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Valkyrie was a heavyweight robot that was scheduled to appear in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors[1], but ultimately did not participate.


Valkyrie was a low wedge shaped robot armed with a long lifting device or flipping arm with a design similar to UK entry Ceros with two spikes next to the flipper similar to Dantomkia's front spikes. The robot had a diamond shaped design with both the back and front end being flatter and wedge like. It is unknown what the robot would have looked like when fully built as it was only depicted in CAD.


The name Valkyrie referred to the Norse Mythological warrior female figures who were willing to die in battle for the greater good of their people.

Robot History[]

US Season 2[]

Valkyrie listed among the competitors set to appear in Extreme Warriors in the official programme

Valkyrie was one of the US competitors scheduled to appear in the second season of Extreme Warriors, with the CAD of the robot appearing in the official Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors Season 2 programme next to another withdrawal, Tripulta. However, for reasons unknown Valkyrie did not appear in the show.

Series Record[]

US Series Valkyrie Series Record
Season 1 Did not Enter
Season 2 Withdrew
Nickelodeon Did not enter


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