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VIR was a heavyweight robot slated to compete in German Robot Wars[1]. Although VIR and its team were present at filming for the series, VIR ultimately did not compete, likely due to being unfinished upon arrival.


Left side view of VIR in The Pits

VIR was a large wedge-shaped robot, coated in thin, gold-coloured armour. Its weapon was a large vertical crusher, powered hydraulically to crush through the base of its own wedge, similarly to Razer and Pinser. The crusher weapon itself bears a strong resemblance to Tiberius, also bearing a V shape in the form of weight-saving holes.


VIR at the German series auditions

"Pray that it will bring something for us ... because we can now do the hydraulics / pneumatics and drive control ... oh well and first of all have hydraulics ... man one if we can do it ... I tell you, we only have driving and weapons training in England ... I think you will see the VIR in action sooner than we do, because we will all be there anyway."
— Sacha Kaderka on bringing an incomplete VIR to German Robot Wars (translated from German)[2]

An example of a VIR cameo in the German series

As a native German machine, VIR applied to compete in the inaugural German series of Robot Wars, in 2002. In order to qualify for the German series of Robot Wars, all German competitors were required to attend an inspection run by Derek Foxwell in May 2002, to receive safety advice, and pointers with the build. At the time, VIR was far from complete, merely consisting of a chassis. VIR was nevertheless accepted to compete, and flew over to the United Kingdom with its team for the taping of the series. However, VIR arrived unfinished, and presumably was not completed in time, as it ultimately withdrew from the competition.

Series Record[]

German Series VIR Series Record
German Robot Wars Withdrew


VIR behind Son of Armageddon in the pits

  • Although VIR was not acknowledged in the televised broadcast of German Robot Wars, it can be seen behind Son of Armageddon in various backstage interviews.