"We've found Euphoria, and you're going up!"
— Isaac Sharp

Euphoria is a featherweight robot operated by a Newcastle-based team captained by Isaac Sharp, having originally been designed and largely built by Team Immersion under commission. It is a regular competitor in British featherweight competitions, particularly sportsman class events.


Euphoria assembly

Euphoria with its anti-horizontal spinner wedge

Euphoria's design is somewhat inspired by Atomic, having set out to replicate its vague design principle using electric weaponry, with designer Adam Hamilton also incorporating aspects inspired by Amnesia and Gruff.

Euphoria sportsman rear

Rear view of Euphoria

  • Euphoria with its lifter raised
  • Left side of Euphoria
  • Right side of Euphoria
  • Some of Euphoria's internals
  • One of Euphoria's side pods
  • Euphoria's custom gearbox designed by Adam Hamilton
  • The custom molds used to cast Euphoria's wheels
  • Euphoria with its predecessor, The Tragic Roundabout

Euphoria is a box-shaped featherweight driven by two brushless motors, at up to 15mph. These motors are connect through a custom gearbox to four wheels via belt system, with all four wheels being custom-molded from resin to withstand hits from spinners and offer a strong grip on the arena floor. The robot's chassis is built from milled aluminium, machined by Kevin Cleasby, with HARDOX comprising the robot's top lid and weaponry. Machined HDPE billets protect Euphoria's sides and wheels, providing several inches of protection against spinners.

Euphoria is armed with an interchangeable set of lifting weapons. These are electrically powered by a brushless motor, and offer 270 degrees of movement, controlled by a large system of gears. These lifters can raise up to 60kg, and function as a quick self-righting mechanism. The lifters include:

  • CAD of Euphoria with its sharpened lifting scoop
  • CAD of Euphoria with its anti-horizontal spinner scoop
  • CAD of Euphoria with its lifting forks
  • A 4mm HARDOX wedge with three sharp wedgelets and folded sides, designed to fight robots without spinning weapons. Offers the most purchase on opponents and the lowest ground clearance.
  • A 5mm HARDOX flat wedge with folded sides, designed to resist horizontal spinners. The shape and nature of the scoop is a reference to the flipper of Atomic in Series 7, but without a lip on the floor level.
  • A set of twin lifting forks, designed to combat vertical spinners and other robots with hookable body shapes. Offers the most control, but the least defence.

Underneath the lifting scoops is a set of stabilisers to keep Euphoria balanced while lifting opponents. Due to a worry of the lifting scoops losing grip on opponents, Euphoria's primary strategy is to ram robots into the wall or hazards before lifting.


The name Euphoria is a deliberate reference to the winning song from the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, referencing the Swedish entry Euphoria by Loreen.

The TeamEdit

Euphoria is owned and entered by the TaleOfTheToaster team, captained by Newcastle-based marketing executive Isaac Sharp, who is also a member of Team Immersion for heavyweight competitions. Isaac Sharp is the driver of the machine, and he is usually accompanied by teammate Robert Gaylor. Much credit for Euphoria's physical build falls to its designer Adam Hamilton, and Ed Hodges.

The team had previously competed at British live events with The Tragic Roundabout, which occasionally still competes under the controls of Robert Gaylor. Isaac Sharp had previously attempted to enter Series 9 with Iron Heart 88.

Series RecordEdit

Series Euphoria Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Not selected with Iron Heart 88
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Euphoria side

Euphoria in January 2020 at its debut competition

Euphoria made its debut at an Irish live event in January 2020, where its first fight saw it face Barróg Doom, Regicide and Pallas. However, an oversight saw one of Euphoria's cables slip under its weapon motor, severing the connection to one half of drive, eliminating it halfway through the match. Nevertheless, Euphoria was repaired on-site and worked for a full eight-way rumble ultimately won by Red Hot Tilly Pecker, albeit at less than half of its potential drive power due to the age of its secondhand battery.

Euphoria and Tragic RD

Euphoria and The Tragic Roundabout at Robodojo in January 2020

Sporting its new bladed wedge and upgraded battery for a quicker drive system, Euphoria competed at Robodojo in January 2020, where it was drawn against its own predecessor, The Tragic Roundabout. In an ironic defeat which ultimately prevented it from winning the tournament, Euphoria reversed off the arena platform, and lost within seconds. Euphoria was able to quickly defeat Woody afterwards, and then knocked out BAW 3, but lost the use of its lifter for the remainder of the competition by shearing its weapon gearbox. As a pure wedge, Euphoria defeated Harald and advanced to 3-1, allowing it to compete in the second place rumble. There, Euphoria pushed both Parasite and Galaga out of the arena, but subsequently lost drive to one side, making it the third to fall in the seven-way battle ultimately won by Mattock. This awarded a sixth place finish to Euphoria in its head-to-head debut.

The Tragic Roundabout May 19

The Tragic Roundabout in May 2019

Immersion 2 wins

Isaac Sharp (left) with Immersion

Isaac Sharp's first robot was The Tragic Roundabout - see its own article for more information. Sharp also regularly competes at live events as a member of Team Immersion with the heavyweight Immersion, and also briefly joined Team Reckless Crabandon to operate the minibot of Crabsolutely Clawful at the FRA UK Featherweight Championship in 2019.


  • Aside from his featherweight robot, team captain Isaac Sharp's largest contribution to the robotics community is operating the Robot Wars Wiki, having administrated the site since 2012 under the identity ToastUltimatum.

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