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"Apparently this is the X-Factor that everyone's been looking for!"
— Philippa Forrester during X-Terminator's appearance in Series 6

X-Terminator was the name of a series of robots that competed in the British TV show Robot Wars. A long-standing veteran, X-Terminator fought in five UK championships and both series of Robot Wars Extreme.

Most forms of X-Terminator were armed with a spiked axe, but some versions experimented with lifting arms. The last version of the robot was redesigned to feature a powerful vertical flywheel.

X-Terminator was a strong performer across the show's history, with success in almost all of its appearances. X-Terminator collected sixteen combat victories in its time and reached the Heat Finals of Series 3 and 6, the Semi-Finals of Series 4 and the Grand Final of Series 7, where the flywheel version placed fourth in its peak performance. It also came joint second in the Sumo Basho competition in Series 4 by surviving Shunt for sixty seconds.

Some of X-Terminator's most famous battles include a close encounter with then reigning champion Panic Attack in Series 3, its defeat of Killer Carrot 2 in Series 7 by hurling it out of the arena with its vertical flywheel (the first in the UK), and doing the same to Tsunami in its next battle in a comeback victory.

Marlon Pritchard's mother, father and brother entered ICU, which was made from the rolling frame of the Series 3 X-Terminator.

Versions of X-Terminator[]

X-Terminator (Series 3)[]

The original X-Terminator

X-Terminator's weapons were originally a spiked axe to impale and a front lifting scoop to get underneath, trap and push opponents around. It also had a pneumatic spike on each side to assist in self-righting, was armoured in 25mm thick aluminium sheet and was powered by hatchback car starter motors to drive it up to 20 mph. The original X-Terminator was painted red, blue, white, purple and black, with artwork depicting the eponymous humanoids from the Terminator film franchise added to the sides. It was four-wheel driven, as with later versions, but lacked a baseplate, leaving its drive chains completely exposed; this aspect often left Jonathan Pearce to believe that X-Terminator ran on tracks.

X-Terminator 2[]

"Will they "Exterminate! Exterminate!" with the axe and scoop bucket? Two seven hundred and fifty watt twenty-four vault industrial motors give the power. The shell is aluminium and it's very, very quick."
— Jonathan Pearce introducing X-Terminator 2 in its Series 4 heat

X-Terminator 2 armed with its axe

X-Terminator 2 armed with its original lifting arm

X-Terminator 2 armed with its improved flipper and roll bar in the Semi-Finals

The team returned in Series 4 with X-Terminator 2, where its colour scheme switched to silver, with blue line decals. The robot was faster at 25 mph and used scrapyard materials. The self righting spikes were intentionally misaligned. The robot was larger, but still lacked a baseplate. X-Terminator 2 had interchangeable weaponry, swapping between a new bladed axe, a lifting arm and a spiked axe. The bladed axe was little more than a wire and shrapnel combination in Series 4, a weapon even the team members held contempt for.

"The axe? I don't even want to talk about it!"
— Summary of Series 4 on the X-Terminator website[1]

The lifting arm was decidedly more effective, and its wedge blade was enlarged for the semi finals. The robot also had modified side skirts and an optional top-mounted rollbar, as well as an enlarged front scoop with a bucket-like profile. The spiked axe was in seen in the Sumo Basho and first round battle in the Tag Team Terror.

X-Terminator (Extreme 1)[]

X-Terminator in the arena in Extreme 1

The first model fitted with a spike for the fight with Panic Attack

As with Napalm and Pussycat, the team used two versions of X-Terminator across Series 5 and Extreme 1. The first was similar to the Series 4 version, but much larger, with a bigger axe, and a new baseplate. However, it lacked the front scoop bucket. This version was used in the All-Stars competition and the Vengeance battle with Panic Attack, where in the latter, it competed with a long static spike on the front. This proved to be an Achilles heel, as it prevented X-Terminator from being able to self-right. This was the only version of X-Terminator not to win any of its battles.

X-Terminator (Series 5-6, Extreme 1-2)[]

Official photo of X-Terminator in Series 5 and Extreme 1, with a slanted top

Although X-Terminator had reverted to its original name, a logo reading 'XT2' remained on the side of the machine until Series 6, when the robot was given a new silver and black colour scheme and was upgraded to four-wheel drive with scuff-steering. The Extreme 1 model had a lower centre of gravity and a stronger base, still with top speeds of 25 mph, which made it uncontrollable at times. The axe was upgraded to a more powerful pneumatic, "dilithium-coated axe-tip" weapon, and X-Terminator's front scoop returned after being left out of the Extreme 1 design. Together, its axe and base weighed 37kg.

Official profile for Series 6 and Extreme 2

For Series 5 and 6, the axe was enlarged, and the self-righting spikes were replaced with small arms, similar to that of Behemoth. Its speed was toned down to 18 mph for greater control, driven by a 24V motor, but had 1 cm ground clearance, and it ran low on battery power in Series 5. The Series 6 version used a darker colour-scheme of silver and black, and had a flat rear end rather than the pointed end the Series 5 version had.

X-Terminator (Series 7)[]

X-Terminator in the arena in Series 7

Side view of the Series 7 X-Terminator during the heats

X-Terminator from the semi-finals onward. Note the pole added to the top of the robot

For Series 7, the original X-Terminator was sold on eBay and a newer, more pyramid-shaped blue and silver model was built, with two horn-shaped pneumatic spikes on the sides for self-righting and again featuring four-wheel drive with four-wheel steering. The smaller wheels used by previous incarnations were discarded in favour of go-kart wheels with treaded tyres, while the axe was replaced with an extremely destructive two-toothed vertical flywheel.

