So, I have now finished college for the time being, so let's do this...

A few weeks ago, I created an Only Connect quiz but with a Robot Wars theme. I was waiting for a bit to try and drum up support, but with us losing Eurovision and pretty much, everything else, I thought I'd post a few questions to see how it goes.

A clue in italics means it wasn't shown when the question was solved and closed.

Round 1

Round 1 is the connections round, where all you need to do is find a connection between 4 apparently random clues.

Each clue should be revealed about a day after the previous one unless somebody (provisionally) answers in the comments.

Question 1 (Alpha/Two Reeds)

  • 5 Points: Fire Storm
  • 3 Points: Steg 2
  • 2 Points: S3
  • 1 Point : Firestorm 4

They are all increasing incarnations of machines that reached the Semi-Final (technically going from Series 3 to 6). Fire Storm is the first variant of the Firestorm machines, Steg 2 is the second machine in the Steg line, S3 is the third machine in the "Sting" line and Firestorm 4 obviously the fourth machine in the Firestorm line.

Saying that, there are plenty of good answers in the comments, each receiving one point.

Question 2 (Beta/Lion)

  • 5 Points: Hypno-Disc (Series 4)
  • 3 Points: Hypno-Disc (Series 5)
  • 2 Points: Terrorhurtz (Series 6)
  • 1 Point : Tornado (Series 7)

Machines who lost to the Series Runner-Up in the Grand Final Eliminator - Hypno-Disc to Pussycat, Hypno-Disc to Bigger Brother, Terrorhurtz to Razer and, as Crash correctly said that Tornado would be last. Tornado lost to Storm II.

Saying that, there may be more connections, like Crash's, therefore you can still earn 1 point after this point.

Question 3 (Gamma/Twisted Flax)

These are going to be picture clues, what connects these four pictures?

  • 5 Points: Tentomushi s3 arena
  • 3 Points: Mortis
  • 2 Points: Pussycat USA
  • 1 Point: Tornado background

War of Independence/International Championship Winners - UK-vs-US winners - Tentomoushi beat A-Kill, Mortis won in Series 4, Pussycat won in US1 and Tornado won in US2.

Question 4 (Delta/Horned Viper)

  • 5 Points: Corner Patrol Zones (Series 2)
  • 3 Points: Perimeter Patrol Zone (Series 3-10)
  • 2 Points: Arena Spikes (Series 4-7)
  • 1 Point: Drop Zone (Series 8-10)

All hazards/parts of the arena Removed for that Series - CPZs weren't in Series 2, PPZ removed as from Series 3-10, Arena Spikes removed in S4 then brought back in S8, and then the Drop Zone was retired after Series 7.

Crash is doing brilliantly.

Question 5 (Epsilon/Water)

  • 5 Points: Hydra's Hammer --> Axe
  • 3 Points: Nickelodeon Robot Wars --> Showing Fire in House Robot Intros.
  • 2 Points: Replay --> No Replay Logo
  • 1 Point: Jonathan Pearce --> "Armament"

Errors across Robot Wars - Hydra's hammer was constantly referred to as an axe, fire was used in House Robot introductions, but was supposed to be removed so the show could appeal to a younger audience. Didn't need to see that the lack of a replay logo during a replay was an error, and who could forget the amount of times, Jonathan Pearce says Armament instead of armour.

Question 6 (Zeta/Eye of Horus)

  • 5 Points: Shunt
  • 3 Points: Dead Metal
  • 2 Points: Growler
  • 1 Point : Cassius Chrome

House Robots flipped by Gravity. - Shunt and Gravity in the Heat D Final, and the other two in the House Robot Rebellion.


So at the end of that round, let's look at the scores.

  • 1st: Crash - 16 Points
  • 2nd: Space - 4 Points
  • 3rd: Jimlaad - 3 Points
  • 4th: Hogwild - 1 Point
  • 4th: Rammingspeed - 1 Point
  • 4th: Harry Stormer - 1 Point
  • 7th: Madlooney - 0 Points
  • 7th: Vulcans - 0 Points
  • 7th: Toast - 0 Points.

