"I'm a welding tutor...first of all we were going to call it 'Raptor', and then someone said, well what about 'Weld-Dor'? So that's where we got the name Weld-Dor."
— Phelim Lundy

Weld-Dor (also spelt as Wel-Dor, Wel'Dor or Weldor) was the name given to three different robots from a team from Northern Ireland that fought across Robot Wars history, competing in Series 3, 4 and 6, plus the second series of Extreme. Weld-Dor had no great deal of success, losing three times in its last three appearances, but was a seasoned competitor nonetheless, receiving a low seeding in Series 4. It was best known for representing Northern Ireland in The First World Championship.

Versions of Weld-Dor



The team in the pits with Weld-Dor

The original and most successful Weld-Dor, which competed in Series 3, was a roughly dome-shaped robot, armed with a pair of lifting forks on the front and a pickaxe on the rear, both powered by pneumatics.

"It looks fantastic!"
— Praise from Phillipa Forrester before Round 1

The axe was referred to by the team and the statistics board as a hammer. The team claimed the axe could punch holes in 3mm mild steel plate, but it proved ineffective in battle. Jonathan Pearce described it has having "the power of an Ostrich feather" and being "as strong as strong and menacing as a rose petal".


Weld-Dor in the pits without its armour

Weld-Dor arena

A side view of Weld-Dor in the arena

"...plenty of pressure in the balance, but couldn't get the actual bar pressure to actually give it that force."
— Phelim Lundy explains the axe's lack of power after their quarter-final of The First World Championship

Jonathan Pearce claimed the forks could lift 90kg, as did the statistics board, but the team claimed in their introduction in Heat J that the forks could lift 65kg. The robot was powered by two 12 volt motors, and was armoured in 4mm thick aluminium, painted in a camouflage design. It cost £1800 to build, over six months. The ground clearance was adjustable, between 0 and 0.05 m.

Weld-Dor 2

"Back, bigger axe, better we hope, but a lot of it hasn't been tested yet, so for all of us, it'll be a revelation."
Julia Reed introduces Weld-Dor 2
Welddor s4 arena

Weld-Dor 2 in the arena

Weldor 2 s4 arena alt

Weld-Dor 2 from above

Weld-Dor 2, which competed in the Fourth Wars, was a transparent-armoured robot, with 6mm polycarbonate armour and an aluminium chassis[1]. It was a box-wedge design, armed with a front-hinged flipper and an pneumatic axe. The robot was powered by two 750 Watt Bosch motors, and had two go-kart wheels.

The pneumatic axe was intended to be an improvement on the axe on the original machine, but neither of the weapons actually worked in the robot's only battle in the series. As in Series 3, the axe was referred to as a hammer. The ground clearance was high, 8cm at the rear, and the machine was largely untested. It was fast at 14 mph and well-protected, but proved to be unreliable, being immobilised in its battle.

Weld-Dor 3

"Has speed at eighteen miles an hour, twenty-four volt power from two electric motors, menace from a flipper and 24-inch rotating blade, and experience too."
— Jonathan Pearce describes Weld-Dor 3 in Series 6
Weld-Dor 3

Weld-Dor 3 in Extreme 2

Weld-Dor 3, competing in Series 6 and Extreme Series 2, was a simpler wedge, now armed with a rear-hinged flipper, and a spinning blade at the rear, twenty-four inches in length. It travelled at 18mph, and reverted to the camouflage paintwork that was originally on the first Weld-Dor. However, its wheels were highly exposed, and its ground clearance never succeeded in breaching a robot in its two battles. Opponents such Tetanus 2 and Firestorm 4 also found it easy to get under the high ground clearance.

"...a strong speed controller, but I question the stamina here."
— Jonathan Pearce in Extreme 2

The TV show exclusively referred to the robot as Weldor 3, but "Weld-Dor" is clearly written on the surface of the robot.

Robot History

Series 3

"Hopefully, this will be very effective in our first fight"
— Phelim Lundy on the Weld-Dor arsenal

Weld-Dor's first battle in its debut Robot Wars appearance saw it face a fellow newcomer, The Iron Mask, in Heat J of the Third Wars.

The iron mask weld-dor

The Iron Mask is lifted by Weld-Dor

As the two robots drove at each other, Weld-Dor had its forks raised. The Iron Mask swerved away before the two could meet, and Weld-Dor followed. The Iron Mask paused, and Weld-Dor started pushing it. The Iron Mask tried to get away down the arena, but Weld-Dor was close behind, and drove into the side. The Iron Mask reversed, and Weld-Dor dropped its forks, then got the forks under the side of The Iron Mask, but The Iron Mask got off the forks before it could be flipped.

