NOTE: This is still not signups. I would like to come to an amicable consensus on which robots to split into separate entries, and which to combine. Using Excel, I believe I've narrowed down all the ones that appeared multiple times with the same name. Below are my thoughts, but I'm open to changing my mind as I only skimmed the pages to make my decision, so please share yours too. Note that if we combine series appearances of a robot, we're ranking them on all appearances, not just the best one.

  • Aftershock - Combine. I don't see any difference apart from the top being metal instead of polycarb
  • Apex - Combine. Same robot, just painted blue and with a new interchangeable weapon.
  • Apollo - Combine.
  • Behemoth - Combine. I don't believe that adding new interchangeable weapons is enough, especially when they don't come to fruition
  • Big Nipper - Split. Marked improvement in their disc, and pretty different exterior
  • Carbide - Combine
  • Cobra - Combine
  • Coyote - Combine
  • Concussion - Combine
  • Crackers 'n' Smash - Combine
  • Draven - Combine
  • Eruption - Combine
  • Expulsion - Split. Completely different machines.
  • Foxic - Split.
  • Hobgoblin - Combine
  • Ironside3 - Combine
  • M.R. Speed Squared - Split. Completely different machines.
  • Nuts 2 - Nuts 1 is separate, but Combine Series 9+10. Despite the vast difference between performances, it was still the same machine.
  • PP3D - Split, different enough machines that Gary ran a kickstarter.
  • Pulsar - Combine. We have Magnetar separated out to highlight the bigger improvements.
  • Push to Exit - Combine
  • Rapid - Combine
  • Sabretooth - Split all 3
  • Supernova - Split. Series 8 version looked like they'd barely touched it since Series 7. The Series 10 version had many changes.
  • Tauron - Split. Despite similar performance, they are different machines.
  • Terror Turtle - Split. Same story as 'nova, didn't appear to have been touched in Series 8, but was in Series 10.
  • Terrorhurtz - Combine
  • Thor - Combine
  • TMHWK - Combine
  • Tough as Nails - Combine

Also, some discretionary choices:

  • Combine Rabid M8 & Dee - Same machine painted differently
  • Combine Kadeena Machina & Diotior - Redmond had no hand in building this, very reluctant to come at all, so they just put fur on KM, and not much else.
  • However, do *not* combine Arena Cleaner & Cathadh, because Fuzzy says he made a number of improvements on his own - whether they paid off is irrelevant.
  • Split Gabriel & Gabriel 2 - If the team gave it a version number, that's an attestation that it's changed. People have noted a marked improvement in Series 10.

Please comment below. Note that whilst I will commit to this way if the group wants it so, that splitting everything is still on the table. We're looking at 125 bots with complete splitting, and about 100 with discretionary combining.

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