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"A whirling dervish of a robot!"
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Wild Thing was the name given to a series of robots produced by the roboteering team the Adams Family and entered into the British TV show Robot Wars. It was previously known as Thing 2 in the third series, and entered Series 4-6 and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme.

A seasoned veteran of the show with a consistent success rate, Wild Thing amassed fourteen combat victories and reached the series semi-finals four times out of four, only being halted by the reigning champion on three of those occasions. Wild Thing's best individual performance came in Series 4, where it made the top eight before being defeated by Hypno-Disc according to the judges.

Wild Thing is frequently cited as one of the most well driven and reliable machines in the competition, this being due to the fact that the robot ran on NiMH cells (Nickel–metal hydride) as opposed to the lead acid batteries commonly used by most other competitors at the time. As such, Wild Thing was able to stay mobile through all of its battles, and despite losing ten times throughout Robot Wars, Wild Thing was never defeated by breakdown, only losing due to being flipped over, pitted or via judges' decisions. It is also well known for its famous clashes with Chaos 2 in the Semi-Finals of Series 5 and 259 in the Heats of Series 6.

Versions of Wild Thing[]

Thing 2[]

Thing 2 in the arena

The original machine, named Thing 2 (styled by the team as Thing II), entered in Series 3. Costing £1500 and built over 2 weeks, it featured a steep wedge shape, made from 6mm polycarbonate with an aluminium frame and side panels, but its weaponry (a lifting arm fitted with a spike) was on the back of the robot instead of the front. This weapon was rarely used as it preferred to use its wedge shape to tip its opponents over, much like Roadblock, and driven by two 4 Pole DC motors. However, its flat wedge front left it helpless when tipped over by Panic Attack in the semi-finals. It featured a red paintjob with silver lightning bolts and a demonic face.

Thing 2 had a few aesthetics including a double-headed axe, a sorcerer's staff (both rubber) and side wrecking balls, to give itself a barbaric image. The face design also featured light up eyes. A Latin message was printed on its front, reading "Aut Vincere Aut Mori", which translates as "To conquer or to die", and another Latin message on the bottom: "Acta Est Fabula", which means "The Play is Over".

Wild Thing[]

"Last wars, this arm was at the back, this wars it's at the front, and it can self-right us, lance other robots and tip them up."
— Isabelle Adams on the new design

Wild Thing in the arena during its Series 4 heat

Wild Thing in the Series 4 Semi-Finals

In the Fourth Wars, Wild Thing kept the same wedge shape, but added a lance mounted on a self-righting arm, had smaller wheels for more control and manoeuvrability but less speed of 10 mph. The front wedged armour was changed to chequered-plate aluminium, with optional polycarbonate panels for decoration and protection. Two panels were used for Wild Thing during its Series 4 campaign, the first one used in its official image and second round and heat final battles featured a silver and black pattern with flames and an evil face similar to the one on Thing 2, while its second panel used in its first round melee and the semi-finals was solid black with orange flames. Wild Thing also sported light up eyes carried over from Thing 2. Both sides of Wild Thing each had a small spike fitted to stop itself from becoming beached if flipped sideways.

"For Series Four Wild Thing had an added srimech (Self Righting Mechanism) fitted but again the machine wasn't sturdy enough, even though it had an aluminium chassis"
— Nick Adams, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club newsletter

This version of Wild Thing was the most successful, reaching the second round of the semi-finals before losing on a judges' decision to Hypno-Disc.

"Fast, basically a two-wheel drive go kart, wedge-shaped with a srimech and a giant 6000rpm, 12 kilo cutting disc. Twice a series semi-finalist. Wild Thing - we may love you!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Wild Thing in its Series 5 heat

Official image of Wild Thing in Series 5 and Extreme 1

Wild Thing in the arena during Series 5

For Series 5/Extreme 1, the lance was shortened so that it would only serve as a self-righter and a large 12 kg horizontal spinning disc with two steel blades capable of spinning at 6000rpm was added to the wedge. This version reached the semi-finals once more, going out on a judges' decision to Chaos 2 after nearly pitting the defending champion twice. In the first version of the Robot Wars Magazine, before Extreme Series 1, Nick Adams said he might put netting on the robot to tangle spinners following its loss to Hypno-Disc. Ultimately Wild Thing's cutting disc caused only minor damage to its opponents, and it mainly relied on its strong pushing power, speed, and manoeuvrability to win battles. The robot still featured eyes, a theme featured since Thing 2, though they no longer appeared to light up.

"Quite a feat actually as there was very little room inside, since the wedge-shaped chassis was quite small, especially as the wheels were outside of the main body."
— Nick Adams, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club newsletter

Wild Thing 2[]

"Experience, reliability, stamina, strong chassis, fast, manoeuvrable, powerful alloy steel, the spinning disc runs at 1500rpm, but it's got a high ground clearance and exposed tyres"
— Jonathan Pearce

Official profile of Wild Thing 2

In Series 6, the robot was completely redesigned into an arrow-shaped compact invertible machine built for reliability and stamina with a 1500rpm vertical cutting disc (similar to Series 4 competitor Scar).

"I decided to use a thin cutting disc as the main weapon, since it would weigh less than a large disc, and therefore enable more weight to be put into the chassis. It was important to have a disc that would not break or bend, and I eventually had one made by Supreme Saws, the disc was made out of a special alloy steel and it stood up to everything in Series Six."
— Nick Adams, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club newsletter

This version was known as Wild Thing 2, as seen on the robot’s top and bottom armour, but the name was rarely used on the show.

"In Series Five, we had still made the top 12 finalists, but it was obvious that the aluminium chassis was not strong enough, but worse was the unreliability of the exposed wheels, which suffered badly from spinning weapons. For this reason, I decided not to beef up the existing robot with a steel chassis but to build a completely new robot, Wild Thing 2, utilising all the drive gears available and new electronic components that recently became available."
— Nick Adams, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club newsletter

Wild Thing 2 in the arena

This new robot had the same speed, power and manoeuvrability as its predecessors. The motors, gearboxes, electronics, and radio gear were all taken from the earlier version of Wild Thing to save money. It was armoured in 12mm polycarbonate, and its shell was made from alloy steel, which proved strong enough to stand up to the destructive power of 259. However, the robot suffered from a high ground clearance and exposed tyres.

"If you hope to make the top 12 in the wars, you are going to have at least four fights in a short period of time. ... For this reason I aimed at keeping the chassis strong and square so that after several fights everything should still be working and only cosmetic and surface damage should need attention."
— Nick Adams, interviewed in a Robot Wars Club newsletter


Wild Thing in the Series 5 semi-finals

Given the nature of Wild Thing's team name being a reference to the cartoon series, The Addams Family, the robot's name was also a reference to this series, inspired by the Thing, an unidentifiable monster represented only as a hand poking out of a toilet, with Nick Adams' first robot being named Thing 2 to follow on from this.

The successor to Thing 2, Wild Thing, carries on the reference to the Addams Family while also directly referencing Wild Thing, a 1966 song released by The Troggs, with Jonathan Pearce also making a reference to the song during Wild Thing's Series 5 introduction.

The Team[]

The Adams Family in Series 5

Nick and Isabelle Adams in Series 6

Wild Thing was entered into Robot Wars by the Adams Family, an intentional nod to the fictional household, The Addams Family, while also representing the surnames of all three team members. The team was captained by Nick Adams, the builder and driver of Wild Thing, who was previously part of the Demon team in Series 2 of Robot Wars. Nick was consistently joined by his teenage daughter Isabelle Adams, a frequent and confident speaker in the team's interviews, who would often serve as the weapons operator. Son of the family, Jake Adams, was the youngest member of the team and was present in all of their appearances apart from The Sixth Wars.

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

Thing 2's first battle was against newcomers Prizephita. At the start, both robots moved cautiously towards each other. Prizephita got under Thing 2 and flipped it, but Thing 2 landed back on its wheels and retaliated, getting side-on to its opponent and lifting Prizephita with its spike.

"Thing 2 needs the speed of Cousin It across the floor! Creepy and he's cooky, he's wacky and he's wild, Thing 2 on the attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce making references to The Addams Family

Thing 2 strands Prizephita against the arena wall

Thing 2 turned and rammed Prizephita, causing it to roll over, but it quickly self-righted, only to be knocked over again after another charge from Thing 2. This time, Prizephita did not roll onto over onto its top, instead falling on its side then rolling back on its wheels. Thing 2 got under Prizephita and rammed it, causing it to tip over. Thing 2 continued pushing, pushing Prizephita into the wall. Just as Prizephita began to push it self back over again, Thing 2 pushed it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Prizephita tried to self-right, but Sgt. Bash pushed it, preventing it from falling back on its wheels. Sgt. Bash continued to push Prizephita, and its boxing glove srimech got stuck on the wall, preventing it from self-righting. Shunt and Sgt. Bash begun to attack Prizephita and just before cease was called, righted it. However, it was too late and Thing 2 was through. Strangely, as Prizephita was being attacked by the House Robots, Thing 2 drove over to the flame pit on the other side of the arena.