X-Terminator with its shell removed in the pits for Series 7

The flywheel weighed 15kg[2] (14kg according to an interview from a Robot Wars Club newsletter) and spun at 1,500rpm.[3] The motor powering the disc was a large pancake hybrid special that ran at 2,000w with a rotational speed of 100mph[4], making the disc powerful enough to cause substantial damage to opponents as well as throwing them out of the arena. X-Terminator's scoop was also redesigned to become a static weapon, now split into two halves, giving the robot a very low ground clearance from the front. However, this model could not self-right from its top end, and was slow at 9mph. Regardless, it was by far the most successful X-Terminator machine.

X-Terminator's drive and weapon motors

In many respects, X-Terminator was ahead of its time by piloting the nowadays-popular wedge and vertical spinner combination, and the machine also used particularly advanced internals for 2003 standards, being the only known British machine to use Lynch electric motors (LEMs) on both its weapon and drive system until King of Bots competitor Spectre used this setup in its championship run.

Following its battle with Tsunami, a large vertical pole was added to the top of X-Terminator to help tip the robot onto its sides from which it can self-right, instead of riding along the arena floor on its spinning disc as seen in said Heat Final.


The robot's name is a play on the word, 'exterminator', with the artwork depicted on the Series 3 version suggesting potential inspiration from the Terminator film franchise. The latter connection is further reinforced in an interview shown during the Swedish broadcast of Series 4, Heat N, which revealed that X-Terminator was originally planned to be called Terminator. However, the team discovered that this name had already been taken by another competitor, so added an 'X' prefix in reference to it having become an 'ex-Terminator'.[5] While it has been suggested its name or design was based on the Daleks in Doctor Who (even being referenced by Jonathan Pearce before its Series 4 melee and by the Robot Wars Club newsletter feature being entitled 'This Dalek Breed'), this seems to be a misconception.

The Team[]

The captain of Team X-Terminator (formerly Team Prepare to be Terminated!) was Marlon Pritchard, an Instrument Engineer from Herefordshire and had been the driver of the X-Terminator robots during its entire run on the show. From the show’s run, Marlon's other two frequent team members had been Paul Lewis and Simon Baldwin. In Series 3, only Marlon and Paul were present despite Simon Baldwin's name being on the statistics board while in Series 4, all three team members were present. For the first series of Extreme, Marlon, Simon and Paul were all present for their Vengeance battle against Panic Attack. However, for the rest of the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, only Marlon and Simon were present (although Marlon was on his own during the second round of the annihilator), as was the case for Series 5, despite Paul Lewis being credited on the statistics board in both series. For Series 6, Extreme 2 and Series 7, the team only consisted of Marlon and Simon.

Official team photo for Series 6

During the filming of Extreme 1 and Series 5 for the team's Mayhem battle and their second round battle of the heat in Series 5, Michael Davies from Team Panic Attack was borrowed for those battles due to Paul Lewis and Simon Baldwin having to go to work when Marlon was needing someone to operate the axe.

Team X-Terminator in Series 7

Team X-Terminator wore black shirts throughout the whole of their run in the show except for Series 3 where they wore green shirts and Extreme 2 where they wore red shirts. When the team was reduced to just Marlon Pritchard and Simon Baldwin, both of them wore sunglasses from Series 6 onwards. The team claimed, perhaps jokingly, that they wore the sunglasses in Series 7 to protect their eyes from harsh TV lighting.

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

"Watch for the pneumatic lift[er] at the front and the ramming spike. The aluminum sheet's twenty-five millimetres thick. Two hatchback car start motors provide the power. For speeds up to twenty miles an hour, the fastest in the field."
— Jonathan Pearce introducing X-Terminator in Series 3, its very first appearance

X-Terminator made its first Robot Wars appearance in Heat K, and faced fellow newcomer Hefty in the first round.

X-Terminator brings its axe down onto Hefty

X-Terminator started the battle by twisting on the spot, while Hefty made its way to the centre of the arena. X-Terminator then drove at Hefty, but missed with its axe twice, as Hefty's spike was fired. X-Terminator backed away and lined up another attack, with the subsequent drive allowing X-Terminator to hit the shell of Hefty with its weapon.

"And look, there, also the deadly, pneumatic spike on the top of X-Terminator. The front scoop, as well, looks solidly designed and dangerous."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator topples Hefty

X-Terminator, with its axe still impaled in Hefty, then drove its opponent towards the arena wall. With Hefty now placed high onto the front of X-Terminator, X-Terminator released its axe, and followed this up with a drive which sent Hefty tumbling onto its back. Hefty activated its spike, but this only succeeded in pushing it away from the arena wall. With Hefty unable to right itself, Sir Killalot came in, picked Hefty up and put it down into the pit of oblivion, sending X-Terminator through to the second round.

In Round 2, X-Terminator came up against another fellow newcomer Judge Shred, which made its way past Mr Punch in Round 1 via a judges' decision.

X-Terminator axes Judge Shred immediately

Judge Shred holds X-Terminator back with the lifting pincer arms

X-Terminator fired out from the starting blocks towards Judge Shred, but missed its target and clattered into the arena wall. X-Terminator quickly recovered though, as it turned sharply and attack the behind of Judge Shred with its axe. Judge Shred then pinched the front scoop of X-Terminator, before X-Terminator took one side of Judge Shred off the floor with a side-on drive, which allowed X-Terminator to drive Judge Shred towards the pit of oblivion.

"...but it's, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE! Judge Shred pushed towards the pit! Judge Shred! P-S-I, C-O-2, K.O., T-T-F-N, ta ta for now! Judge Shred, over and out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator drives Judge Shred towards the pit

X-Terminator's axe gets stuck in Judge Shred

X-Terminator drops Judge Shred into the pit

Initially, X-Terminator struggled to loosen itself from Judge Shred, but after some readjusting, Judge Shred slipped into the pit. It tried to gain some traction by pushing itself up with its pincers, but the inevitable became reality after the House Robots dealt further punishment to Judge Shred. Cease was called, and X-Terminator was through to the Heat Final.

