With not long left to go before the first episode of Series 9 airs, I have decided to create the Series 9 sweepstake. Please sign up via the comment section below in order to compete, and also create an account if you haven't already. The rules are the same as my last sweepstakes: everyone gets a random robot, courtesy of Signups close at around 6pm, one hour before the airing of the first episode. If anyone has the eventual winner (or the robot that progresses the furthest), they will be awarded this (hopefully) prestigious badge:

Robot wars 2016 logo This user won the Robot Wars Series 9 Sweepstake with robot



  • 321Annihilate: Heavy Metal.
  • Adster1005: Foxic.
  • CaliforniaKingsnake: Cobra.
  • Combatwombat555: Sabretooth.
  • CrashBash: HIGH-5. Aftershock.
  • DasQBert: Tauron. Ironside3.
  • Diotoir the son of nemesis: Crushtacean.
  • Gutripper: Apex.
  • Headbanger14: Nuts 2.
  • Jimlaad43: Cherub.
  • Lewis05: Meggamouse.
  • LiamBryant: Expulsion.
  • Madlooney6: Draven.
  • Nononsensecapeesh: Concussion.
  • Nweston8: Hobgoblin.
  • OneTwoFour: Terrorhurtz.
  • RA2: Thor.
  • Rammingspeed: Chimera2. Eruption.
  • The R A Z 3R: M.R. Speed Squared.
  • SpaceManiac888: Crackers 'N' Smash.
  • StalwartUK: Jellyfish. Apollo.
  • ToastUltimatum: Supernova.
  • Toon Ganondorf: Carbide.
  • Tornado1927: Behemoth.
  • Voyanuitoa: Push to Exit.
  • VulcansHowl: Ms Nightshade.
  • WolfwingandSlaveLeia: Pulsar.
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