"Well, we come from Hell, so we're just warming up a bit!"
— Nick Adams when asked by Philippa Forrester why they drove over the flame pit

What followed was a fast-moving push-and-shove battle against previous heat finalists All Torque.

"It's the quicker of the two robots, it's the heavier of the two robots - All Torque. I would say Thing 2, because of its shape and the prodding ram at the back, has the more potent weaponry. Has that lifting arm too."
— Jonathan Pearce on the robots

Thing 2 and All Torque in close quarters

Thing 2 is held under Shunt's axe

Both robots charged towards each other, with All Torque clipping Thing 2. The two collided again, before All Torque got under the front of Thing 2 and forced it towards the arena wall. Thing 2 reversed away, then drove at All Torque's scoop, and as All Torque tried to push, Thing 2 turned away. The two danced around each other, both trying to get at a good position to attack. Thing 2 kept driving at the scoop of All Torque then driving away before it could push, but on one of these attempts, All Torque was quicker and shoved Thing 2 to the arena wall again. Thing 2 tried to use their spike, but All Torque drove off when Thing 2 was in position to use it. All Torque charged at Thing 2, but drove at the wrong angle, so merely bumped past it. It turned to get behind Thing 2 to try and push it, but Thing 2 turned and got side-on at All Torque. The two robots drove around each other, trying to get in a good position to attack, and it was All Torque that pushed Thing 2 against the arena wall. Thing 2 escaped, then went back after All Torque, which pushed it towards Shunt's CPZ. Thing 2 span away to get free of All Torque, which drove dangerously close to Shunt. All Torque reversed away before the House Robot could attack, but when Thing 2 came back after its opponent, it drove too close to Shunt, and received and axe blow, knocking of the ball. Thing 2 pushed All Torque against the wall and into the CPZ, but it escaped. All Torque got behind Thing 2 and pushed it against the wall, but in doing so drove into the CPZ, and received an axe blow from Shunt.

"Splendid battle, this, now. Bumping and barging going on, ramming and shunting! ... Good aggression from both bots here, bravery, good driving control"
— Jonathan Pearce

Thing 2 pins All Torque against the arena wall

Thing 2 is slammed by a smoking All Torque before it was immobilised

Both robots reversed away from Shunt, Thing 2 briefly got under All Torque before letting it go, then getting under again and ramming it against the arena wall. All Torque fell of Thing 2's wedge, and the two robots drove around each other again, until All Torque go its scoop under Thing 2. However, Thing 2 had more traction and pushed All Torque against the arena wall, before reversing away. All Torque charged at Thing 2 again and tried to push it, but the two robots were stalemated, as neither could get more traction. Thing 2 reversed away, then drove back at All Torque, but drove side-on and drove over the scoop. All Torque drove into the arena wall whilst chasing Thing 2. When Thing 2 dodged All Torque for a time, All Torque seemed to be slowing down. Thing 2 charged at All Torque's side and pushed its opponent to the top arena wall. All Torque reversed away, and as Thing 2 tried to dodge, All Torque rammed it a couple of times, only for Thing 2 to drive away each time. Thing 2 got under All Torque and pushed it into Shunt, who axed it. Shunt raised its lifting scoop and All Torque tried to ram the House Robot, but became stuck underneath when Shunt lowered the scoop. This allowed Thing 2 to ram it from behind. Eventually, Shunt got off the top, but All Torque was still in the CPZ, trapped by the House Robot and rammed by its opponent. All Torque could not get away, because Shunt had broken its radio receiver, leaving it immobile, so Thing 2 went through.

Philippa Forrester: "Now it starts to get really difficult, doesn't it?"
Nick Adams: "Yeah, really difficult, but we're gonna be ready for them, we're getting more confident now, not over-confident I hope!"
— The post-match interview

This put Thing 2 through to face another newcomer in the Heat Final, Cerberus.

"Well, our robot has escaped from Hell, or Hades, and Cerberus, who guards the gates of Hades, is after us to take us back, but we're going to stay out! There's no way they're getting us back!"
— Nick Adams before the fight

Cerberus pushes Thing 2 around

The two robots drove around each other to start with, with Cerberus swinging its tail into Thing 2. Cerberus backed away and spun, before Thing 2 got under Cerberus and pushed it. Cerberus hung around the flame pit before the two charged at each other.

"Thing 2 shoving the dog from Hades towards the flaming pit from hell."
— Jonathan Pearce

Thing 2 gets underneath Cerberus and pushes it

Cerberus forced Thing 2 across the arena, causing one of the side balls to come off. The two scrapped next to the arena wall, before Thing 2 drove at Cerberus, but was lifted up slightly as it drove over Cerberus's wedged tail, and ended up in the CPZ with Matilda. Thing 2 escaped, and after a short period of time, got underneath Cerberus, dislodging the tail, and rolled it over, thus winning the heat.

"A decisive attack from Thing 2 in the Heat Final! Marvellous driving from Nick Adams and Isabelle! Cerberus, up and over, and the dog from Hades is showing its underbelly, and it wants a bit of a tickle!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Thing 2 flips Cerberus

Thing 2 met the defending champion Panic Attack in the Semi-Finals.

Philippa Forrester: "Does Panic Attack feel scared about being up against the Adams Family?"
Kim Davies: "Oh yes."
Philippa Forrester: "You aren't, are you? You were quite worried when I told you."
Kim Davies: "Yes, its fast, powerful, manoeuvrable, very good driver."
— Concern from Team Panic Attack

Thing 2 pushes Panic Attack past the spike the would go on to decide the battle

Panic Attack topples Thing 2 with help from the arena spike

Neither robot was able to get beneath the other's ground clearance, and the opening clashes only resulted in one of Thing 2's bauble detaching. Panic Attack drove into Matilda's CPZ, but quickly escaped, leading Thing 2 around the arena. Thing 2 slammed Panic Attack into Dead Metal, but Panic Attack's low body meant it evaded Dead Metal's pincers. Panic Attack heaved itself free of the House Robot and led Thing 2 around the arena. Thing 2 caught and pushed Panic Attack, slamming it into a side wall near Matilda's CPZ. Panic Attack reversed away and pushed Thing 2, getting a corner beneath its clearance. However, before Thing 2 could act, the floor spikes bounced Panic Attack, therefore knocking Thing 2 onto its wedged front, where it could not move.

Thing 2 after falling to Panic Attack

"Thing 2 up and over! The wheels spin aimlessly. Acta est fabula...uh, exactly. No idea."
— Jonathan Pearce demonstrating his ignorance of the Latin language

After being eliminated, it was set upon by the House Robots, with Dead Metal in particular causing considerable damage to Thing 2's rear spike and wheels with its circular saw.

"Thing is now thing of the past! The reigning champion Panic Attack goes through!"
— Craig Charles

Series 4[]

"Literally too wild in the last wars, went out to Panic Attack. They were too fast, they lost control, so slightly smaller wheels, less speed but more maneuverability."
— Julia Reed

Wild Thing began its Series 4 campaign as the 11th seed (although this was never acknowledged throughout the Heat), for reaching the Semi-Finals last time round. It was drawn against newcomers Humphrey and veterans The Steel Avenger in Round 1 of Heat M.

"In the last wars, we managed to get into the last 16, but this year we're seeded 11, we hope to go all the way!"
— Jake Adams announces the team's aim

Wild Thing attacks The Steel Avenger in the opening melee

Wild Thing was quickest to start, driving around the arena flipper and bumping into Humphrey before spinning away. Humphrey bashed into The Steel Avenger as Wild Thing came to attack again before darting away from Humphrey. The Steel Avenger went up Wild Thing's wedge, as Wild Thing raised the lifting arm, essentially clamping The Steel Avenger in place, but The Steel Avenger got away and drove over a flame jet. Meanwhile, Wild Thing took on Humphrey, pushing it before taking on The Steel Avenger again, which had circled Wild Thing, trying to axe it. Wild Thing pushed The Steel Avenger into Matilda, who flipped The Steel Avenger against the arena wall. Wild Thing backed onto the fringe of the CPZ but quickly escaped.

