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For the unrelated Series 3 competitor, see Vector.

"It may look like a wind-up go-kart, but this tubular steel frame, aluminium and steel plated armoured, V-shaped robot has weapons driven by a motorbike starter. And the lawnmower blade can be replaced by a formidable flail!"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Victor in Series 2

Victor was a competitor robot which fought in Series 2-3 of Robot Wars. It originally reached the Arena Semi-Final stage in Series 2, losing to the impressive Demolition Demon there. Rebuilt and renamed Victor 2, it then reached the second round in Series 3, where it lost to Trident after falling into the pit.

After a long hiatus, Team Victor would return for Series 7 with The Kraken.


Victor's official image in Series 2

Victor was a two-wheeled robot featuring a boxy V-shaped tubular steel frame, steel and aluminium armour, and a set of interchangeable spinning weapons powered by a motorcycle starter motor. In Series 2, these consisted of a 21-inch lawnmower blade and a large flail, with the robot also being equipped with two static rear spikes which could be used to damage opponents when it spun round on the spot. Additionally, its shape allowed it to act as a battering ram, which enabled it to knock down obstacles with ease when it backed into them. Victor’s drive wheels were uniquely slanted and originally sourced from a BMX bike, giving it a high ground clearance (originally quoted as 5mm), while its rear end was supported by a single castor wheel. The robot weighed 85.1kg in Series 2, around 6kg more than the original Heavyweight limit.

"Wakey, wakey! The main weapon's a morning star flail, two foot in length. The bodyshell's made of steel, powered by two wheelchair motors, took 6 months to rebuild from the last series."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Victor 2 in Series 3

In Series 3, Victor was rebuilt over six months, and renamed Victor 2. The robot remained largely the same as before, although its weight was reduced to 73.8kg, its BMX wheels swapped for ones with larger tyres, and the lawnmower blade replaced with a 2ft-long morning star flail. The flail itself was mounted on a ring-like frame, and was claimed by Team Victor to be bi-rotational.

Robot History[]

Series 2[]

Philippa Forrester: "With a robot like this, you could choose almost any route, I suppose?"
Gareth Goddard: "[We'll] go down the middle one."
— Team Victor discuss Gauntlet tactics with Philippa Forrester

Victor in Series 2

Victor becomes stranded on the bricks during its Gauntlet run

Victor made its Robot Wars debut in Heat A, and was the fifth robot in that heat to attempt The Gauntlet. Having been positioned backwards at the starting gate, it immediately reversed into the centre route, ploughing through the brick wall and attempting to drive over the fallen bricks. However, Victor was turned round in doing so, and was left stuck on the bricks as it indirectly positioned itself in front of the see-saw.

""Straight down the middle" is a problem... and I don't think that lawnmower blade will be a help – not with Sir Killalot in!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot closes in on the stranded Victor

Victor spun its wheels and weapon helplessly as Sir Killalot closed in, but drove away as the House Robot inadvertently nudged it off the bricks. It capitalised on this attack by driving up the see-saw, and steadily negotiated the rest of the course to reach the end zone without any more obstructions. With this solid run, Victor finished second in the Gauntlet standings, and qualified for the Trial stage.

"Go on, Victor! Victorious... and through!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Victor reaches the end zone

Victor is left impaled on one of the barrels during Skittles

In Skittles, Victor was the third robot to compete, and again entered the arena in the reverse position. It began by trundling towards the barrels and entered the stack from the right, ploughing through one set before becoming stuck in the centre.

"...and that's a steamrolling start!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Victor ploughs through the Skittles

With one of its spikes embedded in a nearby barrel, Victor moved no further as Sergeant Bash repeatedly spouted flames at it, and ended its run having only knocked down four barrels. However, it still progressed to the arena stage, after fellow competitor Piece de Resistance knocked no barrels at all during its own run.

