"it's pretty obvious here that VenoM (nothing to do with Team Venom of previous wars...) whipped everybody that tried to go up against it, I guess it just goes to show that weapons and armour aren't the most important things."
— Mr Punch website

VenoM, otherwise known as Venom, was a robot that attempted to enter Series 3 and 4 of Robot Wars. Entered by members of the Scouts Association and South Bank University, VenoM reportedly qualified for Series 3, but was not seen on television, and then lost its Series 4 qualifier to The Morgue.


"... a robot built by the Scouts association with sponsored help. Their main weapon was a very effective pneumatic flipper."
— The Morgue website describes VenoM

VenoM was a two-wheeled, wedge-shaped robot. For Series 3, it is believed that VenoM would have been equipped with a pneumatic spike capable of firing once per second[1], although it entered the Series 4 qualifiers with a pneumatic flipper. The robot was themed around a reptile, being painted green and yellow with scale-like motifs and yellow eyes. Unlike most other robots, VenoM had plywood armour instead of metal, and lacked a full base-plate. Additionally, its wheels were exposed from the sides, leaving its tyres susceptible to being punctured through a side-on attack.


"VenoM was a surprise to all of us - the bodywork was simple and effective, and the controller and motors were straight out of a wheelchair. Spikes were the only weapons fitted, though Jamie had a special weapons plan up his sleeve, which should be ready for Robot Wars..."
— Mr Punch website prior to Series 3
Venom chassis

VenoM in 1999, prior to Series 3. Note the lack of a flipper

Prior to Series 3, VenoM was first completed without its flipper, and was equipped with static spikes for weaponry. The team had intended to enter Series 3 with a flipper, and according to the Mr Punch website, VenoM successfully qualified for Series 3[2]. However, VenoM was not seen on television, suggesting it withdrew from the competition.

"Apart from Mr Punch, VenoM was the only other robot (from 8) that qualified from South Bank University for the third series of Robot Wars."
— Mr Punch website

VenoM fought The Morgue in the Series 4 qualifiers. It started well, flipping The Morgue a couple of times, but broke down after being rammed by The Morgue. The Morgue rammed VenoM again, puncturing one of its tyres and immobilising it completely, before pushing VenoM into the pit with the help of Shunt. VenoM consequently failed to qualify for Series 4.

Series RecordEdit

Series VenoM Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Withdrew
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • VenoM fights Rambot at Debenham Robot Rumble
  • Dominator 2 axes VenoM at Debenham Robot Rumble
  • Dominator 2 axes the underside of VenoM at Debenham Robot Rumble

Prior to its qualification attempts on Robot Wars, VenoM was first built for an inter-university competition, held between four functional robots at South Bank University in 1999. Although VenoM was only equipped with static spikes at the time, VenoM comfortably won its three matches. VenoM's first opponent Tred could not move fluently, and VenoM defeated Mr Punch by pushing it around the arena, before emerging victorious over Sir Lancelot, which started smoking.

"On the day of the battle at South Bank University, we all felt we'd made pretty good robots. Jamie beat everyone else to a pulp with VenoM - it could run rings around any of us and had the power to push all the others about the floor - even Tred."
— Mr Punch website

The Series 4 version of VenoM with its flipper competed at the 2000 Debenham Robot Rumble, where it defeated Rambot, but also lost to Dominator 2 in two different battles.

After retiring VenoM, Jamie Henderson designed a new robot named Vanguard, which he planned to enter into another series of Robot Wars[3], although it is unknown if Vanguard was ever completed. Mike Duke also started building a new robot using the remains of VenoM, again around August 2000, but its final progress remains unknown.


  • Team Robo Challenge created a machine also called Venom. However, that robot is a featherweight version of Razer, and is completely unrelated to this machine.



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