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    Just some random details on International Series 6 that I find interesting.

    I remember viewing the PDC Darts World Championship seed list as it tracked the progress of the players as the tournament progressed. Those who were knocked out had their names unbolded with a note detailing what round they finished at.

    1. Razer
    2. Panzer Mk 4
    3. Bigger Brother
    4. PulverizeR
    5. Black Hole
    6. Firestorm 4
    7. Hypno-Disc (Heat Final)
    8. Tricerabot 3.0
    9. Philipper 2 (Heat Final)
    10. Chaos 2
    11. Tsunami
    12. Dominator 2

    13. S3 (Heat Final)
    14. Destructive Criticism
    15. Scrap-2-Saur (Round 2)
    16. Panic Attack
    17. Wild Thing (Heat Final)
    18. The Falcon Mark 2
    19. Bamm Bamm
    20. Son of Armageddon
    21. Spawn Again
    22. Tornado
    23. Stinger
    24. Tyke

    Can be used as both a means of keeping a track on who is o…

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    Robot combat and professional wrestling. Two of my favourite things to watch on television, of which I am always happy to discuss about in great detail. During the heyday of robot combat, from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, professional wrestling was also one of the hottest things out there. WWF Raw vs WCW Nitro every Monday night, which were capable of drawing a combined rating of 10.5 during the peak sometime in late 1998 and early 1999. Pretty much, if you were a robot combat and wrestling fan, this time period was essentially heaven for you.

    But upon rewatching Extreme 1, I have noticed that, when compared to the four previous series, it took many elements from wrestling. And why not? Even by 2001, when WCW was dead and WWF was begi…

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    With coursework now completed, it is time for me to celebrate by doing a blog I have been thinking about for the past week or so. Whenever one thinks of a dream battle on Robot Wars that never happened, Razer vs Hypno-Disc usually tops many a fan's list, and that is to be expected. When considering the three stars of classic Robot Wars were Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc and Razer, and that two of the dream battles occurred, it is pretty obvious why many fans yearned for a clash between these stars, and were disappointed when it never happened.

    But what especially disappoints me is not that this battle never happened. It is just there were so many opportunities to see it occur, including ones where we were just one battle, or heck even one decision aw…

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    Clean sweep is a phenomena on the Arena Forums where the eventual champion of a tournament is unanimously backed throughout its campaign. This is extraordinarily rare, because there is almost always at least one voter that will have disagreed with the eventual champion progessing at some point. Based on prior analysis, there may only actually be two clean sweep champions of a tournament's main competition: Chaos 2 in Redone Series 4, and Panzer Mk2 in Audited Extreme Warriors 1.

    Chaos 2's clean sweep does make me wonder, though: Is it possible for the champion of Random Format Series 4 to achieve one of the most impressive accolades? Unlikely, but as Chaos 2 beforehand proved in the aforementioned Redone Series 4, not impossible. Henceforth,…

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    Ben Borthwick is an English journalist, who starred in a Newsround and Humber Video Nations segment focusing on Extreme Warriors: Season 2 of Robot Wars. Borthwick is best known for his video diaries published on BBC's Humber Video Nations

    Following Humber Video Nations, Borthwick is a full-time video game journalist, writing articles for video game publications like PC Gamer and Eurogamer. He also became the project coordinator for Women in Gaming - 100 Professionals of Play, released in 2018.

    • Despite Borthwick filming the behind-the-scenes of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 for both Humber Video Nations and Newsround, the US show never actually aired on UK television.
    • Borthwick's brother, Gavin, was also present during filming. He can be seen sitting next to Bor…

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