Victor is attacked by Demolition Demon and Sir Killalot

In its Semi-Final battle, Victor faced Demolition Demon, and swapped its lawnmower blade for the flail. It moved slowly forwards to meet Demolition Demon in the centre of the arena, its flail churning away at Demolition Demon's front as it was being pushed back into the PPZ. Victor was briefly pushed away by Matilda before driving out, and was pushed back in by Demolition Demon before escaping. However, it eventually became immobilised, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from Demolition Demon as the latter tried to cause damage with its own grinding disc. The latter then pushed Victor towards the PPZ once more, with Matilda proceeding to lift and cut through Victor's top armour with her chainsaw. Sir Killalot then lifted, pushed and dragged Victor across the arena, with the battle ultimately going to a Judges' decision after Shunt turned Demolition Demon over.

According to Oliver Steeples, Victor was initially given the win due to Demolition Demon being overturned[1], but this decision was later overturned after attention was brought to Victor's prolonged immobility. As a result, Victor lost the final decision, and was eliminated from the Second Wars.

Series 3[]

A rebuilt Victor 2 returned for the Third Wars, still bearing the damage inflicted to it in the previous series. Appearing in Heat P, it faced series newcomer Scarab in its first-round battle.

"It is a little bit of a blur, isn't it, that morning star flail?"
— Jonathan Pearce observes Victor 2's new weapon as it scraps with Scarab

Scarab grabs Victor 2 in the opening seconds of the battle

Victor 2's weapon comes loose and damages itself

Victor 2 immediately drove towards Scarab, but was caught in the latter's pincers and spun round in its grasp before breaking free. It spun away and hit Scarab with its flail, but caused no damage, and reversed over one of Scarab's pincers, causing its flail to tear off the front mesh protecting its own internals. Victor 2 proceeded to reverse towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, before driving close to the arena spikes and hitting Scarab twice. In doing so, it forced Scarab against the wall, and proceeded to drive it back onto the arena spikes. Victor 2's flail hit Scarab’s side repeatedly, although without causing any major damage; however, its previous attack left the latter immobilised on the spikes and with punctured tyres. 'Cease' was called, and Victor 2 was declared the winner.

"Well, living up to its name! Victor, they go through!"
Craig Charles announces Victor 2's victory

In the second round, Victor 2 faced another newcomer, the axe-wielding Trident.

"Kenneth Goddard... once met Michael Schumacher, so you can expect Victor 2 to be speedy..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Victor 2's Heat Semi-Final begins

Trident axes Victor's flail

Victor 2 meets its demise

As before, it drove towards and into Trident, but was axed twice by the latter, and retreated to the centre of the arena before spinning around. Victor 2 hesitated before driving flail-first into Trident, receiving two more axe blows in response. It backed away and turned into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, leaving it vulnerable to another attack from Trident. Victor 2 then struck Trident's axe twice as it was left in the fired position, but jammed its flail while doing so, and proceeded to spin around in circles before receiving another axe blow from Trident. The two robots circled round and into each other before Victor 2's flail started up again, and caught Trident's axe once more before Trident nudged and bumped it towards the pit. Victor 2 then spun itself onto the edge of the pit, and was shoved in by Trident, eliminating it from the Third Wars.

"Victor 2... TOWARDS THE PIT, SPINNING! Whirling, like a whirling dervish, but demonically into the pit... Oh, Guy... pick it out of that pit! It rests, in pieces..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Victor 2 is pitted


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat A, Gauntlet Completed (2nd) Qualified
Heat A, Trial (Skittles) 4 Barrels (4th) Qualified
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Demolition Demon Lost
Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Semi-Final
Heat P, Round 1 vs. Scarab Won
Heat P, Round 2 vs. Trident Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Victor's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series Record[]

Team Victor in Series 3

Series Victor Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat, Arena Semi-Final
The Third Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Entered with The Kraken
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


  • Victor was the first robot to be introduced in Series 2.
  • Victor both appeared in the first heat of Series 2 (Heat A), and the last heat of Series 3 (Heat P).
  • Victor was indirectly mentioned in its successor's introduction by Jonathan Pearce when he stated that the team had fought before with "another robot".