"This is rather slow so far, rather pensive."
— Jonathan Pearce
Iron mask weld-dor

Weld-Dor turns The Iron Mask over

The Iron Mask started pushing against Weld-Dor, then the two reversed away from each other. The two drove at each other again, and Weld-Dor got under The Iron Mask with its forks again, but The Iron Mask got off them in time again, and reversed up the arena. The Iron Mask drove back at Weld-Dor, flicking its axe at its opponent, but this allowed Weld-Dor to get underneath with its forks again and lift The Iron Mask up. The forks became stuck in the front wheel guard of The Iron Mask as The Iron Mask tried to reverse away, allowing Weld-Dor to push its opponent up the arena.

"And I thought this might happen, that the iron mask at the front of the robot of the same name might cause problems, and might be impaled, and that's what's happened, on the spike of Weld-Dor."
— Jonathan Pearce

Weld-Dor turned, but this caused The Iron Mask to slip off the fork. The Iron Mask drove away, and Weld-Dor tried using its axe, but this caused no damage. The Iron Mask tried driving past Weld-Dor, but Weld-Dor got under the side as it drove past, and flipped it over with the forks. "Cease" was called immediately, as The Iron Mask was unable to self-right.

"Well done, Weld-Dor! They go through to Round 2."
— Craig Charles

In the second round, Weld-Dor was against the Series 2 Semi-Finalist King Buxton.

"Difficult one to predict here..."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle
King Buxton Weld-Dor 3

Weld-Dor misses with its axe

Weld-dor king buxton

King Buxton gets its forks stuck inside Weld-Dor's wheelhub

The two robots approached each other, but King Buxton turned away, and swerved around Weld-Dor as it turned after King Buxton. King Buxton rammed into Weld-Dor's side, but rode up the side, being knocked off as Weld-Dor fired the axe. King Buxton got behind Weld-Dor and pushed it. Weld-Dor tried using its axe on King Buxton as it was being pushed, but the axe did no damage. King Buxton pushed Weld-Dor towards the pit, but rode up the back again, so it had to reverse off for another charge. As Weld-Dor landed another axe blow, which still did no damage, King Buxton pushed again, but Weld-Dor turned away, and King Buxton reversed. King Buxton charged back at Weld-Dor, but rode up the front and reversed away again. King Buxton drove around Weld-Dor, and the two drove into each other. King Buxton rammed into the side of Weld-Dor, and one of its spikes became stuck in Weld-Dor's wheel arch. This allowed King Buxton to push Weld-Dor across the arena, but as it did so, it drove onto the flame pit. It quickly drove over it, pushing Weld-Dor up the arena. Weld-Dor struggled against it, trying to reverse away, but whilst this did disrupt King Buxton's pushing, Weld-Dor was still stuck. King Buxton pushed, then pulled Weld-Dor, and tried to turn it into the pit. However, Weld-Dor continued to struggle against King Buxton, and eventually, King Buxton gave up and turned Weld-Dor around, ramming it into the arena wall. The fork was still stuck in Weld-Dor's wheel guard, and the House Robots came in to separate the two.

"They're perplexed, 'what to do?'..."
— Jonathan Pearce on the Weld-Dor team
King buxton weld-dor

King Buxton slams Weld-Dor into the side wall

Killalot weld-dor king buxton

Sir Killalot drills into Weld-Dor and lifts it up

A push from Shunt's plough separated the two competitors, but Weld-Dor had stopped moving. King Buxton continued to ram Weld-Dor against the arena wall. Weld-Dor did manage to lift King Buxton up with its forks one time, with the forks getting briefly caught in King Buxton's base, but King Buxton got free, and the House robots came in. Shunt axed it, and Sir Killalot snapped Weld-Dor's axe head off with its claw.

"I don't know, but I think Weld-Dor here has been immobilised and it could be - moments ago, we saw a problem with the wheel on the left...oh look at Killalot! In with the pincers! Merciless! Off goes the ostrich feather. No weapons left then on Weld-Dor, and I’m sorry boys, very little hope."
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot then used his drill lance to drill into the Northern Irish machine, impaling it and lifting it up, carrying it across the Arena, eventually finishing it off by dropping it into the Pit of Oblivion. Cease was then called and Weld-Dor was eliminated from the competition.