"...but Wild Thing followed up, which means also that Matilda can have a go at the Wild Thing."
Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing drives onto the edge of the CPZ

The Steel Avenger fell off the arena wall, and landed on its side with limited space to self-right, but Matilda flipped it onto its wheels. As The Steel Avenger got away, Humphrey was sitting, static by the arena wall, slowly lifting its weapon up and down, and The Steel Avenger turned in for an axe attack on Humphrey. Immediately afterwards, Wild Thing spiked the back of The Steel Avenger with its lance, pushing forward, and The Steel Avenger fired its srimech to try and get away. Sir Killalot threatened to come out of his CPZ, and the two robots scarpered to the middle of the arena. Humphrey suddenly started moving on one wheel again.

"It seemed to me that Humphrey was immobilised, this is the Wild Thing, chasing down the Steel Avenger here. Steel Avenger getting away. I think the Humphrey...oh no, they're OK, Humphrey's OK."
— Jonathan Pearce describes the action of the battle

Wild Thing continues to ram The Steel Avenger as the House Robots attack Humphrey

Wild Thing impaled The Steel Avenger's side armour with its lance, before pushing it into the arena wall. The Steel Avenger fired its srimech arms again, and the two separated. Humphrey started moving again, but drove straight into Dead Metal's claws. Wild Thing and The Steel Avenger were still tussling, and were dangerously close to Matilda's CPZ. Matilda tried flipping Wild Thing over, but it escaped. Dead Metal sliced into Humphrey's lifter, before the rest of the House Robots came in to attack. The Steel Avenger broke free from Wild Thing and collided into Dead Metal, before retreating. Sgt. Bash gripped Humphrey's front and it onto the floor flipper. The Steel Avenger swung its axe at the oncoming Wild Thing, but narrowly missed, and Wild Thing pushed The Steel Avenger into Sir Killalot. The two escaped towards the arena centre, and Humphrey was flipped by the Floor Flipper. The House Robots came in again, and Sir Killalot picked Humphrey up and span it around. Cease was called, and Wild Thing and The Steel Avenger were through.

Next, Wild Thing faced newcomers Reactor.

"Keep the arm down 'til we've rammed into them, then bring it up, try to flip them."
— Tactics from Jake Adams

Wild Thing shunts Reactor

Wild Thing charged straight at the relatively sluggish Reactor, catching it side on, and getting underneath with the wedge. The lifting arm raised, keeping Reactor in position as Wild Thing shoved it forwards. Wild Thing kept pushing Reactor, until Reactor's lifter dug into the arena floor, so Wild Thing relented and drove away, lowering the lifting arm before coming back to attack the rear of Reactor. Wild Thing got its lifting arm underneath Reactor's wheel, but couldn't flip, so it rammed Reactor into the arena sidewall. Wild Thing reversed onto the CPZ edge, but escaped.

"A ground clearance of 5 millimetres only on Reactor, but that's the Achilles heel, Wild Thing attacking in the rear of Reactor and dumping it onto the arena side wall."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing pushed into Reactor again, but this time Reactor drove into Dead Metal's CPZ whereas Wild Thing spun around and retreated. Wild Thing span on the spot as Reactor escaped Dead Metal. Wild Thing then pushed into Reactor, shoving it into Dead Metal's CPZ. Reactor very cumbersomely managed to escape Dead Metal's pincers. Wild Thing pushed into the side of Reactor this time, but couldn't get much purchase.

"A little bit like soap in the shower, through your hands and away."
— Jonathan describes Wild Thing's efforts to hold Reactor

Wild Thing pushes Reactor into Sgt. Bash's CPZ

Wild Thing got around the back of Reactor again, shoving it across the whole arena, lifting the wheels off the ground so Reactor couldn't get any traction. Wild Thing got completely underneath Reactor, and shoved it into the sidewall and Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Sgt. Bash could not grab Reactor, and it escaped again. Reactor was moving very slowly, and Wild Thing went across the flames, getting underneath the side of Reactor. Wild Thing pushed Reactor again, all the way across the arena and into Sir Killalot. Wild Thing shoved Reactor into Sir Killalot's claw, which crumpled the wooden wheel. Reactor spun its wheels, trying to retreat away, but it didn't get enough traction, and Sir Killalot held it in place. Dead Metal then came in on Reactor, but went away after Sir Killalot let it go. Reactor sluggishly drove into the arena centre, where Wild Thing was. Wild Thing spun into Reactor, but drove away.

"...and I wonder if, at this stage, Russell Orton, young Daniel and Martin Crouch are just thinking look lets stay out of trouble and live to fight another day, because Wild Thing very much on top here."
— Jonathan Pearce on Reactor's tactics

Wild Thing goes after Sgt. Bash

Wild Thing pushed Reactor into the arena wall, before retreating and then coming back on the attack again. Wild Thing pushed Reactor back into Sir Killalot, nearly getting caught itself, but got away in time. Reactor was now moving very, very slowly, so Wild Thing took advantage by pushing Reactor into Dead Metal. Wild Thing slammed in again and again relentlessly, preventing Reactor from escaping from Dead Metal. Wild Thing spun victoriously, as Reactor struggled to move away from near Dead Metals CPZ after being let go by the House Robot. Dead Metal attacked again, this time in Reactor's back, causing sparks, but no visible damage. Wild Thing then pushed into Sgt. Bash, trying to attack the house robot. The clock began to tick down with Reactor just about still moving, Wild Thing went back after them, going on one final shove, pushing Reactor into the arena side wall, before Cease was called.

"Well the judges have made their decision, remember it's style, control, aggression and damage, and they've gone for, are you nervous, are you nervous, they've gone for Wild Thing!"
— Craig Charles announces the result

The judges went for Wild Thing, and it was through to the Heat Final. There, the Adams family faced The Steel Avenger again.

"Smash them straight away!"
— Tactics from Jake Adams

Wild Thing drives under The Steel Avenger

Wild Thing gets under The Steel Avenger but suffers an axe blow

Wild Thing charged at its opponent, and despite a slow start, The Steel Avenger evaded a frontal assault. Wild Thing then tried to pierce The Steel Avenger's side with the lance, but it was not effective. As well as trying to use the lance to cause damage, Wild Thing was pushing The Steel Avenger. After a couple of failed lance attacks, the arm was lowered so the front would be a better wedge. Wild Thing continued to shove and lift the silver machine, and The Steel Avenger failed to hit its foe with the axe while it was pushed askew. The Steel Avenger then backed round, fired the axe a second time and managed to hit the rear of Wild Thing's wedge.

Wild Thing topples The Steel Avenger

Wild Thing nudges The Steel Avenger down the pit

Both robots went on chasing and bumping each other around the arena, until Wild Thing charged at The Steel Avenger, getting the steep wedge underneath it and tipping it over onto the edge of the pit panel. Upon toppling, The Steel Avenger had the tip of its axe blade dug into the arena floor, and its left side cone was not working properly, which prevented it from self-righting and Sir Killalot moved in, crushing the side panel and srimech spike with its claw. The pit opened right next to The Steel Avenger as it now partially self righted, leaving it in a perfect position to knock into the pit. The house robots backed off, allowing Wild Thing to come in finish The Steel Avenger off by pushing it into the pit. The Adams family reached a second successive Series Semi-Final.

Craig Charles: "Your steering was absolutely amazing!"
Nick Adams: "I don't know how come, my hands were slipping off!"
Craig Charles: "Yeah, it's very hot up here, isn't it?"
— The post-battle interview

In the Semi-Final, Wild Thing faced the 22nd seeds X-Terminator 2. For this battle, Wild Thing had a different front design, due to the front armour having to be re-welded after being cracked in the fight against The Steel Avenger.

"The Addams family hoping to go one step further than the Semi-Finals this time around!"
— Jonathan Pearce before the battle

Wild Thing took the offensive first and pushed X-Terminator 2 backwards, but was not able to get its lifter under X-Terminator 2, and the 22nd seed used its four-wheel drive to overpower Wild Thing and slam it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Wild Thing bumped into Sir Killalot and escaped the CPZ, knocking Sir Killalot's breastplate off in the process.

"As Wild Thing just squeezed away, it caught Killalot's breastplate and pulled it off! So now we see a nude Killalot, which is a new for Robot Wars! Don't get too excited!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing rams X-Terminator 2

Wild Thing pressed its advantage and slammed X-Terminator 2 into the side wall. X-Terminator 2 seemed unable to move away, so Wild Thing rammed it whilst it sat idle. X-Terminator 2 finally started moving again and pulled away, before managing to flick Wild Thing up, but not over. Wild Thing rammed X-Terminator 2 into the arena wall again, before narrowly avoiding the clutches of Dead Metal. Wild Thing drove at X-Terminator 2 broadside on and forced it into Shunt's CPZ, where its rollbar became bent. X-Terminator 2 escaped, but for some reason, both the lifting scoop and the flipper were locked open for several seconds after its escape. Wild Thing dodged more attacks and shunted its opponent into Dead Metal, who carved a long and deep cut into X-Terminator 2.

