways something can appeal to me is the comedy aspect. I've unashamedly held the belief that comedy is my favourite media genre for several years, and I really think there's no harm in favouring a good laugh over something truly moving or impressive. Mute fits this perfectly, because it's firmly among the weakest heat winners in Series 7 and its design was knowingly flawed - but it was just bloody funny wasn't it? Their circus-like self-righting was a source of endless pleasure, and the occasional flip from the machine actually impressed with its power. Yet I can sum up my love of Mute by pointing out the room for humour in every single one of its fights. Mute did the following: drove into the pit against Terror Turtle and still qualified; flipped Mr Nasty around while Sgt. Bash had a squabble with the Refbot; broke down against Roobarb and still won; broke down against Cedric Slammer and still won AGAIN; almost beat the near-infallible Storm II out of nowhere; meandered around while someone else won the melee on its behalf; defeated the tenth seed by landing on it; self-righted around the arena for five minutes and still did enough to win a Judges' decision; and eventually threw itself out of the arena. Mute had nine fights and they were all hilarious - that's the makings of a second-favourite robot.
1 M2.png M2 At the end of the list, there can only be one winner - M2, my favourite robot for several years now. M2 carries the same principle as Mute in that every single fight containing this robot has something going for it. This time M2 only has four fights total, but every single one of them is wonderful. M2 opened the entire series by throwing two robots out of the arena in sequence despite hardly boasting the most powerful flipper - easily my favourite series opener. M2 then has to fight a former runner-up and ninth seed in the second round, but emulates a performance seen only by the likes of Chaos 2 and Firestorm III, and flips Pussycat all around the arena in an emphatic, yet also extremely close, victory. M2's win against Tiberius III has to be one of the greatest ever, they were halfway down the motorway with suitcases in the boot after Tiberius had the match thoroughly sown up, but the game-changing flip and the beautiful pitting is something that will never fail to raise a smile from me. It was the end of the line against Atomic, but M2 didn't go down without a fight, and made another of my favourites really work for its win, something that hadn't been seen of Atomic yet, and almost tossed it out of the arena in a shot I see as iconic. It helps a lot that Heat A of Series 7 was one of the very first episodes I saw in full, but I'm determined to believe that I would've loved M2 even without that, because it just brings with it a symbol of quality in all of its appearances, even offering an endless sequence of good fights on the live circuit. Did you know that M2's qualifier battle for Series 7 is on YouTube now??

For more lists like this, see User:ToastUltimatum/Lists

Personal Trivia[]