Philippa Forrester: "The man that looks after Sir Killalot is requesting this as a trophy"
Phelim Lundy: "No chance, no chance"
— Post-battle interview, on the axe head

Weld-Dor returned for The First World Championship, where it represented Northern Ireland, and was drawn up against the American robot Prometheus in the eliminator.

"Hopefullly, we'll be able to dodge and weave, score a few points, keep out of trouble, and hopefully win our bouts."
— Phelim Lundy in the team's introduction

Weld-Dor drags around Prometheus

Prometheus Weld-Dor 2

Weld-Dor pins Prometheus against the arena wall

Weld-Dor moved slowly towards its opponent, and Prometheus charged straight at it, hitting the front. Prometheus couldn't push Weld-Dor, and Weld-Dor reversed away. Prometheus shot forward, surging past the pit straight into Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot pushed Prometheus away, but Prometheus drove into the arena wall. Weld-Dor took advantage, getting its forks under the side of Prometheus, lifting it up and pulling it away from the wall, spinning it around before slamming it into the wall. Weld-Dor carried Prometheus into the arena centre, and though Prometheus kept struggling, using its back wheels to pull against Weld-Dor, it couldn't free itself from the forks.

"Weld-Dor in command here, Prometheus has got it all to do."
— Jonathan Pearce
Prometheus Weld-Dor 1

Prometheus breaks down while suspended on Shunt

Weld-Dor span Prometheus around, hitting Shunt, who had come out of his CPZ. Pieces began falling from the base of Prometheus, and Shunt came in to separate the two, getting under Prometheus and pulling it away from Weld-Dor. However, Prometheus became stuck on Shunt, despite the House Robot firing his axe to try and get it off. Prometheus stopped working, as the engine stalled. As Shunt struggled to get Prometheus off, Weld-Dor axed Prometheus and tried getting under it with its forks. Shunt managed to get Prometheus off just as cease was called.

Phillipa Forrester: "It's a good job you weren't relying on your axe to win that, that's all I can say! It was slightly ineffective, wasn't it?"
Ryan Crilly: "It was, very ineffective."
— Post-battle interview

Weld-Dor then went up against English representatives 101 in the Quarter-Finals.

Weld-dor vs 101

Weld-Dor nearly falls into the pit

Weld-Dor drove towards 101, but 101 reversed away up the arena, then turned and drove at Weld-Dor, pushing it back. This allowed Weld-Dor to get under 101 with its forks and lift it up, but 101 kept pushing, and Weld-Dor almost fell into the pit. It teetered on the edge, but managed to get away before 101 could push it down, helped by the fact that 101 missed its charge, hitting Weld-Dor's side instead of the front.

"Teetering and tottering - goodness me! That was brinkmanship, from Weld-Dor!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Weld-Dor nearly falls down the pit
Weld-Dor 101

Weld-Dor buckles its fork whilst lifting 101

Weld-Dor drove up the arena, and 101 reversed into it, pushing it into the arena wall. Weld-Dor struggled to get away from the wall, and 101 pushed it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ, but Weld-Dor managed to turn away and escape before the House Robot could attack. As the two robots faced each other, Weld-Dor got at 101's side and hooked one of its forks on one of 101's tracks. However, 101 had one track touching the floor, and managed to pull back against Weld-Dor. Weld-Dor pushed 101 into the arena wall, and 101 slipped off the lifting fork. 101 tried to get behind Weld-Dor, but Weld-Dor turned so it was side-on against 101, and fired the axe, but this caused no damage.

"That hammer weapon's a little bit ineffective, little bit like a petal on a flower; as strong and menacing as a rose-petal."
— Jonathan Pearce
Weld-Dor 101 2

101 forces Weld-Dor over the flame pit

101 reversed, then got behind Weld-Dor, and pushed it towards the pit, but Weld-Dor turned away in time. Weld-Dor continued firing the axe as 101 pushed it, but it still failed to do any damage. However, 101 was still in position to push, so rammed Weld-Dor onto the flame pit. Weld-Dor got away from the flame pit, and 101 started pushing at its front. Weld-Dor lifted 101 up, and 101 drove up Weld-Dor's side, then reversed off. 101 got behind Weld-Dor again, and pushed it into the arena side wall. Weld-Dor's axe was still unable to do any damage, despite landing multiple blows on 101. Weld-Dor turned away from the wall as 101 reversed for another charge, only for 101 to push it back into the wall, pinning it there. 101 drove away, and Weld-Dor drove after it, getting its forks under it, but 101 drove over them as time ran out.

