War Saw is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction.

Its name is most likely a pun on Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Appearance and Armament Edit

War saw stats

War Saw's Statistics

It is a heavyweight class robot with a high cuboid-shaped body. Its weapons, as the name suggests, are a chainsaw and a circular saw and it is armoured in Kevlar with two Industrial lights as decoration. It cannot self-right. It costs 3280 credits to buy.


Using War SawEdit

Fang and war saws gameplay

Duplicate War Saws use their chainsaws

War Saw's chainsaw is practically useless, and it does not have very good pushing power, but its saw blade is a competent weapon. Stay away from flippers and attack the sides of your opponent with the saw.

Against War SawEdit

War Saw is one of the easiest robots to defeat, as its Kevlar armor is weak and as it has a very high centre of gravity and ground clearance. Simply flip it over to win or break off the Kevlar with a weapon such as a saw.

War Saw Stats

War Saw's stats

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