Adventures with Diotoir

  • The first episode of Robot Wars I ever saw was quite a unique choice - it was Heat D of the New Blood Championship. I can't remember anything about watching it, but I know that I spent the week waiting for the Grand Final, so that must've been my first.
    • Therefore the first battle I have any memory of watching was Storm II vs. Thor. 13 Black and Gravity are both in my Top 10 favourite robots, but it was the return of Thor had had me most excited for Heat D of Series 7!
  • On July 26th 2016, I was called by BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about the new series of Robot Wars on air! I talked to Sarah Brett and Adrian Goldberg and another caller about the modern advancements, the live circuit, and called out The Mirror on Dara Ó Briain's "near-death experience". It's no longer active but it used to be found here.
  • Until 2016, I never saw a series of Robot Wars without knowing in advance which robot would become the champion. It was very unlucky in the case of Series 7 because for the day of the final I was stuck in a house without Channel Five. I went to school the next day, and someone told me "Spin Doctor" won. The other champions were revealed by the show during Series 7's heats, the competitor DVD's, or on the Run Amok website.
  • My name (Isaac Sharp) was clearly visible in a televised shot during the reboot, near the tooth of PP3D's disc. I've also appeared in the audience as a hardly-visible silhouette.
  • I applied for a job as a runner in Series 8 of Robot Wars. Naturally, my Diploma in Creative Media meant nothing, and I didn't even get a reply.
  • Robot Wars did, however, lead to my first graduate job. The potential for Robot Wars jokes meant I couldn't ignore a marketing position at "Apollo Inception". I absolutely mentioned the show in my interview. Too bad the job was absolutely awful and I left within two weeks! I work in a good robotics marketing job now though so it’s all good, and it was of course The Tragic Roundabout who helped to seal the deal.
  • In mid-2016, I was retweeted by the official Robot Wars Twitter.
    • In late 2017, I was quoted by the official Robot Wars Twitter.
    • After receiving over 800 views on Twitter in my video of walking up to the new Robot Wars merchandise in my local Smyths, HEXBUG UK used the video in a promotional tweet.
  • Unbeknownst to me for quite some time, there is a picture of me in an official King of Bots interview.
  • On an extreme technicality, I count as the Irish 2020 Heavyweight Robotics champion. I competed at Mechatrons in January 2020 as part of Team Immersion and whilst my contributions to the heavyweight were minimal at best (I mainly focused on my featherweight which lost), Immersion sure did win the championship...!
  • One of my favourite playthroughs of a Pokémon game was my 2013 run of Pokémon Y, where I named every single Pokémon I caughtafter a Robot Wars competitor, which included hundreds of different names. My team consisted of Firestorm the Delphox, Daisy-Cutter the Florges, Groundhog the Watchog, Pressure the Avalugg, and Drillzilla the Rhyperior.
    • I was quite proud of the names I was able to offer to the elemental monkeys on my first day of playing; Pansage, Pansear and Panpour got to become PanzerWraith, Panzer Mk 2 and Panzer Mk 4 respectively.
    • When I played through Pokémon X in 2017, I named the Pokémon on my team after competitors from Series 8 and Battle of the Stars, including Arena Cleaner the Greninja, Robo Savage the Haxorus and Soldier Ant the Escavalier.
  • I have entered Banter Wars, a brilliant Robot Arena 2 tournament on YouTube with my robot Chasm. Check out the series on A Heap Of Games!
  • For a few years, I was the owner of the Out of the Arena Discord sever, after being chosen for the position when its founders stepped down.

YouTube content[]

On YouTube, I go by the name of TaleOfTheToaster, where I make Let's Plays. If you don't know what one of those is, it's a playthrough of a video game while commentating over the top of it. While I mainly make Let's Plays of Inazuma Eleven games, an anime soccer RPG on Nintendo handheld consoles, I previously made Let's Plays of both Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem and Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction.

I have also made a stop-motion TV Ident using Robot Wars toys, which you can see here

Let's Play Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem[]

Let's Play Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction[]

Robot Wars Podcasts & NJGW content[]

  • All Robot Wars Podcasts - [5]
  • Robot Wars: The Top 100 Iconic Bots - [6]

Podcasts include episodes of NJGW's Robot Wars History Podcast that star myself, and my appearances on mystrsyko's Roasting Robots.

Other Interests[]

As you will know...