"Well, that was a war of attrition."
Craig Charles at the end of the battle

The battle went to a judges' decision, where the judges decided that 101 had won, thus eliminating Weld-Dor from the World Championship.

"...if we had a better hammer, we probably would have been able to do better, but we're well happy, and we'd like to thank everybody that helped us back home to get here."
— Phelim Lundy after the battle

Series 4

"Last year we had a bit of a run-in with Sir Killalot, he snipped off our axe, hopefully this year, everything goes well for us, when given a wee chance we'll get a wee poke on him this year."
— Phelim Lundy during Weld-Dor 2's introduction
Little fly weldor battle

Little Fly's lawnmower blade gets stuck in Weld-Dor 2

Weld-Dor 2 entered the Fourth Wars as the number twenty-eight seeds (although this was not acknowledged in its intro), this mainly due to reaching the Quarter-Finals of the First World Championship. The robot was placed in Heat K and was drawn up against veterans Sump Thing and newcomers Little Fly in the first round melee. In the battle, Weld-Dor 2 started by keeping away from its opponents, driving up the arena whilst Little Fly went after Sump Thing. Weld-Dor 2 then charged in behind Little Fly, but Little Fly turned away, turning around to attack with its lawnmower blade. It hit the front of Weld-Dor 2, but did no damage. Weld-Dor 2 turned around and tried to get under Little Fly, but Little Fly's lawnmower blade struck the front of Weld-Dor 2 and became stuck in the armour, allowing Little Fly to push the robot from Northern Ireland back. After some pushing and pulling, the two robots were separated. Little Fly span the blade and tried hitting the side of Weld-Dor 2, but the blade merely stopped on impact, having not got up to enough speed to do damage. Weld-Dor 2 drove away as Sump Thing attacked Little Fly. Weld-Dor 2 turned around, then pushed past Little Fly and turned around, driving under the front of Little Fly and trying to use its flipper, but the flipper failed to work, and Weld-Dor 2 reversed, then rammed into its two opponents.

"Oh, slam! Like dodgems in a fairground. Good even contest, this."
— Jonathan Pearce
Little Fly vs Sump Thing vs Weld-Dor 2

Weld-Dor 2 in battle with Sump Thing and Little Fly

As it hit the front of Little Fly, the lawnmower blade became stuck in the side of Weld-Dor 2 again, and Weld-Dor 2 reversed, dragging Little Fly back. However, Weld-Dor 2 drove onto the flame pit, but this did not appear to do damage, and after some pushing Weld-Dor 2 broke free of the lawnmower blade. Weld-Dor 2 rammed at the side of Little Fly, but could not get under, so reversed. After Sump Thing attacked Little Fly, Weld-Dor 2 drove at the other side of Little Fly, but still failed to get underneath. Sump Thing got behind Weld-Dor 2 and hit it with the axe, and Weld-Dor 2 turned away, before charging back at Little Fly, pushing it, but Sump Thing attacked Weld-Dor 2 from behind and Little Fly turned away from Weld-Dor 2. Weld-Dor 2 slammed into Sump Thing in reverse, then got at the side of Little Fly, pushing it towards Sgt. Bash. However, Sump Thing charged at the side of the Northern Irish machine. Weld-Dor 2 drove towards the bottom arena wall as Sgt. Bash fired its flamethrower at Little Fly, and bumped into Little Fly and then Sump Thing, then tried to get under Sump Thing, but Sump Thing drove away.

"Very even, this could go to the judges."
— Jonathan Pearce
Welddor sump thing

Weld-Dor 2 is struck by Sump Thing

Weld-Dor 2 pursued it, and after catching up with it, rammed it towards Dead Metal, but Sump Thing turned away before it could get close to the House Robot. The seeded robot drove back after Sump Thing as Sump Thing drove down the arena, but Sump Thing's forks punctured the front of Weld-Dor 2, and as Sumpthing fired its axe, it pushed Weld-Dor 2 back. One of Sump Thing's axe swings appeared to catch the inside of Weld-Dor 2, and as Sump Thing reversed, it became clear that Weld-Dor 2 had stopped moving, and Little Fly pushed against it.

