As with other robot combat competitions, Robot Wars competitor robots were split into several weight classes (also known as weight categories). Although the first series included robots from various weight classes, subsequent series generally only included heavyweight robots in the main competition, with robots from other weight classes generally competing in their own competitions.

List of Weight ClassesEdit

Series 1-7Edit

As Robot Wars was originally created in America, the weights were originally dictated in pounds, and converted to kilograms without rounding up. The original weight limits for each class were as follows:

  • Featherweight: 11.4kg
  • Lightweight: 22.7kg
  • Middleweight: 45.4kg
  • Heavyweight: 79.4kg
  • Super Heavyweight: 154kg

Some competitors in Series 1-4 were given some leniency; it was not uncommon for heavyweights to weigh a few kilograms over their official weight limit in those series. Being classified as a heavyweight on the show, Series 1 competitor Barry also notably broke the limit by weighing 116.9kg, which would still render it a super heavyweight under modern robot combat rules.

The weight limits were increased from Extreme 1 onwards, which also saw the introduction of the antweight class. An 'Extreme Weight' class was also mentioned in the build rules for Series 5, taking the place of the Super Heavyweight category.[1] However, no 'Extreme Weight' events took place, and it is unknown whether any robots were built for the category. The new weight limits, effective between Extreme 1 and Series 7, were as follows:

  • Antweight: 150g
  • Featherweight: 12kg
  • Lightweight: 27kg
  • Middleweight: 54kg
  • Heavyweight: 100kg
  • Extreme Weight: 200kg


To encourage creativity, walkerbots were allowed to enter one weight class below their actual weight, or weigh up to 200kg[2] in the heavyweight competition (136kg prior to Series 5/Extreme 1[3][4][5], or 350lbs/160kg in US Season 1-2[6][7]). Super heavyweight walkers received no weight bonus, although some walkerbots, such as Jim Struts and Millennium Bug, still weighed more than the conventional super heavyweight limit, at 175.9 and 160kg respectively. A derivative of walkerbots, shufflebots, were originally classified as walkers, and given the same weight limit in the heavyweight category as the latter. This was until Series 6, where shufflebots were no longer eligible for the weight allowances offered to traditional walkers.[8] However, some shufflebots, notably later versions of Ansgar, were still built to the 200kg limit.

Series 8-10Edit

The weight limit for standard robots was increased again in Series 8 of Robot Wars, which only featured the heavyweight class. The weight limits for walkerbots and shufflebots were also altered.[9]

  • Heavyweight: 110kg
  • Heavyweight walkerbot: 135kg
  • Heavyweight shufflebot: 120kg

In Series 10, the weight limits for heavyweight walkerbots and shufflebots were both increased, to encourage more robots of their kind to be built for the rebooted series.[10][11]

  • Heavyweight walkerbot: 145kg
  • Heavyweight shufflebot: 125kg

Additionally, a featherweight class was proposed and announced as part of the initial application process for Series 10. However, due to scheduling issues, the category was subsequently postponed. The weight limits for the proposed featherweight category were as follows:

  • Featherweight: 13.6kg
  • Featherweight walkerbot: 17.6kg
  • Featherweight shufflebot: 15.1kg


From Series 2 onwards, the main competition was intended solely for heavyweight competitors, which meant that robots from other weight classes had to enter their own separate competitions. Series 2 featured competitions for all the other weight classes (except the Antweight class, which was not introduced until Extreme 1), but these competitions became less frequent in subsequent series and were mainly restricted to special events shown as part of Robot Wars Extreme and Series 7.


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Super HeavyweightEdit

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