In the Heat Final, X-Terminator was up against the reigning champion, Panic Attack.

X-Terminator brings its axe down on the reigning champion

X-Terminator drags Panic Attack around

Like in its battle against Judge Shred, X-Terminator immediately charged across the arena floor and into the side wall. After both machines jostled for position and X-Terminator failed to land a hit with its axe, X-Terminator then drove at the spinning Panic Attack and snapped down with its weapon twice in quick succession. Panic Attack continued to battle on the defensive, and another side-on attack saw X-Terminator's axe hit the top of Panic Attack. This time, X-Terminator kept its axe in place and dragged Panic Attack around the arena, before slamming it into the arena wall after some Panic Attack resistance.

"And it's X-Terminator's spike which has been a key feature of this heat."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator controls the opening stages of the Heat Final

Panic Attack gets purchase on X-Terminator

X-Terminator is toppled by Panic Attack

Panic Attack moved away, but found itself in X-Terminator's grasp once again, which pushed Panic Attack into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. X-Terminator axed the front of Panic Attack after it escaped the House Robot, before Panic Attack slammed X-Terminator back against the arena wall - a drive which rendered X-Terminator's axe and self-righting spikes useless as it managed to release the CO2 supply from X-Terminator's gas canister. Panic Attack continued to fight back as its lifting forks slipped under the front of X-Terminator, which allowed Kim Davies' machine to lift X-Terminator over before rumbling it back onto its wheels. Panic Attack then came in with another charge which turned X-Terminator over, against the arena wall.

Shunt breaks X-Terminator's drive chain

With X-Terminator unable to right itself, the House Robots closed it and caused further damage as Shunt snapped X-Terminator's left drive chain, before the battle was finally ended, with X-Terminator exiting the competition. X-Terminator's plucky performance against the defending champion made the fight one of three selections for 'Battle of the Series', although this was won by Chaos 2 vs The Big Cheese.

"The fight was going in XT's favour until the gas canister became loose...XT was a sitting duck for Panic Attack's forks"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[6]

Series 4[]

"...all the 2s: X-Terminator 2, seeded 22."
— Jonathan Pearce

In its first battle of Heat N, the number twenty-two seed X-Terminator 2 was up against walkerbot Millennium Bug who was new to the Fourth Wars, while its other opponent was Judge Shred 2, which it was fighting for the second series in a row.

X-Terminator 2 axes Judge Shred 2

X-Terminator 2 pushes Judge Shred 2 into the arena wall

X-Terminator 2 made the first move in a tentative opening few seconds, as it axed the top of Judge Shred 2, but caused little damage in doing so. Judge Shred 2 then used its rear axe on X-Terminator 2, but the seed shrugged off the attack by driving Judge Shred 2 into the arena wall, before engaging with the cumbersome Millennium Bug by driving into it twice. X-Terminator 2 then raced off into the distance as Judge Shred 2 threw one of Millennium Bug's leg guards off, before X-Terminator 2 joined in and hacked off two leg guards itself. X-Terminator 2 and Judge Shred 2 traded axe blows again before X-Terminator 2 drove it back against the arena wall once more. X-Terminator 2 moved away and decided to attack Millennium Bug again, and another use of the axe knocked another leg guard off of the bug.

"X-Terminator means business now, again, on Millennium Bug. The arena is now littered with shards of metal from the bug."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator 2 continues to peel Millennium Bug's leg guards away

X-Terminator 2 chops off one of Millennium Bug's leg supports

X-Terminator 2 buckles the bludgeoner of Millennium Bug as it attacks from behind

X-Terminator 2 then came in with a series of drives into Millennium Bug, before Judge Shred 2 used its 3-bar lifter on Millennium Bug, leaving it balanced on its rear-end with its legs flailing away at thin air. X-Terminator 2 and Judge Shred 2 continued their personal duel while the House Robots finished off Millennium Bug, before the battle came to an end, safely confirming X-Terminator 2's place in the next round along with Judge Shred 2.

In the second round, X-Terminator 2 was drawn up against Arnold, Arnold Terminegger, which progressed from the first round along with Behemoth after the pair edged out Rambot in a judges' decision.

"The second fight...XT was all over them, pushing them around throughout the fight. XT also proved how useless the axe was this year"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website

X-Terminator 2 drives Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the arena wall

X-Terminator 2 is turned over by Arnold, Arnold Terminegger

X-Terminator 2 came in with an early ram on Arnold, Arnold Terminegger before using its axe on its opponent multiple times but to little effect. X-Terminator 2 then moved its front scoop underneath Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and accelerated it into the arena wall and into the grasp of Dead Metal. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger moved away from the House Robot with little worry, but X-Terminator 2 continued its aggressive driving and crashed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the arena wall once more. After hitting Arnold, Arnold Terminegger with more ineffective axe blows, X-Terminator 2 was then caught out as Arnold, Arnold Terminegger placed its front lifter underneath the side of the twenty-second seed, before toppling it onto its side. X-Terminator 2 quickly self-righted with its side spikes though, and went on the attack again, with a powerful drive sending Arnold, Arnold Terminegger fizzing away, off the arena wall.

"The axe weapon doesn't look greatly powerful. Maybe the scoop weapon is more effective."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator 2 continues to drive Arnold, Arnold Terminegger around the arena

X-Terminator 2 feeds Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the jaws of Sir Killalot

The axe of X-Terminator 2 gets stuck on Arnold, Arnold Terminegger's lifter in the last few seconds of the fight

As it came on another drive, X-Terminator 2 overshot into Sir Killalot's CPZ, although this was only a minor slip up, as X-Terminator 2 continued to control proceedings in the closing stages of the battle, shoving Arnold, Arnold Terminegger around the arena and coming in with one finally flurry of axe attacks before the battle went to a judges' decision. The judges went in favour of X-Terminator 2, sealing its place in a second Heat Final in a row.