"For me, if this one goes to the judges, Wild Thing are just getting on top now."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator 2 was under pressure as it escaped, and Wild Thing took advantage again, finally managing to get beneath the ground clearance of X-Terminator 2 and toss it over into Dead Metal. X-Terminator 2's position against the side wall, and its shape meant that its self-righting arms - which were also bent - did not work properly, and it was left flailing whilst Dead Metal, Sgt. Bash and Shunt attacked. Finally, Sir Killalot seized X-Terminator 2 and pitted it.

Craig Charles: "It's such a nippy robot that, isn't it?"
Isabelle Adams: "Yes."
Craig Charles: "People can't seem to get on top of it, as soon as you get to where you think it is, it's gone, it's behind you again!"
Isabelle Adams: "That's my own driving!"
— The post-battle interview

In the next round, Wild Thing faced frightening opposition, the 2nd seeds Hypno-Disc.

"What a draw for them now!"
— Jonathan Pearce, reading the line-up for Round 2 of the Semi-Finals

Wild Thing is sent spinning away by Hypno-Disc

In the battle, Wild Thing's lifter was raised to its absolute highest point in order to maximise its wedge's effectiveness. Hypno-Disc avoided it whilst getting the disc up to speed, with Wild Thing in hot pursuit, at one point slipping the wedge under Hypno-Disc, but it was unable to complete the attack. With the disc up to speed, Hypno-Disc slammed into Wild Thing, sending it spinning.

"Look at this - bang and crash, like a spinning top out there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing slides under Hypno-Disc

Wild Thing settled back and drove its wedge at the rear and sides of Hypno-Disc, but the second seed's retaliation was much more deadly, carving chunks of the wedge from Wild Thing, and rupturing the left wheel.

"Look at the damage sustained there, on the side. Really bent and buckled, Wild Thing. And now wobbling and hobbling, somewhat, and now crumpled and dented; and Hypno-Disc senses that victory and a place in the series final is just around the corner."
— Jonathan Pearce

A battered and hobbling Wild Thing valiantly attempted to respond, using its wedge again, but Hypno-Disc escaped. Wild Thing still refused to give in, managing to push Hypno-Disc into Dead Metal, and then into the side wall using its wedge. As time expired, Hypno-Disc pulled away, and the audience burst into applause for the valiant Wild Thing.

Wild Thing survives to a Judges' decision

"And in the end, it was so brave, and the applause was for that team!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Despite taking lots of damage, Wild Thing scored well on the other criteria, but Hypno-Disc was unable to be denied, and it claimed the last spot in the Grand Final.

Wild Thing also competed in the Celebrity Special with Shauna Lowry at the controls.

Julia Reed: "Now, you might have thought this lady was a gentle, caring, animal-loving type. What are you gonna do to Vic Reeves?"
Shauna Lowry: "Annihilate, that's what we're gonna do!"
— The pre-match interview

Wild Thing under Shauna Lowry

Wild Thing was decorated with a wig on its wedge and numerous toy rabbits on its lifting arm. Before the fight, Vic Reeves had allegedly cut the head off of one of the bunnies on Wild Thing's arm and put it in the aforementioned frying pan. Wild Thing faced Vic Reeves and Diotoir in round 1.

Shauna Lowry: " He's already sabotaged our robot!"
Julia Reed: "What's he done?"
Shauna Lowry: "He's cut the head off of one of our bunnies!"
— Shauna Lowry after discovering that a toy bunny had been decapitated.

Wild Thing rams the side of Diotoir

Wild Thing rams Diotoir across the arena

At the beginning, Diotoir fired its weapon and caused the frying pan to fly off. Wild Thing attacked Diotoir from behind and pushed at and angle, causing Diotoir to spin as Wild Thing pushed it. Diotoir drove over a flame jet and caught fire, then Wild Thing battered into it. Sgt. Bash torched Diotoir, adding to the damage caused by the flame jet. Wild Thing pushed the blazing robot towards the side wall, but Diotoir got behind Wild Thing and attempted a flip, but missed. Diotoir limped away, the giant comical glasses falling off, but was attacked by Wild Thing again, which pushed it back and impaled it with the front lance, slamming it into Sgt. Bash. The robots circled each other, but Wild Thing ran into Sgt. Bash, but Diotoir missed its chance to attack. Diotoir forced Wild Thing into the side wall and tried to flip it, but missed again.

Wild Thing's bunnies burn as it suddenly stops moving

Wild Thing is pitted

Sgt. Bash roasted the rabbits on top of the arm of Wild Thing, as Shauna gave the controls to Nick Adams. This made no difference however, because Wild Thing was motionless, so Matilda rammed and lifted it. Diotoir was scorched by Sgt. Bash again, when suddenly Wild Thing burst back to life and attacked Diotoir, but was quickly grabbed by Sir Killalot, then spun around and pitted.

"It was the House Robots that got us in the end, it wasn't them ... they were playing safe!"
— Shauna Lowry after the battle

Extreme 1[]

"It's really wild this year, with a fantastic spinning disc, and it's going to take out all the opposition, no problem!"
— Nick Adams' confident introduction for Extreme 1

Wild Thing fought in three competitions in Extreme 1. Its first appearance was in the All-Stars tournament, where it faced Series 4 Semi-Finalist Dominator 2 in Round 1.

"Well, they might have a big weapon, but we're the fastest robot here, and the most manoeuvrable, and they're not going to catch us!"
— Confidence from Nick Adams

Dominator 2 axes Wild Thing

Dominator pins Wild Thing on its wedge

Both robots got off to a fast start, and Wild Thing dodged Dominator 2's first two axe blows. It drove up Dominator 2's bi-wedge shape, but escaped before it could be axed. It then drove into Dominator 2's side, attempting to cut through the tyres. Dominator 2's axe blows continued to miss, but when it finally did land, it could not hold onto Wild Thing, who continued to aim for the wheels. The two then collided side-on and began to spin around, but Wild Thing's flywheel had the advantage over Dominator 2's uni-directional axe. Dominator 2 retreated, before coming back and trying to axe Wild Thing again, but its axe only managed to clamp its opponent momentarily. It then got underneath Wild Thing, preventing it from moving, but its axe only knocked its opponent off. After driving away, Wild Thing hit Dominator 2 from the rear, but then Dominator 2 turned and was finally able to land a meaningful axe blow on Wild Thing. However, as it pushed Wild Thing away, it became apparent that its right tyre was now badly torn.

"It looks to be tattered! So the weapon on Wild Thing has caused damage to Dominator 2...certainly Dominator 2 is on the defensive!"
— Jonathan Pearce discovers the damaged tyre

Wild Thing attacks Dominator 2's tyres

Dominator 2's axe hangs lowly as Wild Thing batters Dominator 2 some more

Wild Thing made another side on attack, this time targeting the other wheel. Dominator 2 tried to use its axe, but missed. It missed another attack as Wild Thing again kept attacking the wheels. Dominator 2 managed to wedge itself underneath Wild Thing again, but Wild Thing escaped again before Dominator 2 could use its axe. After some more dodging, Wild Thing actually forced itself underneath Dominator 2, which wasn't able to hit it properly. Wild Thing let Dominator 2 go, and the two continued to drive around the arena, with Dominator 2 missing several more axe blows and Wild Thing continually aiming for the sides. Eventually, Dominator 2 caught up to a fleeing Wild Thing and used its axe to clamp it down, but Wild Thing was able to escape. Wild Thing hit Dominator 2 side on, and a bit of smoke was just about visible. Dominator 2 missed one last axe blow before Wild Thing pushed it side on again, and time ran out. The judges declared Wild Thing the victor through its greater aggression.

"It was the right decision."
— Peter Halloway of the Dominator 2 team

Wild Thing moved on to Round 2, where fought Firestorm 3.