  • BattleBots and more - Naturally if I love Robot Wars, then I also love BattleBots, right? This is of course a huge interest, mainly the reboot, where my favourite robot is The Disk O' Inferno, followed by a few others such as Shatter!, Gruff, Petunia, and Escape Velocity. I watched King of Bots and This is Fighting Robots intently, updating the King of Bots Wiki as I went along, and my favourite competitor is easily Chiyung Jinlun and its successor Xiake, with both taking up a slot in my Top 5 favourite robots altogether. Robotica is a great show, and Clash Bots... well I definitely watched it...
  • Super Smash Bros. - Having followed the series since 2008, I completely immersed myself in the online and competitive scenes for the Super Smash Bros. series. I don't pretend to be especially good at it, with my peak ranking being 21st in the North of England based entirely high attendance rather than doing particularly well, but the main point for me is attending tournaments across the country to meet friends and new people alike, and not only compete, but also spectate. I've spent many a night staying up to watch a US major tournament, and I even managed to implement it into my Marketing dissertation! I main R.O.B. in Ultimate because of course I would play the robot character. Here's a SmashWiki article all about me!
  • Inazuma Eleven - After growing up playing Mario Power Tennis on the Game Boy Advance, an RPG containing original characters who rose through the ranks of the Tennis Academy, I saw a new series called Inazuma Eleven in 2012 which was the same concept, but with football, and I absolutely bit its hand off. Inazuma Eleven went on to have yearly game releases, with an anime season for each, giving me PLENTY of content to enjoy. To add to that, as America aren't too bothered about 'soccer', the series never got off the ground outside of Europe and Japan, which means that the localisation is extremely British in a way that only Brits would write - how many games can you name with characters who speak in Liverpudlian and Geordie accents? The lack of popularity outside of Europe also left an open market on YouTube. I'm now the primary source of Inazuma Eleven content on YouTube, with an active audience who genuinely enjoy my videos. The Inazuma Eleven series is still producing new games and anime seasons to this day, so this should carry on into the foreseeable future!
  • Other video games - This isn't a gaming wiki so I won't detail my favourite video games in any further detail, but if you are a gamer, I suggest you have a look at my Top 130+ Games List on SmashWiki, which I'm constantly updating to feature pretty much all of the video games I've ever enjoyed. I greatly enjoy well-known series such as Mario and Pokémon, and also get a real kick out of lesser-known series such as Zero Escape and Danganronpa.
  • Eurovision - Always a recurring source of enjoyment every year, Eurovision was a big part of growing up, as I'd always watch it with my Dad every year, participate in the sweepstake, and then listen to the album on repeat while we were in the car. In more recent times, Eurovision turned into a major part of my free time, as my best friend seems to know every piece of trivia under the sun, and we'll talk about it frequently. Beyond that, I now play a Eurovision game with NJGW and his sister, where we watch an old Eurovision Song Contest over an online call, rate each song out of ten, and then try to predict the final results of the table, with the most accurate prediction winning the game. I'm easily the worst player of the three, but it's all good fun! One day I fully intend to see a Eurovision Song Contest live in person.
  • US travel - In the summer of 2017, I worked a two-month teaching job at a summer camp in Maryland, USA. This was one of the best periods of my whole life, teaching 7-10 year old kids how to film and edit their own video productions, alongside other responsibilities such as taking care of the kids while they were zip-lining or swimming in the lake, and generally just being their mate. Being in the USA for over two months in the peak of summer ignited my passion for being in the country, and I was able to do a full month of travel across various states after the job was finished, for Super Smash Bros. tournaments, meeting friends I knew online, and sightseeing. Between this 3-month visit, a previous holiday in 2014, and a follow-up holiday in summer 2018, I've been to an ever-growing list of states: Delaware, Illinois (Chicago), Maryland, Massachusetts (Boston), Nevada (Las Vegas), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. There are a few other states I've entered purely through transit (e.g. three hours in an Ohio bus station), but those are the ones I can truly consider 'visited'.
  • Miscellaneous - Less major but nevertheless important interests of mine include exterior home design, the FIFA World Cup, Britain's Got Talent and Coronation Street

Gallery of Near OotA's[]

Award & Userboxes[]

Best Engineered.JPG Award for Best Engineering
The Award for Best Engineering is awarded to you by Christophee (talk) for expanding several episode articles to an excellent standard.

Judge shred.jpg This user is a Judge in the Robot Wars Arena Forum
HQRKnightmare.png This user won Wiki Wars 2015 with Raging Knightmare!
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Abrasion CAD.jpg This user was invited to compete on BattleBots in 2020 with Abrasion.
PulverizeR.png This user would award PulverizeR the 15th seed in Series 7.

Administrators aren't eligible to earn badges, so I never really got the chance to earn any before I started awarding badges to other users myself! If I had been eligible to collect badges, I'd say some of my key rewrites included Rosie the Riveter, Tyranabot, Tsunami and Team MAD. One of my favourite random rewrites I did was Enderbot. Badges were never given out for reboot competitors, as that counted as creating new content rather than improving existing content, but I did write the basis for every reboot competitor article except Or Te, and the two machines I always made sure to write Battle Histories for after each episode were Eruption and Sabretooth, both of these articles being almost entirely my work.

Other Wikis[]

Won Robot Wars lads




Series Record[]

Series ToastUltimatum Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Not selected with Iron Heart 88
Series 10 Did not enter

NOTE: ToastUltimatum was to apply for Series 10's proposed Featherweight Championship with The Tragic Roundabout before the event was cancelled.