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Wheely Big Cheese

Wheely Big Cheese is a competitor robot that appeared in Series 4-5 of Robot Wars. Wheely Big Cheese also appeared in the PC/Xbox version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It is unlocked after the player beats the bronze level of Acid Bath in Mayhem mode.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Due to Wheely Big Cheese's design being somewhat basic barring the robot's logo, appearing as a simple yellow wedge from a bird's eye view with red wheels on the side, Wheely Big Cheese is represented very accurately in its 16-bit form, with even the robot's logo present.

Wheely Big Cheese sports a huge flipper for armament, which, just like in the TV show, is very powerful.

RWEDGBA Wheely Big Cheese Arena

Wheely Big Cheese in the arena


Using Wheely Big CheeseEdit

Wheely Big Cheese has immense flipping power, and is capable of easily defeating a robot that cannot self-right by flipping them. However, seeing as all robots in the game can self-right or are invertible, Wheely Big Cheese should pressure them by repeatedly flipping them, potentially causing them to break down.

Against Wheely Big CheeseEdit

If the player is using an invertible robot, then they will always be able to come back and attack Wheely Big Cheese. The player will need to be constantly attacking Wheely Big Cheese to damage it, potentially causing a breakdown. If the player is using a robot with a flipper, it is possible to side strand the Wheely Big Cheese.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Wheely Big Cheese was invertible in real life, but for unknown reasons, Wheely Big Cheese is not invertible in this game, and it must instead self-right.
  • Wheely Big Cheese is also narrower in shape compared to real life.
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