"We're quite confident, but because we've got the self-righting arm, that makes their flipper pointless, and also we have the cutting blades so if we go at them with that, we've got a big plus point on the weapons front."
— Isabelle Adams before the battle

Wild Thing wedges under Firestorm 3

Firestorm 3 flips Wild Thing over

Firestorm 3 immediately got underneath Wild Thing, rammed it into an empty CPZ and flipped it over. Wild Thing self-righted just before Dead Metal could grab hold of it. After ramming against the house robot, Firestorm 3 pursued Wild Thing. However, Wild Thing was able to outmanoeuvre its opponent, pushing underneath from behind and ramming it against the arena wall. It eventually allowed Firestorm 3 to escape and the two drove around each other. Wild Thing launched a side-on attack, tearing away some of the polka-dot fur supplied by Team Nemesis on the side of Firestorm 3. Firestorm 3 then got underneath Wild Thing's front and flipped it over, but Wild Thing self-righted again.

Firestorm 3 and Wild Thing come together

Wild Thing is damaged by the House Robots

The two robots drove around each other again. Wild Thing temporarily drove onto Firestorm 3's wedge, but could not be flipped. After this, it pushed into Firestorm 3's side, driving it around the arena momentarily. After getting underneath it again, Wild Thing pushed Firestorm 3 towards Dead Metal's CPZ, however Firestorm 3 veered out of the way just in time, resulting in Wild Thing driving into Dead Metal's pincers. Firestorm 3 then moved behind Wild Thing, blocking its escape route. As Dead Metal attacked Wild Thing, Firestorm 3 flipped it further into Dead Metal's saw, which also allowed Shunt to attack Wild Thing. Eventually, Wild Thing escaped and tried to attack Firestorm 3 again, but its disc was no longer spinning. Firestorm 3 attempted to flip Wild Thing again, but it rolled back onto its wheels. However, Firestorm 3 quickly launched another attack and flipped Wild Thing over. Then, just as Wild Thing tried to right itself, Firestorm 3 flipped it again, this time against the arena wall on its front. Wild Thing desperately tried to close its self-righting arm, but as it attempted to open it again, it resulted in pinning the arm open, rendering Wild Thing stuck.

"Wild Thing suddenly on the defensive, the entire battle has been turned on its head!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing, stuck on its arm, is counted out

Unable to move, Wild Thing was counted out by Refbot. Dead Metal and Shunt attacked it before slowly moving it towards the now-open pit. However, as they approached, Firestorm 3 got underneath Dead Metal and tried to push it into the pit as Wild Thing was nudged in. It failed, and thrust Dead Metal away. Shunt responded by hitting Firestorm 3's gas canister with his axe, but caused no damage. Cease was called, but Firestorm 3 kept attacking, and quickly flipped Shunt over.

"I thought you were quite lucky in a way, because Wild Thing was doing really well, and it seemed to land quite awkwardly, didn't it?"
— Craig Charles to the Firestorm team after the battle

Wild Thing also fought Fluffy and Arnold A. Terminegger in a Mayhem, for a place in the first Annihilator.

Arnold A. Terminegger hits Wild Thing with its axe

In the battle's early stages, all three robots drove around, mostly avoiding each other, with only a few small slams as attacks. After a while, Wild Thing ran into Fluffy's side, and Arnold A. Terminegger attacked briefly with its axe, but caused no damage. Wild Thing continued to push Fluffy around for a bit, then slammed it into the arena angle grinders, where it broke down completely. Arnold A. Terminegger attacked it with its axe and tried to lift it. Wild Thing took advantage, and it pushed Arnold A. Terminegger over, but Arnold fell back on its wheels. The two robots clashed, with Arnold A. Terminegger continuing to axe Wild Thing, and it became apparent that Wild Thing's disc was no longer working. It broke away and quickly activated the pit. Arnold A. Terminegger chased after Wild Thing, and nearly drove straight into the pit.

"Down in the pit, pit, pit! That's where they want Fluffy or Terminegger or Wild Thing to go, they're not fussy, let's be honest"
— Jonathan Pearce

Arnold A. Terminegger turns Wild Thing onto its side

Wild Thing then pushed into Arnold A. Terminegger again, nearly overturning it. Arnold A. Terminegger retaliated with some rather ineffective axe blows. Opting to use its forklifts instead, Arnold A. Terminegger was able to push Wild Thing onto its side, where it couldn't right itself. It eventually fell onto its back, but only narrowly avoided being pushed onto its side again mid-righting by Arnold. As the two continued fighting, Fluffy was pushed onto the arena flipper, where it was thrown and bounced into the pit. Wild Thing pushed Arnold A. Terminegger into the CPZ where it was pressurised by both Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash, but it escaped as time ran out, where the judges came to a split decision in favour of Arnold A. Terminegger.

"We got turned on our side and they kept hitting us with the axe, I'm very surprised, I think we should've had that, actually! We'll get you back! Grudge match, I think!"
— Isabelle Adams disagrees with the decision

Wild Thing's final appearance in Extreme was a battle fighting for the Challenge Belt against holders Tornado.

"Tornado are gonna be a breeze!"
— Confidence from Isabelle Adams

Tornado slams Wild Thing

The battle began quickly, with Tornado getting around the side of Wild Thing. As the two span around, trying to get in a good position to attack, Tornado began to push Wild Thing back. It caused some minor tears in Wild Thing's side, before pushing underneath and ramming it into the angle grinder. Tornado pushed Wild Thing from the front, its opponent's spinning disc causing no problems, but Wild Thing managed to get behind Tornado, pushing it from the side.

Wild Thing is caught by Sir Killalot and Tornado

Eventually, the two robots met front-on. Pushing against each other, they spun slowly around in circles, but Tornado's body prevented Wild Thing's spinning disc from working. Eventually, Wild Thing broke away to adjust itself for a side onslaught, but Tornado eventually managed to push underneath it again, and drove it straight into the CPZ. Wild Thing escaped unharmed and pursued Tornado, only to be hit side on by the challenge belt holder again. Tornado rammed it into the arena wall, near another CPZ, and Wild Thing was sluggish in moving away, allowing Sir Killalot to pin both robots momentarily. As they escaped, Tornado's drum caught part of Wild Thing's rear armour and tore it off. It then pushed Wild Thing back into Sir Killalot's clutches, but Wild Thing managed to escape.

"And the eyes....staring, but staring at the face of defeat"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing is pinched by Sir Killalot

Tornado quickly forced its way under Wild Thing's side once more, and rammed it into the far arena wall, knocking it upside down in the process. Wild Thing managed to right itself just as Tornado activated the pit. It then began playing evasive, allowing Wild Thing to follow it before turning and hitting it front on once more. It then pushed Wild Thing into Sir Killalot once more, and after attempting to grab hold of the disc itself, he managed to pick up Wild Thing by the body with his claw, but quickly dropped it. Tornado pushed Wild Thing straight back into the CPZ, but Wild Thing managed to escape. Tornado pushed Wild Thing's side occurred before Wild Thing tried another frontal assault, only for Tornado to push it back into Sir Killalot, who gripped hold of its front before letting go. Suddenly, Wild Thing managed to push Tornado back into Sir Killalot instead, who used his claw on Tornado, but caused no obvious damage. The battle ended with the two robots pushing each other in circles once more, and the judges were called to make a decision. Based on aggression, Tornado was given the victory and, as it was its third successive defence, the Challenge Belt.

Craig Charles: "You always seem to lose on judges decisions, don't you?"
Nick Adams: "I think they fall asleep halfway through and then at the end, when we're doing well, they're not watching or talking or gone off somewhere"
Craig Charles: "They've probably turned over and watching the cricket or something"
— Wild Thing's bad luck on judges' decisions

Series 5[]

"Wild Thing has always been a great robot, and that shows in its ranking - number 9. Nick Adams is a fantastic driver, and the machine is fast and dangerous. Now though, with a new spinning disc, it could cause a few upsets in the Fifth Wars!"
— Philippa Forrester introduces Wild Thing in its Series 5 heat

Wild Thing is flipped by Trouble 'n' Strife

For Series 5, Wild Thing was seeded 9th. In its eliminator, it was drawn against the newcomers Trouble 'n' Strife. Wild Thing started faster, getting behind its opponent and knocking it away with the disc, then getting a blow on the side. It drove to the other side of Trouble 'n' Strife, and landed another blow with the flywheel, before circling its opponent and getting another blow in. Trouble 'n' Strife was struggling to move, and mistimed a flip when Wild Thing drove at its front. This allowed Wild Thing to push it back, as the flipper was still open. Trouble 'n' Strife managed to back off and close the flipper, but Wild Thing drove at its side so it could not flip. Wild Thing circled Trouble 'n' Strife, getting a blow on one wheel, then the rear, but then drove to the front, allowing Trouble 'n' Strife to flip the ninth seeds, but Wild Thing landed on its wheels. It circled Trouble 'n' Strife again, landing more blows, but drove at the front again, was flipped again, but fell back on its wheels again, helped by the spike on the top of the srimech arm.

