The Wild Thing Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. It is based on the Extreme 1/Series 5 version with a flywheel and a lifting arm. It has Wild Thing's trademark flame decals.

The flywheel is the moving weapon as it can spin, but the lifting arm is static, joined to the middle of the flywheel giving the impression that the arm is the top of the mechanism that keeps the disc in place. The Wild Thing minibot does include the wheels with the red and silver wheel covers, however these are static, and only for show. The moving flywheel is made of plastic, presumably this is for health and safety reasons, as the teeth are quite sharp already.

As with several other second wave Minibots, Wild Thing was not made into a pullback. Similar to Dominator 2, it is interesting Wild Thing was only made into a Minibot, given its status as a regular semi finalist.

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