Vivianne Collins is an American television host, reporter and actress who worked as the pit reporter for the only series of Nickelodeon Robot Wars.

Robot WarsEdit

As the pit reporter for Nickelodeon Robot Wars, Vivianne Collins would interview all competing teams prior to their battles on the show, and introduce their robots to the audience. Due to the nature of the show, Vivianne Collins would largely be communicating with children on the show, for the benefit of a younger audience, and so her presenting style was designed to be understandable by audiences of all ages.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Vivianne Collins has had an extensive career on American television, working on many shows on Nickelodeon and NBC, including The Office and The West Wing. As part of her work with Nickelodeon she joined fellow Nickelodeon Robot Wars star Dave Aizer as a co-host for Nickelodeon Games and Sports for Kids between 1999 and 2003. She has also had a lead role in two independent films: The Tea Party and Cauchemar.

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