"This is a struggle here, for the experienced Wild Thing machine."
— Jonathan Pearce

A hobbling Wild Thing retaliates

Wild Thing dug its blades into the exposed interior of Trouble 'n' Strife. Wild Thing hit Trouble 'n' Strife several more times causing damage, but Trouble 'n' Strife fought back, flipping Wild Thing hard enough to buckle one of its wheels. Wild Thing pushed back, visibly hobbling, eventually losing the side decoration on its tyre.

"Wild Thing is in a real survival battle here now! Semi-Finalists in the third series of Robot Wars and the fourth, but here against newcomers Trouble 'n' Strife, in real trouble themselves! Doing the pressing, doing the aggressive work but they need now a KO I think, otherwise Trouble 'n' Strife could yet put the Adams Family out!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Another flip lifted it off the ground, but Wild Thing launched a glancing blow and pushed Trouble 'n' Strife into the CPZ where Matilda knocked it with the flywheel. This did not do major damage, and Wild Thing drove around to push its opponent, narrowly avoiding a hit from Matilda itself. Wild Thing pushed Trouble 'n' Strife into the opposite CPZ, where it was axed by Shunt then whacked by Matilda's flywheel. The battle ended, with both robots still mobile. A suddenly very close battle was sent to a Judges' decision.

"Well, well, well, that is definitely one for the judges. Wild Thing seeded 9, could there be a turn up for the books?"
— Craig Charles

The judges put Wild Thing through, mostly on aggression.

Craig Charles: "Skin of your teeth though, wasn't it!"
Nick Adams: "Yeah, that was tough, for the first series, that was like a final-type fight. They're a really fantastic robot!"
— The post-battle interview

Wild Thing, scarred after the encounter with Trouble 'n' Strife

Ahead of its second-round battle with the experienced Napalm 2, Wild Thing went through extensive repairs, but entered the arena functional yet scarred.

Isabelle Adams: "Well, many things happened to us in our first battle. Both of our axles on our wheels got bent, and the motor, the shaft snapped on our spinning disc."
Philippa Forrester: "Did you fix it all?"
Isabelle Adams: "We should be all right now."
Philippa Forrester: "OK, yeah? Just how well it works when the actually get in there, that's the worry!"
— The pre-battle interview

Wild Thing slammed into Napalm 2 straight away, and Napalm 2 stopped moving. Wild Thing got behind Napalm 2 and bent one of the side panels with the disc. Napalm 2 was still not moving, so Wild Thing attacked the front, then drove around its immobile opponent, got behind it and pushed it.

"That spinning disc looks very potent, crumpling in on the side of Napalm, and the titanium hull, and Napalm is going nowhere very, very fast"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing pushes Napalm 2 into the pit

Napalm 2 started moving slightly, and swung the axe about, but was not moving nearly fast enough to get away, and Wild Thing came in from behind again, pushing Napalm 2 some more. Wild Thing briefly became caught on Napalm 2's axe, so drove off for another attack. It drove around to Napalm 2's front, and pushed it back, before driving away, then attacking the rear, braking off a piece. Napalm 2 was immobile, so Wild Thing opened the pit, got behind Napalm 2 and pushed it into the pit.

"And that was on the cards from the word "activate"!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Napalm 2 is pitted

In the Heat Final, Wild Thing faced Prizephita Mach 2, in a rematch from Series 3.

"Well, it's nice to be up against them again, they know our weaknesses, we know theirs, so it should be a good fight, but obviously we think we're going to win, but you never know what's going to happen out there, we think they've got something up their sleeve!"
— Nick Adams before the fight

Prizephita Mach 2 starts promisingly

Wild Thing charged straight away, but Prizephita Mach 2 flipped the heat favourites. Wild Thing attacked Prizephita Mach 2's rear and sides a few times with its disc, but failed to cause any damage. Prizephita Mach 2 got in two more flips, with the second lifting the number nine seed onto its back for the first time in the heat.

Prizephita Mach 2 flips Wild Thing around the arena

"Prizephita - dodging, dancing around the ring, and waited for the opportunity to get that jab in. Good boxing in the Robot Wars arena. Wild Thing now, is seeing stars."
— Jonathan Pearce as Prizephita Mach 2 topples Wild Thing onto its back

Prizephita Mach 2 flipped it again before it could self-right, then flipped it over again, but the seeded machine self-righted using its lifting arm again. After escaping Shunt, Prizephita Mach 2 flipped Wild Thing over again. Prizephita Mach 2 prevented Wild Thing from self-righting, then lifted it onto its side, where Wild Thing appeared to be stuck. While Wild Thing was spinning on one wheel while on its side, Prizephita Mach 2 hit the pit release tyre.

Wild Thing struggles to right itself

"Wild Thing, twice a series semi-finalist, but I don't think will be going through to the series semi-finals this time around!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing struggles to get back onto its wheels

Wild Thing finally self-righted, and clashed with Prizephita Mach 2 again. Wild Thing began to fight back, shoving Prizephita Mach 2 around the arena for a short time before almost pitting it.

Wild Thing fights back

"What a good battle this has been! A fitting heat final."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing fights back late on

In the closing seconds, Wild Thing rammed Prizephita Mach 2 into an angle grinder, and the late spurt of aggression was deemed enough by the judges to put the Adams family into the semi-finals for the third successive time.

"I'll tell you what, your self righter works, and it works, and it works, and it works! They flipped you over, you came back up, they flipped you over, you came back up, they flipped you onto your side, you almost went out, and yet you still got the decision!"
— Craig Charles post-battle

In the Semi-Finals, Wild Thing faced reigning champions Chaos 2, in what was considered to be one of the best fights ever seen on Robot Wars.

Chaos 2 flips Wild Thing

Wild Thing backs Chaos 2 onto the pit

Chaos 2 and Wild Thing spun in circles around each other, but the reigning champion had the first flip, hurling Wild Thing away, but Wild Thing's design meant it could very rarely be flipped straight over, so it landed on its wheels. Chaos 2 very quickly launched another attack, charging Wild Thing into the side wall and almost hurling it out. Although it was unsuccessful, the attack did knock the pit release button off the wall. Chaos 2 flipped Wild Thing again, but threw itself onto its back in the process. It self-righted onto Wild Thing's wedge, but managed to pull off the wedge and flip Wild Thing again, this time causing its opponent to land on its back. Wild Thing self-righted, and the two machines drove around each other, with the pit descending off its own accord, with the pit release having been torn off. Chaos 2 caught Wild Thing and flipped it three times in quick succession, again almost managing to hurl it out of the arena, but not quite. Wild Thing was caught by Dead Metal and attacked. Wild Thing escaped, and was flipped by Chaos 2 again.

"Semi-Finalists in Series 3, beaten by Panic Attack. Semi-Finalists in Series 4, beaten by Hypno-Disc. Semi-Finalists in Series 5, will they be beaten by Chaos 2?"
— Jonathan Pearce

However, as the pair drew near to the pit, Wild Thing very nearly pitted Chaos 2 - the rear wheels actually descended into the pit, but Chaos 2 pushed back.

"Wild Thing nearly had Chaos 2 in the pit! Look at that, right on the lip, and George Francis dug in! And the motors burn! And Chaos 2 pushed back! Just surviving, George Francis!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Chaos 2 wedges Wild Thing beneath the angle grinder

Wild Thing holds Chaos 2 over the edge of the pit

Chaos 2 pushed Wild Thing back into Dead Metal's CPZ, and Shunt joined in the attack on it. Dead Metal had pinned itself on top of Wild Thing, but Wild Thing escaped, only to be pushed into an angle grinder by Chaos 2, and flipped. However, upon recovering, Wild Thing used its lifting arm to get beneath Chaos 2, lifted it, and pushed it towards the pit. Chaos 2 was tipped over the edge, so far that the smoke bombs fired preemptively in anticipation. But Wild Thing couldn't get enough push and leverage to dump Chaos 2 completely, so Wild Thing had to back off and let Chaos 2 escape again.

"How did they stay out? How did they survive another onslaught?"
— An incredulous but ecstatic Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing pushed Chaos 2 into Dead Metal's CPZ, and Chaos 2 flipped Dead Metal out of its way. Time finally expired, and the match went to the judges, who ruled in favour of Chaos 2.

