The Wild Thing Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. It is based on the Extreme 1 version of the robot, evident by the decals, flywheel and lifting arm weaponry.

This toy is made distinguishable from the Series 5 machine by the silver inner to the flywheel, which was not present in later Extreme 1 episodes or at all in Series 5.

Features Edit


Front view of the Wild Thing minibot

This minibot bares a strong resemblance to this incarnation of Wild Thing, with the angled flywheel not only aesthetically accurate but can also be spun. The weapon (unlike the die-cast metal body) is made of a lighter plastic for safety reasons.


Side view of the Wild Thing minibot

The "Wild Thing" decal down the length of the lifting arm is also exact to that of the real machine, though the arm itself is static as it holds the mechanism for the spinning weapon in position. Not only this, but the flame decals on the front and sides of the robot are accurately replicated on this toy.

This also features two large wheels on each side with red and silver wheel covers, however these are static as the toy is powered by a small pullback mechanism on its underside.

Releases Edit


Wild Thing in its packaging

This minibot was released exclusively in a three-pack with Dominator 2 and Plunderbird. As with many second generation minibots, Wild Thing was only available as a toy through the minibots line and was not made into a pullback.

In the modern day, Wild Thing is one of the rarest minibots, as it was never released in any capacity outside of its original three-pack, unlike the majority of the other minibot toys.

Differences to the real robot Edit


Rear view of the minibot

Wild Thing Scarred

The real Wild Thing in Series 5. Note the "eyes" on the wedge

This minibot is largely very accurate to the real machine, with only very minor differences present. The spike on the rear of the minibot is attached directly to the back panel of the toy, whereas on the competitor robot, the spike was attached to the back end of the lifting arm. The arm on the real robot has an arrow-shaped tip on the real machine, though this is rounded on the toy. The minibot also fails to incorporate the red "eyes" that are present on the wedged front of Wild Thing in Extreme 1 and Series 5. Whereas the front wedge is mostly flush to the ground on the real machine, this is not the case on this minibot.


  • Wild Thing is one of only three minibots to never be released in any packs other than its original three-pack, alongside Mega Morg and Plunderbird.
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