Before the Heat Final battle against sixth seed Behemoth, X-Terminator 2 was fitted with side skirts. The team also decided to replace the axe with their second weapon, a flipping arm - though this change caused the team late problems before the fight started.

"Well to take on Behemoth, we've changed over to our flipper device and we found we have an air leak in having to reverse the cylinder, and so we've had to change the configuration back a bit at the last minute, desperately, to fix the air leak, but the flipper is going and we're ready to take them on."
— Marlon Pritchard to Julia Reed before the Heat Final

X-Terminator 2 is flipped over by Behemoth

X-Terminator 2 uses its srimech

Behemoth made the first decisive move, as it turned X-Terminator 2 onto its back. This caused X-Terminator 2 to use its flipping arm and self-righting spikes in conjunction to self-right. X-Terminator 2 then remained curiously motionless for a short period, before it was able to move away again. X-Terminator 2 was only able to reverse onto the bucket of Behemoth though, which continued its strong start by hoisting the rear-end of X-Terminator 2 into the air and dropping it onto its side, before coming in with another lift, which forced X-Terminator 2 to use its flipping arm and self-righting spikes combination to right itself once more.

Behemoth lifts X-Terminator 2 from behind

X-Terminator 2 tilts and drives Behemoth towards Shunt

X-Terminator 2 then went on the attack, and although it only managed to flick Behemoth's side up slightly with the first offensive use of its flipper, it then used its newly added weapon to hold Behemoth up and to drive it in towards Shunt. X-Terminator 2 continued to nag away with its arm, failing to get sufficient purchase on Behemoth, before it lifted Behemoth's front up and then propped itself underneath the front of Behemoth, leaving the number 6 seeds suspended on top of X-Terminator 2.

"Behemoth started the stronger; X-Terminator has come back very well and I would guess is now on top. In this heat final."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator 2 lifts Behemoth on top of it

X-Terminator 2 lifts Behemoth once again

X-Terminator 2 tried to use its right side spike to inflict damage to the underside of Behemoth, but it was unable to reach, so X-Terminator 2 dropped Behemoth back down onto the arena floor. Behemoth tried to retreat, but in doing so found itself near Dead Metal's pincers, before X-Terminator 2 lifted the back end of Behemoth into the air. With time ticking down, Behemoth could only trundle around the arena, and its lacklustre driving saw it drive over the flame pit and allowed X-Terminator 2 to use its lifting arm on two more occasions before cease was called.

X-Terminator 2 hoists Behemoth up to take a narrow victory

The judges were called upon for a second time in a row in a battle involving X-Terminator 2, and like its second round battle, the judges decided that X-Terminator 2 had done enough to warrant a victory, sending it through to the series Semi-Finals as the winner of Heat N.

"The judges have made their decision. Remember lads, it's based on style, control, damage and aggression. Behemoth, the sixth seeds are out! It's X-Terminator!"
— Craig Charles announcing the winner of the battle

In the first round of the Semi-Finals, X-Terminator 2 met the Adams family and the number 11 seed Wild Thing. Team X-Terminator also made further modifications as a result of the fight against Behemoth and in order to help combat Wild Thing.

Marlon Pritchard: "The first (adjustment) being our flipper device - we've increased the foot size to catch hold of them better."
Simon Baldwin: "Secondly would be the side skirts, we've had to modify due to a bit of damage."
Paul Lewis: "And thirdly, we've added the hoop on the top to help us in our self-right, and we're ready for Wild Thing!"
— Team X-Terminator explain the changes to the robot before their first Semi-Final fight

X-Terminator 2 pushes Wild Thing

Wild Thing rams X-Terminator 2

After an initial few seconds of jostling, X-Terminator 2 got underneath Wild Thing, drove it across the arena floor and crashed it into Sir Killalot. Wild Thing moved away, knocking Sir Killalot's breast plate off in the process, before driving at X-Terminator 2 side-on and shunting it against the arena wall. X-Terminator 2 sat idle next to an arena wall spike, which allowed Wild Thing to ram X-Terminator 2 again, before the twenty-second seed sprang back into life.

X-Terminator 2 lifts Wild Thing

X-Terminator 2 lifted the front of Wild Thing up, before it found itself skidding on some hydraulic fluid on the arena floor, which allowed Wild Thing to drive X-Terminator 2 back. X-Terminator 2 then moved into space, but Wild Thing continued to pursue, and pushed X-Terminator 2 around once again, forcing it into Shunt's CPZ.

Dead Metal slices through X-Terminator 2

"Worrying times here for X-Terminator 2 - they need to get up and away."
— Jonathan Pearce as Wild Thing forces X-Terminator 2 onto the back foot

X-Terminator 2 got away from the House Robot, but not before its rollbar became warped. Wild Thing continued to outmanoeuvre X-Terminator 2, and fed it to Dead Metal after pushing it into the side wall, where the House Robot easily sliced into the front of X-Terminator 2's shell. X-Terminator 2 hobbled away from the CPZ, but quickly found itself back into Dead Metal's lair as Wild Thing drove underneath X-Terminator 2 and rolled it over onto its side, into the CPZ. X-Terminator 2 attempted to self-right, but buckled the spike on its left-hand side in doing so.

Sir Killalot picks up a burning X-Terminator 2

X-Terminator 2 is pitted by Sir Killalot

X-Terminator 2 continued to desperately flail away with its flipper, but with the House Robots inflicting further damage to X-Terminator 2 and the pit descending, X-Terminator 2's fate was sealed. Finally, Sir Killalot picked up the beaten machine, piercing the side of its shell in the process, before dropping X-Terminator 2 into the pit of oblivion, eliminating it from the competition.

"XT was at a serious disadvantage due to Sir Killalot breaking a hydraulic pipe...XT was sliding everywhere with its small, thin wheels, whilst Wild Thing with large wheels seemed to cope a lot better"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website

As well as competing in the UK Championship, X-Terminator 2 also competed in two more competitions in the Fourth Wars, with one being the Sumo Basho side event.

