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  • CaliforniaKingsnake

    Well, this has been a while hasn't it? Due to the situation we've all been facing of lockdown I got to watching back a few classic Robot Wars and was reminded of one of my absolute favourites from the classic series: Dominator 2.

    I think I can speak for many when I say that Dominator 2 has to be up there with Firestorm as one of the most consistent machines in the Wars. All 3 appearances they never failed to reach the Semis, but the Grand Final for Dominator 2 was always just out of reach. So I thought it'd be a little bit of fun to rank all 3 of its Semi-Final fights based on one thing: how likely would it have been for Dominator 2 to win that fight. From there we look at how the Grand Final would go and thus the rest of Robot Wars history.…

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  • CaliforniaKingsnake

    A long time ago I did two blogs ranking the Series 9 and the Series 10 competitors by looks, and thanks to TG's blog ranking names in heats, I thought it'd be a fun contest to do the same with the looks of robots.

    Before we begin, keep in mind that how good or bad a robot looks is purely subjective and so there are bound to be some disagreements, but that's what the comments are for. I'll also be listing all-time great looking robots and all-time worst-looking up here. Best will be Bold Italics and worst in Bold only, with all timers in both categories being put in all-caps.

    All-Time Greatest:

    • RAZER
    • CHAOS 2

    All-Time Ugliest:

    • ELVIS
    • BROOT
    • TWN TRWN

    • Heat A: The first …

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  • CaliforniaKingsnake

    I don't mean to sound rude when I say this, but I feel that there was been a lot of negativity in recent blog posts on the Wiki, focusing on the worst bits of episodes and such. Thus, I wanted to make this blog to praise robots for any reason I've found across the Wiki/my own experiences with the hobby. Hope you all enjoy


    Long before I had even gotten back into Robot Wars there had been much debate back when the Wiki had flippers and flipping arms as separate pages. Was Dantomkia too thin to be considered a "true flipper"? Was Bigger Brother a flipping arm? The arguments as to what qualified as an arm were numerous. But somehow, it was this machine, this loanerbot that ended the whole debate. Not …

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  • CaliforniaKingsnake

    So we're back again doing this. Last year Pulsar was my Miss Robot Wars, now we'll see if any of the new and old bots have improved on their looks. Once again the same rules are in place, in that performance will not affect placement on the list, and that this is my opinion. Let's get started!

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that The Kegs take my Ugliest Bot Award for this series. While it reminds me of a classic series bot, that does not help the bot's case when the bots I'm reminded of are ones I find particularly ugly. It looks so flimsy and I can't see The Kegs drunkenly making it through any fight.

    It's Splinter! No, it's the modern version that looks like the Poundland version, Apocalypse. The nostalgia of this bot are not good po…

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  • CaliforniaKingsnake

    We've been seeing many "what if" tournaments lately on the Wiki, but there's one thing I've not seen on the Wiki is the Awards done for Series 7.

    I'll be honest, Series 7 is among my least favorite. OOTAs lost their charm, more than half of the veterans had gone and the seeds were about as impressive as the newcomers half the time. But among my problems with Series 7 is the lack of awards which gave even first round dropouts great achievements. It's about time someone did their picks for the awards of Series 7

    My nominations go to:

    • Mantis. Mantis was a beautiful robot for its time and the three-pronged lifter/crusher combo was mighty impressive. It was sad to see it go out so early but if it was in another heat maybe it would have made Heat F…

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