The Wheely Big Cheese Minibot was one of several Minibots released as merchandise of competitor robots. The minibot is based upon the Robot Wars Extreme and Series 5 design of Wheely Big Cheese.



The minibot from the front

Like all of the other Minibot toys (apart from Sir Killalot), Wheely Big Cheese features a small pullback motor which drives two tiny wheels on the underside of the robot, the big red trademarked ones just being for decoration. Aesthetically, the toy is fairly accurate to the real robot, with the decal on the flipper fully replicated. The flipping arm itself is static, reducing it to just a simple wedge, however you can see on the sides of the minibot where the flipper would separate from if this was a functional aspect of the toy.

Releases Edit


Wheely Big Cheese in its three-pack


Wheely Big Cheese in its five-pack

As part of the second wave of Minibot toys, the Wheely Big Cheese minibot was released in a three-pack with Mega Morg and Suicidal Tendencies. It was also included in later releases of the Minibot Arena when it was released with the Drop Zone Accessory, alongside Dominator 2 and Suicidal Tendencies.

Along with Suicidal Tendencies, Wheely Big Cheese was the only second-wave minibot to be included in three different releases. As such, the Wheely Big Cheese minibot is among the most common of the second wave minibots, although it is still less common than many of the first-wave minibots in the modern day.

Differences to the real robotEdit


Side view of the minibot

Wheely Big Cheese

The real Wheely Big Cheese in Robot Wars Extreme

Due to the pullback motor, the proportions of the toy's chassis are a little bit inaccurate. The flipper is static and shorter in comparison to the rest of the body, and its back end is taller. The wheels are also very narrow, and don't even reach over the top of the bot, unlike its real-life counterpart. Its wheels also lack the spikes that the real-life competitor had, and in order to include essential play features, the robot's usually invertible design is compromised.



Rear view of the minibot

  • Wheely Big Cheese's builder Roger Plant would later cite the minimal proceeds that roboteers received from sales of the minibot toys as one of the factors leading to his retirement after Series 5 of the show.
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