X-Terminator 2 and Shunt lock horns

It was the first robot to hold off Shunt in the trial, wedging its scoop below Shunt and maintaining a stationary position for the full minute. This was not enough to win the event by the time of its conclusion however, as it finished joint second overall along with Behemoth (who it beat in its heat final) after Panic Attack managed to become the only robot to conclude its attempt with Shunt off the Sumo Busho ring.

"An axe or flipper weapon and a scoop bucket here. An aluminum shell. And frightening top speeds. Twenty-five miles an hour."
— Jonathan Pearce reviewing X-Terminator 2 in the Series 4 Tag Team Terror

X-Terminator 2 then paired up with Inverterbrat for the Tag Team Terror competition, in which the pair came up against rivals-turned-partners 101 and King B3 in the first round.

101 rams X-Terminator 2

King B3 on X-Terminator 2's front

After leaving its partner, Inverterbrat to clash with King B3, X-Terminator 2 came out itself when 101 had ventured out of the blue zone. X-Terminator 2, fitted with a spiked axe, used its weapon multiple times on 101's tracks, while 101 pushed X-Terminator 2 backwards. King B3 then charged in and tussled with X-Terminator 2 for a period, before 101 drove X-Terminator 2 back into the CPZ with Inverterbrat, which was showing little signs of mobility.

"X-Terminator, I think you made a poor choice with Inverterbrat. Don't tell Peter and Les Wall I told you so!"
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator 2 fights alone against 101 and King B3

X-Terminator 2 and Inverterbrat are cornered by 101

King B3 presses against X-Terminator 2

With its partner immobilised, X-Terminator 2 was forced to fight one against two for the remaining time in the battle, and although it survived the rest of the battle, it was unable to sway the judges' decision, who went in favour of 101 and King B3.

With the loss in the first round of the tournament, X-Terminator 2 and Inverterbrat competed in the playoff for third place, where they fought Bigger Brother and Plunderbird 4. X-Terminator 2 had also been equipped with its lifting arm for this battle, and was handed the responsibility of being the first of the two robots to fight.

X-Terminator 2 lifts Bigger Brother

Bigger Brother assails X-Terminator 2, whilst the motionless Plunderbird 4 sits

X-Terminator 2 moved out of the red zone and met Bigger Brother, and it lifted it over onto its back with a quick use of its arm. Bigger Brother then self-righted and dodged further lifts from X-Terminator 2, before flicking X-Terminator 2 onto its teammate, Plunderbird 4 - which was not moving - and then onto its side. X-Terminator righted itself with its spikes and then handed over the reigns to Inverterbrat, which came out to meet Bigger Brother. X-Terminator 2 wasn't able to rest for long though, as a sustained assault from Bigger Brother immobilised Inverterbrat and forced X-Terminator 2 back into the action.

"This, for me, is the battle of this play-off, between Bigger Brother, there on the right, and X-Terminator."
— Jonathan Pearce as the two opposing robots reignite their tussle

Bigger Brother flips X-Terminator 2 over

X-Terminator 2 drives into the Pit of Oblivion

After a tentative use of its lifter, X-Terminator 2 found itself in trouble as Bigger Brother rumbled it over onto its side, snapping one of X-Terminator 2's poles on top of the robot in the process, although it still managed to self-right with its side spikes. X-Terminator 2 responded by lifting Bigger Brother up and driving it into the arena wall as it kept Bigger Brother in an upright position with its weapon, but was forced to right itself again after Bigger Brother dropped back onto the arena floor and flipped X-Terminator 2 over. Both machines used their weapons once more as the pit started to descend, before X-Terminator 2 suddenly careered away from Bigger Brother and went straight into the pit of oblivion. With Inverterbrat already immobilised, X-Terminator 2's baffling event meant that the pair finished in fourth place.

"The only thing that let us down is my strategy man, who was supposed to tell me when the pit opened, and never told me, and I never noticed - and straight in."
— Marlon Pritchard post battle

Extreme 1[]

X-Terminator fought in a variety of events in the first series of Extreme, and just like Napalm, Pussycat and Behemoth, fought with two different models.

"XT was modified once again for Extreme - wheelbase shortened to try and improve manoeuvrability. It didn't work that well..."
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[7]

This version of the robot fought in the All-Stars competition - a tournament which it qualified for after its strong Fourth Wars showing. In the first round, it faced two-time champion Chaos 2, and Team X-Terminator were confident of progressing to the next round.

Julia Reed: "This is the draw from hell!"
Marlon Pritchard: "Well we think it's a good draw, because they're the championship leaders, and we're going to take them out!"
Julia Reed: "Oh, confident! But why, what right have you got to think that you can take out the reigning champions?"
Simon Baldwin: "Chaos 2 is an old robot, this is all new - he hasn't seen it working, and Chaos 2, we're coming to get you!"
— Team X-Terminator before their first All-Stars battle

X-Terminator gets flipped by Chaos 2

X-Terminator pushes Chaos 2 into Shunt

X-Terminator tried to damage Chaos 2 with its axe straight away, but was thrown over its back before it could make contact with its weapon. X-Terminator used its axe to push itself back over, but Chaos 2 read the intentions and placed itself underneath X-Terminator and came in with another flip. Finally, X-Terminator managed to move back into space, before both robots charged head-on into each other, with both weapons failing to make an impression on the other machine. However, Chaos 2's flipper remained open after this attack, and X-Terminator was able to use its axe to cause minor damage to Chaos 2's flipper, before its axe tip was wedged in the gap between Chaos 2's polycarbonate casing on the back and the top of its flipper. Chaos 2 backed away, with X-Terminator still attached, before driving itself into Shunt. It fired its flipper in order to retreat, but once again, its weapon became stuck open. However, X-Terminator's next axe attack slammed Chaos 2's flipper back into position, and to make matters worse, X-Terminator's axe was now drooped in a downwards position. Chaos 2 then threw X-Terminator onto its back, and with its axe no longer working, X-Terminator was unable to right itself. Shunt then pushed the overturned X-Terminator towards the floor flipper, before Refbot came in to count X-Terminator out.