"Weld-Dor, has it stopped I wonder? Sumpthing is certainly still active, but that was the penetrating blow of the axe of Sump Thing. And I just wonder - Weld-Dor, I think has been immobilised by that blow!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Weld-Dor is pitted by Sir Killalot

The House Robots came in, with Shunt axing it three times, lifting it up with his scoop and dragging it back with the axe. Firing his flamethrower, Sgt. Bash bit into the rear of Weld-Dor 2, before Sir Killalot grabbed the immobile robot, and pulled it over the pit, and dropped it in.

"Weld-Dor came all the way from Belfast. They've gotta turn around and go back again. They go out."
Craig Charles at the end of the fight

Weld-Dor 2 was therefore eliminated from the competition, making Weld-Dor 2 the second seed to crash out in the first round of this heat as twelfth seeds Evil Weevil 2 were already eliminated, making this the only heat in Robot Wars history where both seeds went out in the first round. In the post-battle interview, Phelim Lundy explained that an attack from Little Fly had separated a cable from the battery, and this had immobilised Weld-Dor 2.

Series 6

"Back fighting for a third time in Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

In the first round of the first heat of the series, Weld-Dor 3 was drawn up against three fellow veterans; Tetanus 2, previous Round 1 drop-outs Ruf Ruf Dougal and Team Cyrax with their new robot, Cyrax. The Cyrax team claimed that the opponent they were most worried about was Weld-Dor 3.

Philippa Forrester: "You worried about anyone in particular, or don't you really care?"
David Lundy: "No, we don't really care, we've spent no time on it, we know very little about it, and if it gets smashed up, well and good!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview
Tetanus II vs Weld-Dor 3

Weld-Dor 3 is trapped against the angle grinder

At the start of the battle, Weld-Dor 3 charged at Ruf Ruf Dougal, but as it did so, it started venting gas. Weld-Dor 3 hit the side of Ruf Ruf Dougal, bouncing off, then drove at Tetanus 2. Tetanus 2 got under Weld-Dor 3, pushing it and grabbing it with its claw. Tetanus 2 pushed Weld-Dor 3 against Refbot, but failed to puncture the top as it pushed down with its claw, so instead turned Weld-Dor 3 around and rammed it against an angle grinder.

"Tetanus 2, for me, looks very good, and Weld-Dor, for all their experience - they were once World Championship Quarter Finalists - are impaled on the arena side wall."
— Jonathan Pearce
Wel-Dor pitted

Weld-Dor 3 is pitted by Tetanus 2

Tetanus 2 then pushed Weld-Dor 3 onto the flame pit, forcing it against the wall and then letting it go. Weld-Dor 3 drove to the centre of the arena and turned around, driving at Tetanus 2 as it chased after it. Weld-Dor 3 was venting more gas, but its flipper still worked as it missed a flip. As Cyrax fought Ruf Ruf Dougal, Tetanus 2 got under Weld-Dor 3 again, and forced it back against the arena wall. Weld-Dor 3 turned away and escaped, driving past Ruf Ruf Dougal. Tetanus 2 chased after Weld-Dor 3, and it drove around Ruf Ruf Dougal and caught up with the Northern Irish robot. Tetanus 2 continued to push Weld-Dor 3 around the arena and then into Dead Metal's CPZ, who cut into Weld-Dor 3's flipper. As Dead Metal let Weld-Dor 3 go, Tetanus 2 had driven down the arena and activated the pit release button, and then grabbed Weld-Dor 3 once again. After a short tussle, Tetanus 2 pushed Weld-Dor 3 down into the pit of oblivion, eliminating Weld-Dor 3 from the competition in the first round for the second time in a row.

"We haven't got a kennel BUT WE'VE GOT A PIT AND DOWN GOES WELD-DOR!"
— Jonathan Pearce, reviewing Ruf Ruf Dougal's state, before unexpectedly witnessing Weld-Dor 3's demise

In the post-battle interview, David Lundy admitted to stealing the robot from Phelim to bring it to Robot Wars while he was away, with Lundy planning to just put the robot back in the shed, hoping that Phelim wouldn't notice.

Philippa Forrester: "You're in such big trouble now, aren't you?"
David Lundy: "Just a bit, just a bit. We kinda' hoped to win a few fights and then it may have made it a bit easier on him."
Philippa Forrester: "The thing is, he's stolen the robot from his brother, as we know, and left the house unguarded, so it could have been burgled, and with the robot in the pits, in the very first battle!"
David Lundy: "In the first few minutes, looking very bad!"
Philippa Forrester: "Are you just going to put it back in the shed and pretend it didn't happen?"
David Lundy: "Yes! Hope he doesn't notice!"
— Post-battle interview

Extreme 2

Weld-Dor 3 exclusively fought in the Commonwealth Carnage competition in the second series of Extreme, where it represented Northern Ireland. It was drawn up against Firestorm 4 (representing England), Bondi Titch (representing Australia) and Corkscrew (representing Scotland) in the first round of the competition.

