"The mighty flipper of Wheely Big Cheese is an awesome weapon on this pullback toy. Comes with Powerblocks accessory. Balance them up and score points for knocking pieces off"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The pullback was based upon the Series 5 version of Wheely Big Cheese. It was also one of only three Phase Two pullbacks, the others being Firestorm and Stinger.



The base of the pullback

The flipper is activated by pulling back the red button on the back of the pullback. Although the flipper is a fast wide arc, it has virtually no lifting power. The screws holding the flipper are not secured and can slip off the hinges over time.

The bottom of the pullback is very different to the actual robot because there are two smaller wheels near the end of the flipper to help the robot move the right way round. Also, the two main wheels don't work upside down. The Wheely Big Cheese logo is not on the underside of the pullback either.


  • The pullback in its box
  • The tower of girders

The Wheely Big Cheese pullback was second phase pullback and thus, did not come with a piece of the Pinball set. Instead, it came with a small tower of girders.

Differences from Real lifeEdit

  • There are two black wheels present on the underside of the flipper that aren't on the real life counterpart.
  • The Wheely Big Cheese logo is not on the underside of the flipper on the toy.
  • The toy doesn't work upside down, whereas the real robot was invertible.


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