"X-Terminator, what a bright start, and Chaos 2 was wobbling - it was on the ropes, but I think X-Terminator is counted out."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator is damaged by Matilda's new weapon

X-Terminator is swarmed by the House Robots

X-Terminator was then righted after Matilda came in with her flywheel, and although it was able to move, it was too late to keep its place in the competition. Chaos 2 then managed to flip X-Terminator onto the flywheel of Matilda, which buckled X-Terminator's axe shaft, before cease was finally called.

X-Terminator fought a rematch with Panic Attack, as the pair faced off in a Vengeance battle to help settle old scores, with Marlon Pritchard mentioning multiple past incidents as reason for his desire to beat Kim Davies' machine.

"Well, I just can't work out what they've got against us, the first year they took us out in the Heat Final, second year then they managed to pull out their way through Sumo and beat us, and then they burst a pipe on Killalot's hydraulics just before we went in, so we were sliding everywhere..."
— Marlon Pritchard in Extreme 1

X-Terminator is turned over immediately

For the battle, X-Terminator was fitted with a long spike on the front. This addition proved a hindrance almost immediately though, as it prevented X-Terminator from self-righting after Panic Attack toppled it over. Panic Attack then activated the pit release button before knocking X-Terminator fully onto its back with its axe outstretched, which allowed X-Terminator to retract its weapon to push itself back onto its wheels.

"(X-Terminator) trying to claw their way back into a vibrant battle here."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator rights itself

Panic Attack pits X-Terminator

X-Terminator was quickly sent on the back foot again though, as Panic Attack chased it around the arena before sliding it onto the flame pit. X-Terminator tried to respond with two axe attacks but failed to make sufficient contact with either attack. Panic Attack then drove towards the edge of the pit to draw X-Terminator towards it, before X-Terminator missed with another use of its axe. Panic Attack then raised X-Terminator up with its lifting forks, before repositioning and then dropping X-Terminator into the pit of oblivion.

Craig Charles: "Do you accept that this, now, is a far superior robot?"
Marlon Pritchard: "No, we were just unlucky. It just wasn't working as well as it should. We'll be back for him."
— Marlon Pritchard remains in fighting spirit after X-Terminator's defeat

X-Terminator later fought in Extreme with its Series 5 model, as it competed in a Mayhem against newcomer Cataclysmic Variabot and Third Wars Heat Finalist Panzer Wraith.

X-Terminator and Panzer Wraith attack Cataclysmic Variabot

X-Terminator plunges its axe into Panzer Wraith's track

X-Terminator immediately used its axe on the top of Cataclysmic Variabot, and used its weapon to help push its opponent towards Shunt's CPZ, before coming in with three more successful axe attacks once Cataclysmic Variabot escaped the House Robot. Suddenly, Cataclysmic Variabot had stopped working, so X-Terminator focused its attacks on Panzer Wraith, first driving it into the CPZ, before inverting Panzer Wraith with its axe as it climbed onto the front of X-Terminator. X-Terminator continued to press Panzer Wraith backwards, before it pierced one of its tracks with its axe.

"And look at that! That's the axe of X-Terminator, straight down through the tracks of Panzer Wraith!"
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator pits Panzer Wraith

Cataclysmic Variabot is axed by Shunt and X-Terminator

X-Terminator then chased a retreating Panzer Wraith across the arena floor, while Cataclysmic Variabot was counted out by Refbot, before activating the pit release tyre. With Panzer Wraith slowing down considerably, X-Terminator plunged its axe into one of Panzer Wraith's tracks again, before nudging Panzer Wraith over the lip of the pit, where it pushed it in. X-Terminator then helped Shunt finish off Cataclysmic Variabot by placing it on top of the pitted Panzer Wraith, before the battle came to an end. This confirmed X-Terminator as the winner of its Mayhem battle, and gave it the sixth and final spot in the first Annihilator of Extreme.

Craig Charles: "You're through to an Annihilator now. That's six robots all the way down to one - last man standing goes through. What do you think about something like that then?"
Marlon Pritchard: "Be great fun. Let us in there - we're going to hit some holes in some stuff!"
— Marlon Pritchard's thoughts turn to the upcoming Annihilator

In the Annihilator that followed, X-Terminator was originally up against Splinter, Hypno-Disc, Thermidor 2, Arnold A. Terminegger (which it beat in Series 4) and Pussycat. It was decided at the start that the team would try to take on Hypno-Disc.

X-Terminator fires Hypno-Disc onto Pussycat

X-Terminator immediately decided to attack Hypno-Disc, although it sustained some damage to its front scoop after missing with an attack of its axe. X-Terminator was then pushed from behind by Thermidor 2, before Thermidor 2 threw Hypno-Disc up onto X-Terminator, which threw the Rose family's machine onto Pussycat as it fired its axe. X-Terminator then ganged up on Hypno-Disc with Arnold, Arnold Terminegger and slammed its axe down onto the stationary flywheel of Hypno-Disc. Meanwhile, Thermidor 2 had come to a halt after a slam from Splinter into the CPZ. X-Terminator continued to pressurise Hypno-Disc, and was joined by Splinter, with the two raining multiple axe blows down onto Hypno-Disc.