Crash is way out in the lead on 16 points.

Round 2

Time for Round 2 now, where players have to tell me what comes fourth in a sequence. It's only points for what comes fourth in the sequence, no points for a connection.

Question 1 (Alpha/Two Reeds)

  • 5 Points: Series 2 Heat D
  • 3 Points: Series 4 Heat C
  • 2 Points: Series 4 Heat G
  • 1 Point : Series 4 Heat I

Episodes where a Seed fell in the First Round of the Competition

Question 2 (Beta/Lion)

  • 5 Points: Fire Storm over Crasha Gnasha
  • 3 Points: Cunning Plan over Demolisher
  • 2 Points: Recyclopse over Scrapper
  • 1 Point : Chaos 2 over Trident

Shortest Battles where the Loser was Flipped

Question 3 (Gamma/Twisted Flax)

  • 5 Points: Bulldog Breed 2
  • 3 Points: Razer
  • 2 Points: Terrorhurtz
  • 1 Point : Iron-Awe 2.1

Machines that knocked out Bigger Brother of the main competition

Question 4 (Delta/Horned Viper)

  • 5 Points: Revenge of Trouble 'n' Strife, Unknown Unknown
  • 3 Points: Granny's Revenge 2, Typhoon 2, Woden Won
  • 2 Points: Fluffy Lost
  • 1 Point : Charybdis Lost

Qualifiers Team Kat fought in, starting at Series 7 and working back to Series 4

Question 5 (Epsilon/Water)

  • 5 Points: BBC Two (Series 1-4)
  • 3 Points: BBC Choice (Extreme 1-Extreme 2)
  • 2 Points: Five (Series 7)
  • 1 Point : BBC Two (Series 8-10)

Channels on which Robot Wars aired first

Question 6 (Zeta/Eye of Horus)

These are going to be picture clues, what comes fourth in these series of pictures?

  • 5 Points: S3 S5
  • 3 Points: Firestorm3Extreme
  • 2 Points: Dantomkia Arena
  • 1 Point : Bigger Brother Arena

Winners of UK Semi-Finals Losers' Melees


  • 1st - Crash - 22 points
  • 2nd - Jim - 16 points
  • 3rd - Space - 9 points
  • 4th: Hogwild - 1 Point
  • 4th: Rammingspeed - 1 Point
  • 4th: Harry Stormer - 1 Point
  • 7th: Madlooney - 0 Points
  • 7th: Vulcans - 0 Points
  • 7th: Toast - 0 Points

Crash maintains the lead, but is catchable across the last two rounds.

Round 3


Round 3 is the Connecting Wall, four groups of four all hidden amongst sixteen jumbled up clues.

One point for each group found, one point for each connection made, a bonus two for all 8 points previously, therefore max for this round is 20.

You have 3 minutes, and if you don't get all the groups, you can still get points for groups you didn't find.

Because I kinda want to finish this, I'll set a limit for Thursday evening, and then explain all results on here, then it's just the fourth round and done.

NOTE: There is only one solution for the wall, and if there is anything that I've missed and it's not given you a point, please do leave a comment (without any spoilers).

Wall 1 (Alpha/Lion)

Wall 1 can be found here

Crushtacean, Storm II, Supernova and Tough as Nails were the Final Four Competitors to appear in the Preboot

Spawn Again, 13BLACK, Hypno-Disc and Wild Thing 2 were Series 6 Semi-Final Round 1 Fallers.

Maverick, VIR*, Phoenix and Tumble Bot were German withdrawals - VIR has an asterisk because we're not sure it's the same robot

Tetanus, Eleven, Tornado and Bigger Brother all battled 3 Stegs 2 Heaven

Wall 2 (Beta/Water)

Wall 2 can be found here

Weber, Concussion, Eruption and Cathadh were the Final Four Competitors to appear in the Reboot.

Spawn Again, Wheely Big Cheese, Panic Attack and Wild Thing were all Series 5 Semi-Final Round 1 Fallers.