Craig Charles: "Wasn't that the best fight you've ever been in?"
Nick Adams: "From up here, it was fantastic, and I hope it looked great from the audience, but it was marvellous. It went the whole distance, and towards the end, I thought we were getting the upper hand."
Craig Charles: "Towards the end, I thought you were the stronger robot, I thought you were starting to push them around, you were almost getting them into the pit, the flipper had lost its power, he was on the ropes, it was about survival!"
— The post-battle interview. George Francis also agreed that it was the best fight he'd ever been in.

Wild Thing was now in the Loser's Melee that determined the fourth robot to enter the second round of the Semi-Final. It faced 13th seeds Spawn Again and S3, the successor to Sting.

"We're just going to go completely ... I don't know, ballistic, and wild, and out of control!"
— Nick Adams before the fight

Spawn Again lies immobile whilst Wild Thing activates the pit

The three robots darted around each other repeatedly, and S3 launched the first attack by slashing Wild Thing with its disc. Spawn Again then got under S3, but did not flip it over, and lost the flipper blade soon after. S3 attacked Wild Thing, using its disc to propel it onto its side against the wall. Spawn Again closed in, meaning that Wild Thing could not pull away from the side wall. However, all three robots relented and moved away from the side wall. Wild Thing pushed Spawn Again across the arena, and S3 cut into its rear, before striking its sides. The impact sent Spawn Again flying a few feet away, and immobilised it. S3 and Wild Thing's battle moved away from Spawn Again, who fired its flipper but was unable to move. Refbot counted out Spawn Again, as S3's disc hurled Wild Thing away again.

"We're down to two - Wild Thing and S3. Only one to survive."
— Jonathan Pearce as Spawn Again is counted out

Wild Thing pushes S3 but sustains damage

S3 struck Wild Thing, but Wild Thing pressed S3 against the side wall, stopping the disc, and then into Shunt's CPZ, where Shunt attacked both robots, and Wild Thing again caught itself on S3's disc and had damage inflicted. As Sgt. Bash pitted Spawn Again, Wild Thing slammed S3 into the side wall, and cease was called. Despite Wild Thing winning on two categories, the judges ruled in favour of S3 because of the damage it dealt.

"The judges have made their decision. One robot has a tick. The other one has a nasty cross. Now. They were looking at style, control, damage and aggression and on control and style, Wild Thing won, but they've said that the damage inflicted by S3 to Wild Thing was so great, they've gone for S3!"
— Craig Charles explains the decision

Wild Thing was eliminated at the Semi-Final stage for the third time.

"You've got these long lasting batteries in yours, it just goes on and on and on towards the end!"
— Consolation from Craig Charles in the post-Loser's Melee interview

Series 6[]

In Series 6, Wild Thing 2 was seeded 9th again. In Round 1, it faced three newcomers in The Stag, UFO and Vader.

Philippa Forrester: "The stress factors are quite high for our seeded roboteers, aren't they?"
Nick Adams: "Oh yes, very high, palpitations!"
Philippa Forrester: "I said to you earlier "Do you think you're in with a chance this year?" and you laughed!"
Nick Adams: "Well, we're always in with a chance, there's a lot of luck involved!"
— Pre-Round 1 interview.

Wild Thing is edged back by The Stag

Wild Thing's armour is pierced by The Stag

At the start, Wild Thing targeted The Stag whilst UFO went for Vader. The Stag initially tried to dodge Wild Thing, but then turned around, and when Wild Thing drove at The Stag's front, The Stag got hold of it. The Stag's claws pierced Wild Thing's bottom plating, allowing it to push Wild Thing around. After The Stag let Wild Thing go, the robots all stayed away from each other for a couple of seconds before The Stag grabbed Wild Thing again. As The Stag attacked UFO, Vader ripped the tyre from one of The Stag's wheels and then crumpled one of the claws, leaving it unable to move in a straight line. Wild Thing pushed The Stag into Sir Killalot's CPZ.

"Very dogged and tenacious, Wild Thing has proven over the years."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing fights Vader and UFO

Wild Thing buries its blade in Vader at the end of the battle

As Sir Killalot gripped it and pushed it away, Wild Thing drove at The Stag's front, pushing it into the CPZ, then drove away as UFO drove beside it. Meanwhile, Vader and Wild Thing exchanged hits, while UFO attempted to hit them with its spike. Wild Thing hit the rear end of Vader with its cutting disc while UFO hit the pit release button. UFO seemed to get its weapon stuck in the button, so Vader attacked it, also freeing UFO in the process. Refbot started to count The Stag out while Vader attacked UFO. The Stag spun in circles to try and prove mobility. Wild Thing was then pushed against an angle grinder by Vader before UFO and Vader pulled it away. Wild Thing seemed to be stuck to Vader, as its disc has gone through Vader's shell. All of a sudden, the disc of Vader stopped spinning. UFO knocked into Vader, before driving away. Refbot came in to separate the two robots. In the last few seconds, UFO pushed The Stag down the pit, despite there being no points to earn from attacking a defeated robot. The judges put Wild Thing and Vader through to Round 2.

"The Judges have made their decision, and this was not easy, very close, but the Judges have gone for Vader and Wild Thing!"
— Craig Charles

Next, Wild Thing faced the promising 259, the new robot from the very experienced Adam Clark.

"No, the horror!"
— Nick Adams' sarcastic response to hearing he was due to fight 259

Wild Thing is relentlessly attacked by 259

Wild Thing withstands a blow which removes 259's weapon belt

Wild Thing began by dodging 259, until it was thrown into a CPZ by the large flywheel. 259 proceeded to toss Wild Thing over and over across the arena, almost throwing it out of the arena and barging it into the arena wall. This caved in Wild Thing's front armour, and also caused Wild Thing's weapon to stop working.

"259 bumping and bruising into Wild Thing, tossing it over and over and over! Look at this! This is determined destruct-ability from 259! Dog with a bone there! Wild Thing, can there be any life left after that sort of formidable onslaught!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing bites under 259's side flanges

Wild Thing rides up the immobile 259

Wild Thing then attacked the side of 259, but it escaped. This led to a turning point in the battle, where Wild Thing was thrown over by 259 again, but this dislodged 259's weapon belt. Wild Thing then removed 259's belt entirely, permanently stopping the flywheel. 259 activated the pit, but Adam Clark's machine couldn't put Wild Thing down it. 259 then shoved Wild Thing around the arena, Wild Thing then shoved the vertical spinner robot onto the flame pit. After pushing it around some more, 259 stopped completely. Wild Thing made a few more attacks before cease was called, where it was put through by the judges.

"It's like what you proved in Robot Wars Extreme, you've got such a good motor in that robot, it just keeps going on and on and on!"
— Craig Charles to the Wild Thing team after the fight!

In the Heat Final, The Adams family faced Vader again.

"I just hope we don't have the same thing we had in the first fight, where we ended up hooked together for most of the fight, we were just dragging each other around."
— Team Vader before the fight

Vader attacks Wild Thing 2

Wild Thing's blade stuck in Vader's armour

Wild Thing charged at Vader, but the newcomers got in the first hit, before making several more. The last hit saw the flywheel get caught on Wild Thing, so Vader pulled it across the arena. Refbot freed the robots, who attacked each other again. Vader then appeared to have stopped, but it started moving quickly and Wild Thing got its disc stuck in Vader's armour. The seeded robot was now able to shove Vader around. The two robots drove into Shunt's CPZ, attacked the newcomers, stopping the flywheel with a blow from the axe and also nearly toppling it. After driving around the arena, Vader was almost flipped by Shunt. Vader activated the pit with 10 seconds to go, but neither robot pitted the other and cease was called.

"We wanted destructability, boo-hoo they stuck like glue!"
— Jonathan Pearce

The judges put the Adams Family's machine into the Series Semi-Finals for the fourth time.

In the Semi-Finals, Wild Thing faced a tough draw against defending champions Razer, its third battle against a defending champion at this stage of the competition.

"It's not going to be too easy for them, because the front of our robot is actually the strongest part, and those are the two parts that normally meet, that's also where our cutting disc is. So, unless they get around the back of us, which I don't think they will, it's going to be very interesting!"
— Confidence from Nick Adams before the battle

Razer pierces Wild Thing's side

Wild Thing started by running away, but soon went in on the attack and was grabbed by Razer, which used its weapon to peel off some of Wild Thing's side armour. Razer continued to grab hold of Wild Thing but found it very difficult to cause any further damage to the outer shell. Wild Thing kept trying to attack but the disc failed to do any damage when it made contact with Razer's side, grinding away. Wild Thing drove up onto Razer's wedge, where Razer grabbed it again, but Wild Thing did not sustain any significant damage from its crushing beak because of the position of the crusher.