"Hypno-Disc, have they been immobilised? Brutalised by the sheer force of enmity by the rest in the arena!"
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator continues to punish Hypno-Disc

X-Terminator and Splinter target Hypno-Disc

Splinter then decided to attack X-Terminator, and grabbed it with its side arms before using its axe and driving it into the arena wall. X-Terminator recovered though, and continued to attack Hypno-Disc until Thermidor 2 was counted out, with cease called as Refbot's clock reached 10. This saw Thermidor 2 eliminated in the first round of the Annihilator, with X-Terminator progressing with the other four remaining machines.

"We took out Hypno-Disc, like we said we were going to. Everybody else chickened out, and we went for them and had them."
— A boisterous Marlon Pritchard after the first round of the Annihilator

X-Terminator axes Hypno-Disc's flywheel

In the second round of the Annihilator, X-Terminator went for Hypno-Disc from the off again, although Hypno-Disc managed to evade the majority of X-Terminator's early attacks. After staying out of the action for a period, X-Terminator then successfully axed Hypno-Disc, before missing with its weapon as it tried to put pressure on Pussycat, which was in a CPZ. X-Terminator then axed the bottom of Splinter's front scoop, where it remained impaled until Pussycat's drive separated the two. Suddenly, though, after ramming into Splinter twice and connecting with the same amount of blows to Hypno-Disc's flywheel, X-Terminator came to a halt next to the floor flipper after Pussycat's blade weapon came in and cut out the safety link of the silver machine. X-Terminator was counted out by Refbot, and Sir Killalot then pushed X-Terminator onto the arena floor flipper.

X-Terminator being counted out of the Annihilator

"After so much promise, Marlon Pritchard is being counted out! That's a disappointment, and a second of our robots has fallen in the Annihilator. It's X-Terminator this time - they've gone."
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator was thrown into the air before landing back into where the floor flipper settled, and its involvement in the Annihilator ended in the second round.

Series 5[]

X-Terminator returned for the Fifth Wars, where it was selected to be the fourteenth seed. It appeared in Heat F, and faced Immortalis - the new machine from Team Death - in the first round.

X-Terminator strikes Immortalis

X-Terminator turns itself over

X-Terminator drove over towards the spinning Immortalis at the start of the battle and came in with two strong axe blows. However, as it attempted to retract its axe after its second use of the weapon, X-Terminator heaved itself forwards and onto Immortalis. Both machines then remained stationary, so Refbot was called upon to help separate the two, with a nudge enough for X-Terminator to fall back onto its wheels. After this, X-Terminator came in on a drive, but instead of attacking Immortalis, X-Terminator brought its axe down towards Refbot. The robot referee was unhappy with X-Terminator's attack, and pushed it around as a telling off, but did not punish X-Terminator further for its actions.

"Oi, Refbot, yellow card X-Terminator, surely! Have a word!"
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator curiously tussles with Refbot

X-Terminator fires its axe at Refbot

Meanwhile, Immortalis found itself in the grip of Sgt. Bash, which dragged Immortalis backwards before Shunt came in, shattering the back end of X-Terminator's opponent. After further punishment from the House Robots it became apparent that Immortalis was no longer mobile, so Refbot counted it out. The House Robots then activated the pit release button, before Shunt drove Immortalis down into the pit, confirming X-Terminator's progress to the second round.

X-Terminator faced newcomer Corkscrew in Round 2, with the team deciding to remove X-Terminator's front scoop for the fight.

"Fight two was the end of the line for XT in Series 5. Due to a battery failure, XT was a sitting duck..."
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[8]

X-Terminator and Corkscrew do battle

The limping X-Terminator is rammed by Corkscrew

X-Terminator crashed into Corkscrew after activated was called and drove it into the arena wall, before slamming down with its axe, although it only made contact on Corkscrew with its axe shaft, causing no problems for Corkscrew as a result. X-Terminator then came in with another strong drive on Corkscrew - whose full-body spinner capabilities were not working - with a second use of the axe piercing the directional cork on top of its opponent. X-Terminator continued to force Corkscrew on the back foot, but failed to land a hit with its next two axe attacks. Suddenly, X-Terminator sat motionless on the spot, which allowed Corkscrew to come in with a side-on slam. X-Terminator tried to regather itself, but only succeeded in driving over the flame pit as Corkscrew came in with a long drive. X-Terminator continued to move sluggishly in and around the floor flipper, which left Corkscrew free to line up more drives into X-Terminator, with X-Terminator only able to fire its axe in self defence. Suddenly, X-Terminator found itself in trouble from Shunt, who clamped down with his axe and picked X-Terminator up with his front scoop.

"X-Terminator axed by Shunt! Drops to the arena floor with a crash. He's (Marlon Pritchard) smiling, but it could be a death smile of robot rigormortis!"
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator is burnt over the flame pit

With seconds remaining, Shunt dragged X-Terminator onto the flame pit, and although X-Terminator remained mobile enough to survive until a judges' decision, it was unable to convince the judges to send it through, which meant that, for the first and only time, Team X-Terminator had failed to reach the Heat Final.

"X-Terminator stresses, caused by the men in dresses. Corkscrew through."
— Jonathan Pearce after X-Terminator's Series 5 defeat

Series 6[]

"...this time, really watch out for the axe."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator enters the arena

An unseeded X-Terminator machine returned for the Sixth Wars, where it fought in Heat B. In the first round it was drawn against veterans Robochicken and Spirit of Scorpion, as well as newcomer Barbaric Response, with the team confident that they could do well.

"This special axe is a dilithium coated tipped axe - will go through anything."
— Simon Baldwin before X-Terminator's first battle of the Sixth Wars

X-Terminator throws Robochicken over, into Dead Metal's claws

At the start of the battle, X-Terminator edged its way towards Robochicken before the two collided. X-Terminator then drove around to the back of Barbaric Response and fired its axe, but only managed to hit the arena floor in doing so. X-Terminator also missed with its next axe attack, as it failed to hit Robochicken, and instead, temporarily impaled itself to the arena floor. Finally, X-Terminator unpinned itself while under pressure from Robochicken and Scorpion, before turning towards the chicken and sending ones of its eyes flying off after a use of the axe. X-Terminator temporarily found itself under pressure from Dead Metal but moved away and then hunted down Barbaric Response, whose armour it pierced.