Pod, Point Blank, Glitterbomb and Doomba were all UK Reboot withdrawals.

Grim Reaper, Sir Chromalot, Ultor and Mace II were all machines that fought Big Brother.

So, going into the final round, let's take a look at the scores:


  • 1st: Crash - 36 points
  • 2nd: Jimlaad - 31 points
  • 3rd: Space - 26 points
  • 4th: Toast - 20 points
  • 5th: Harry - 16 points
  • 6th: Hogwild - 15 points
  • 7th: Combatwombat - 11 points
  • 8th: Madlooney - 9 points
  • 9th: Rammingspeed - 1 point
  • 10th: Vulcans - 0 points

Round 4


In this round, the connection has already been given, but we've removed the vowels and moved about the consonants.

All punctuation has been removed, and when typing in the answers, please write numbers as words.

The clues get harder as you work your way through.

There are four groups of four, and you've only got one minute to get through them all.


Missing Vowels usually lasts for varying lengths, but because we can't really do it "live", I've created a Sporcle quiz. Normally on the show, it's one point for a correct answer, one point for an incorrect answer, but because Sporcle doesn't really do this, the quiz is in a forced order, meaning you need to get the correct answer to move on. It will be challenging, as there's one minute to type in sixteen clues, so time really is of the essence (I'd have preferred 75 seconds, but Sporcle doesn't allow this).

There is a real mix of clues in this meaning knowledge is really important.

The link will be posted at 8pm tomorrow evening. You will have untily Monday evening to complete it, before a winner is announced.

Here we go, the link is here, it is doable within a minute.

You only have one go, and there is only one quiz.


Note: Answering these here do not count towards point totals.

Group 1

I can tell you the first group are all Team Members of UK Champions

  • GRGF RN CS - George Francis (of Chaos 2)
  • B RY NM SS - Bryan Moss (of Tornado)
  • DV ML DS - Dave Moulds (of Carbide)
  • MCH L TS - Michael Oates (of Eruption)

Group 2

Next up... Robots whose final appearance was a win

  • RNC L N R - Arena Cleaner
  • NVL - Anvil
  • BGN PPR - Big Nipper
  • SCD LT NDN CS - Suicidal Tendencies

Group 3

These are all Machines that were set on fire

  • RMRMBT - Ramrombit
  • GRN NYSRV NG - Granny's Revenge
  • SRK LLL T - Sir Killalot
  • DTR - Diotoir

Group 4

Lastly, these are all Jonathan Pearce Quotes

  • DNTBR NGWH LSNT THRN - Don't Bring Wheels Into the Arena
  • RFBT WH THV YGNR - Refbot, what have you gone, Euro?
  • NW DNT G T FST Y MSNT STMBL VR - Now don't go too fast, you musn't stumble over
  • ND CHS TWH H HHHH FRSTHHH WHT WY T G - And Chaos Two oh ha ha ha ha ha Firest ha ha ha what a way to go

Final Leaderboard

So, going in reverse order...

  • In 10th place, Vulcans with 0 points
  • In 9th place, Rammingspeed with 1 point
  • In 8th place, Madlooney with 9 points
  • In 7th place, Combat with 15 points
  • In 6th place, Harry with 16 points
  • In 5th place, Hogwild with 17 points
  • In 4th place, Toast with 20 points (after 2 perfect walls)
  • In 3rd place, Space with a brilliant 35 points
  • In 2nd place, Jim with a commendable score of 43 points
  • But out winner, with just a one point lead, is Crash on 44 points

Well done to Crash for taking the win.

Missing Vowels answers will be left unanswered until all 16 are correctly guessed in the comments.

And so that's it, and since I don't like to ramble on, I think I'll keep this end bit short...thank you ever so much for participating, and I suppose thanks to my past self for thinking of this crossover, and then I suppose thanks to the Wiki for allowing me to host this. And I suppose thanks to...

Continuity announcer: and next on Adster's blog area, should be a Ranking all UK Competition Episodes, but whether he gets round to doing so will be another idea.

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