"This is grip and grapple stuff out there."
— Jonathan Pearce

Razer lifts Wild Thing above the pit

Wild Thing is dropped in the pit

After a long period of stalemate, Razer finally managed to grab hold of the tyre of Wild Thing and punctured it. Wild Thing was able to escape but its punctured tyre made it hard to manoeuvre and Razer grabbed hold of it again. Razer then managed to lift Wild Thing into the air, backed into the pit release button and dropped it into the pit of oblivion.

"What a way to kick off the series Semi-Finals! Wild Thing - dismantled by the UK champion, the world champion, Razer! They go through!"
— Craig Charles

The damage caused to Wild Thing by Razer was almost enough to prevent it competing in the Losers' Melee. Many teams, including Tornado, Panic Attack, Chaos 2 and even Team Dantomkia, who were due to fight them, helped repair Wild Thing and lent them parts.

— Alan Gribble [as a Technical Consultant] describing Wild Thing's state

Wild Thing is flipped by Dantomkia in the early stages of the bout

Wild Thing is stuck on the arena wall in the CPZ after being flipped by Dantomkia

After lots of repairs, Wild Thing was able to compete in the Losers' Melee, where it was placed up against Dantomkia and 13 Black. Dantomkia immediately went on the attack and threw Wild Thing into an empty CPZ, but it escaped before Dead Metal arrived. Dantomkia then pursued 13 Black, but drove into Sir Killalot's CPZ. 13 Black hit Wild Thing a couple of times with its discs, knocking it away. Dantomkia finally caught 13 Black and nearly threw it out of the arena, landing upside-down in the CPZ. Dantomkia then flipped Wild Thing up against the arena wall.

"The blade is turning, but there's no-one at home, Wild Thing!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot corners Wild Thing in the CPZ

Wild Thing sinks into the descending pit

Sir Killalot came in to free it as Dead Metal came in to attack 13 Black. Dantomkia then activated the pit release button and Wild Thing drove straight into the pit as descended.

"Dantomkia, trying to... Oh! Wild Thing has driven straight into the pit! Dantomkia just pressed the release button. Wild Thing unawares, drove themselves onto it. Nick and Isabelle Adams, have gone out at the Semi-Final stage of Robot Wars, for the fourth time!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Wild Thing was eliminated, leaving Dantomkia and 13 Black to fight a battle ultimately won by Dantomkia.

Philippa Forrester: "So much work, so little time on the arena floor!"
Nick Adams: "I don't know, we got there, but the siren for the pit went off after we were actually in the pit. We actually got into the pit, then the siren went off!"
Philippa Forrester: "Oh dear!"
Nick Adams: "Well, that's my excuse, I'm sticking to it!"
— Post-battle interview.

Wild Thing was eligible to enter the All-Stars tournament of Extreme 2, having reached the semi-finals of The Sixth Wars. However, Wild Thing did not compete for unknown reasons, making it the only Series 6 semi-finalist to be absent from the tournament, with Chaos 2 ultimately taking its place. Therefore, its loss in the Losers' Melee proved to be its last appearance in Robot Wars.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat N, Round 1 vs. Prizephita Won
Heat N, Round 2 vs. All Torque Won
Heat N, Final vs. Cerberus Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Panic Attack Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
11th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat M, Eliminator vs. Humphrey, The Steel Avenger Qualified
Heat M, Semi-Final vs. Reactor Won
Heat M, Final vs. The Steel Avenger Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. X-Terminator 2 (22) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Hypno-Disc (2) Lost
Celebrity Special
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Diotoir Lost
Extreme Series 1
Round 2
Round 1 vs. Dominator 2 Won
Round 2 vs. Firestorm 3 Lost
Mayhem vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Fluffy Lost
Challenge Belt
Challenge vs. Tornado Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
9th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat E, Eliminator vs. Trouble 'n' Strife Won
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Napalm 2 Won
Heat E, Final vs. Prizephita Mach 2 Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Chaos 2 (1) Lost
Semi-Final 1, Losers Melee vs. S3, Spawn Again (13) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
9th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. The Stag, UFO, Vader Qualified
Heat E, Round 2 vs. 259 Won
Heat E, Final vs. Vader Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Razer (1) Lost
Semi-Final 1, Losers Melee vs. 13 Black, Dantomkia Lost


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 10

Series Record[]

Main Series Wild Thing Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Demon (Nick Adams)
The Third Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Sixth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Did not enter


Appearances in Merchandise[]

The Wild Thing Minibot

Outside Robot Wars[]

Wild Thing battling Razer at the Robots@War event in 2000

Wild Thing made very few appearances outside of Robot Wars. The Series 4 version of the machine made a rare appearance at the Robots@War event in July 2000 before the filming of The Fourth Wars, where it fought Razer for the first time in a losing effort.[1]

Nick Adams remained active in the RC community, being one of the most well-known members after having operated an RC parts company called Demon RC Power Products since 1976, the products of which were Nick's own builds and creations.[2] Nick also ran a YouTube channel showcasing his various RC parts.[3] According to a Facebook comment from 2013, Nick still owned Wild Thing, though it was in pieces apart from the chassis which was still intact.[4]

"He has it in bits apart from the chassis frame. Seriously hard core construction. Treaded (wet) kart tryes. And it used large NIMH cells, rather than lead acid battery which is what most other competitors used."
— Comment on the Demon RC Power Products Facebook page from 2013 in regards to Wild Thing

In 2018, Isabelle Adams reiterated this statement, as she revealed that the chassis of Wild Thing was indeed in Nick's shed.[5]

"My Dad still has the old chassis in our shed, I'll have to go round and dust them off!"
— Isabelle Adams in 2018

Sadly, in 2020, Nick revealed on the Demon RC Power Products website that he had been diagnosed with blood cancer and due to this, the company would no longer be operating.[6] On 8th December 2020, Nick sadly passed away.[7]

"I would like to thank all those who have supported my business over the many years from 1976, it has been an uninterrupted ride and it's amazing to see that racers who raced as young boys now have their own children also joining the sport which has been joyful to see. I hope to have always given a great service and helped with technical advice the best I can. Unfortunately I have aggressive stage 3 blood cancer which is incurable. Due to this unfortunately Demon Products will no longer be running. Thank you, and race on. Nick"
— Nick's message on his website

According to Ian Diboll, a friend of Nick, Isabelle Adams (nowadays Isabelle Richards) took possession of Wild Thing following Nick's passing, to which she still has it to this day.[8]


  • Wild Thing is one of only eight robots to fight in more than one UK Championship and never fail to reach the Semi-Finals.
  • Out of Wild Thing's four main competition losses, three of them were against the reigning champion (Panic Attack in Series 3, Chaos 2 in Series 5 and Razer in Series 6, coincidentally the wars in which each of these robots lost their respective titles). Interestingly, all three of these occurred in the first round of the Semi-Finals. The one time that Wild Thing made it to Round 2, it lost to previous runner-up Hypno-Disc instead.
  • All the versions of Wild Thing, including Thing 2, had the electronics mounted on rubber or flexible plates to absorb shocks from impacts.
  • During the construction of Wild Thing and Wild Thing 2, Nick Adams did a scale drawing of the robot with cut out templates of all the parts first, then built a full size mock up from wood.
  • Wild Thing was one of four robots the Robot Wars announcer Stuart McDonald failed to mention its seed, having failed to mention its seeding when introducing it in Series 4.
  • According to an interview in the Robot Wars Club newsletter, Nick Adams considered arming Wild Thing 2 with a horizontal disc, but decided to make it vertical because he felt "that there were already enough" horizontal discs on the show.
  • According to Robot Wars: The Official Magazine, Wild Thing would have been seeded tenth for the Seventh Wars, had it and the other Series 6 Semi-Finalists competed.
  • In Extreme 2, Wild Thing 2 was intended to appear in the All-Stars Tournament for reaching the Semi-Finals in Series 6, however for unknown reasons it did not compete so Chaos 2 took its place. Wild Thing was retired after this.
  • Spawn Again and Wild Thing are the only robots to fight in Losers' Melees in both Series 5 and 6 and lose on both occasions. Coincidentally, they both lost the same Losers' Melee in Series 5.
  • Wild Thing was the only semi-finalist to perform better in Series 4 than Series 3. Chaos 2, Panic Attack and Spawn of Scutter all maintained the same level of success, whilst every other robot performed worse.
  • Despite appearing in four side competitions, Wild Thing only won a single battle outside the main competition, its All-Stars victory over Dominator 2.
  • Throughout its period in Extreme 1 and Series 5, Wild Thing's victory over Napalm 2 was the only one via a knock-out.