"Our main worry is Corkscrew... it looks as if it could do a lot of damage to us. We just want to stay away from them so we can get the robot in one piece back to Ireland."
— David Lundy's battle plan

In the battle, Weld-Dor 3 was immediately chased after by Firestorm 4, and despite driving away, then turning to fight, Firestorm 4 got straight under Weld-Dor 3 and flipped it over. Weld-Dor 3 self-righted spectacularly immediately, but was it by Corkscrew as it landed, before being flipped over again by the English machine. As it went over, Corkscrew slammed into it, which caused its own rear blade to get in the way. An untelevised attack from Corkscrew then shattered into the wheel of Weld-Dor 3, twisting its chassis and causing the robot's CO2 to vent out of the machine, preventing it from being able to self-right[2]. A failed attempt to self-right caused Weld-Dor 3 to land on its side, having been blocked by its spinning blade, and Bondi Titch.

"I think Weld-Dor is done for..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Weld-Dor 3 fails to right itself
Firestorm Weld-Dor

Firestorm 4 slams Weld-Dor 3 into the CPZ

Firestorm IV vs Weld-Dor 3

Weld-Dor 3 is toppled over the wall

Firestorm 4 then rammed Weld-Dor 3 over to the arena side wall and into an unoccupied CPZ. After a couple of attempts, Weld-Dor 3 was eventually lifted out of the arena by Firestorm 4 and eliminated of the competition. Weld-Dor 3 was eventually followed by Bondi Titch, who was also flipped out of the arena by Firestorm 4. This was Weld-Dor's final appearance in Robot Wars.

"The Northern Irish get their fingers burned!"
— Craig Charles at the end of the fight


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat J, Round 1 vs. The Iron Mask Won
Heat J, Round 2 vs. King Buxton Lost
The First World Championship
Representing Northern Ireland, Quarter-Finalist
Eliminator vs. Prometheus (USA) Won
Quarter Final vs. 101 (ENG) Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
28th Seed, Heat Round 1
Heat K, Eliminator vs. Little Fly, Sump Thing Eliminated
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Cyrax, Ruf Ruf Dougal, Tetanus 2 Eliminated
Extreme Series 2
Commonwealth Carnage
Representing Northern Ireland, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Bondi Titch (AUS), Corkscrew (SCO), Firestorm 4 (UK) Eliminated


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5

Series Record

  • Team Weld-Dor in Series 4
  • Team Weld-Dor in Series 6
Main Series Weld-Dor Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered

Outside Robot Wars

Welddor 2018

The Series 3 version of Weld-Dor in December 2018

Weld-Dor 2019

Weld-Dor in January 2019, after its restoration by Anthony Murney

In the run-up to Series 8 of Robot Wars, work started on a fourth version of Weld-Dor, a box-shaped robot designed to use interchangeable weaponry, but ultimately, the robot was never completed.

On Saturday December 1st 2018, the Series 3 version of Weld-Dor was given to Anthony Murney of Team S.Tek, who aims to restore the robot's functionality, but has no intention of competing with the machine. In January 2019, Anthony Murney restored the Weld-Dor name on the surface of the robot's armour, painted the axe yellow, and brought the robot back to working condition.


Welddor s3 official image

Weld-Dor's official Series 3 image; note the name written on the opposite side.

  • Of all the robots that represented a nation from the United Kingdom, Weld-Dor was the only one to represent Northern Ireland.
    • In fact, it was the only robot from Northern Ireland seen in Robot Wars until Series 9 and the debut of Jellyfish.
  • In its official Series 3 image, Weld-Dor's name was written on the opposite side of the robot to that seen during the battles.
  • Weld-Dor was always credited for previous successes in the later series, but didn't win a single battle beyond the Third Wars.
  • The Robot Wars announcer Stuart McDonald failed to acknowledge Weld-Dor as a seed during its Series 4 introduction.
  • During Series 3, Weld-Dor lost to rivals King Buxton and 101 in its heat and The First World Championship respectively.
  • All of Weld-Dor's losses saw it face a robot that had or would reach a heat final of a UK Championship.


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  2. Private correspondence between Anthony Murney and Phelim Lundy
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