X-Terminator pits Barbaric Response

X-Terminator continued to focus its attacks on Barbaric Response and shunted it into the arena wall after a long drive, before turning its attention back to Robochicken, which it flipped over and into the grasp of Dead Metal after an attack where X-Terminator used its front scoop and axe in coordination. Robochicken failed to recover from this attack, while Barbaric Response and Spirit of Scorpion were showing little signs of mobility themselves. X-Terminator decided to roll Barbaric Response towards the pit where it toppled in, but this did not affect its participation in the competition, as, after cease, the judges decided that Spirit of Scorpion was immobilised first, thus sending Barbaric Response through with X-Terminator.

In Round 2, X-Terminator went up against the experienced Mega Hurts 2, with team captain, Marlon Pritchard, particularly eager to beat the computer themed machine.

"Computers have messed me around all my life, so we've made sure the axe is working especially well for this fight, because we're going to trash this little computer - get our own back."
— Marlon Pritchard before X-Terminator's fight with Mega Hurts 2

X-Terminator holds Mega Hurts 2 over the flame pit

X-Terminator's axe holds aloft the front of Mega Hurts 2's monitor

X-Terminator crashed into Mega Hurts 2 immediately with a drive before sliding underneath Mega Hurts 2 and pushing it over the flame pit. Whilst Mega Hurts 2 sat over the arena hazard, X-Terminator used its axe and pierced through the front part of the monitor of Mega Hurts 2 before pulling it off completely, still attached to the axe. X-Terminator then attempted to axe the top of Mega Hurts 2 - in which the front of the monitor attached to X-Terminator's axe fell off - but its opponent responded with a use of its flipper. X-Terminator then drove Mega Hurts 2 into the CPZ, although it was rammed by Growler as the House Robot came charging in. Mega Hurts 2 was then used as Growler's plaything for a period, as the House Robot spun with it in circles before releasing it.

"X-Terminator, then, on top so far."
— Jonathan Pearce

Mega Hurts 2 lifts X-Terminator

Growler rams X-Terminator

Both machines jostled for a short amount of time, with X-Terminator attempting to cause more damage with its axe as it fired its weapon twice - although the second of these attacks saw X-Terminator lose the tip of its axe. Mega Hurts 2 responded by getting underneath the front scoop of X-Terminator, lifting it up and driving it into the CPZ and against the arena wall. Both machines moved away from the CPZ, with Mega Hurts 2 next deciding to activate the pit, before it continued to fight back by driving X-Terminator into another CPZ, where it came under pressure from Growler. X-Terminator managed to get itself out of trouble and then forced Mega Hurts 2 into the CPZ, where it suffered from a hammer blow from Mr. Psycho. X-Terminator finished strong, as it pushed Mega Hurts 2 into Mr. Psycho again, where the House Robot slammed down with its hammer once more. Cease was called, and the judges' decision went in favour of X-Terminator, sending it through to its third Heat Final.

In the Heat Final, X-Terminator fought Firestorm IV and Simon Baldwin was quick to point out his worries about facing the number three seed.

"I'd say out of all the seeded robots, it's probably the worst one we'd would want to fight."
— Simon Baldwin before the Heat Final

X-Terminator gets underneath Firestorm 4

X-Terminator started pensively, failing to engage with Firestorm 4 immediately, before manoeuvring for position and then activating the pit release bumper. X-Terminator then edged towards Firestorm 4, which crept backwards, before both machines move into each other head-on, which saw Firestorm 4 ride up the front of X-Terminator. Firestorm 4 moved back down onto the arena floor and then tried to prise a gap where it could slide underneath X-Terminator. X-Terminator drove back again, and although it was pushed into the CPZ soon after, Firestorm 4 ended up taking the hit from Shunt's axe. Firestorm 4 then drove underneath X-Terminator as it pushed it up against the arena wall and then came very close to nudging X-Terminator into the pit after chasing the fleeing machine.

"Goodness me, that was close - and Simon Baldwin knew it!"
— Jonathan Pearce comments on Simon Baldwin's puff of the cheeks as X-Terminator comes very close to being pitted

Firestorm props X-Terminator against the wall

X-Terminator (right) about to be counted out by Refbot

Firestorm 4 came back on the attack again with a broadside drive, with this assault allowing Firestorm 4 to finally flip X-Terminator over and towards the arena wall. X-Terminator landed sideways, but its side srimech system failed to work in righting the machine. X-Terminator eventually ended up on its back, but its axe remained in an activated position, and with it unable to self-right, it found itself counted out by Refbot, ending its Sixth Wars campaign.

Extreme 2[]

"Once a UK Championship semi-finalist."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator appears in the arena for its first Tag Team Terror battle

In the second series of Extreme, X-Terminator made its only appearance in the Tag Team Terror tournament. For the event, X-Terminator paired up with Mini Morg, although Marlon Pritchard joked that their pairing did not come about due to choice.

"We were the last ones under the table together!"
— Marlon Pritchard as Philippa Forrester asks why X-Terminator and Mini Morg joined together

In the first round of the tournament the pair faced battle hardened Tag Team Terror duo S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Sumpthing. X-Terminator was given the responsibility of starting the battle, where it faced off against S.M.I.D.S.Y while Mini Morg waited in the CPZ.

X-Terminator hits S.M.I.D.S.Y with its axe

The two started with an initial period of turning and dodging before X-Terminator attacked with its axe, where it buried its weapon inside one of S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s wheel hubs and pushed S.M.I.D.S.Y. back in towards Sumpthing - although this attack also slightly bent X-Terminator's axe shaft. X-Terminator then rammed the now active Sumpthing into an angle grinder before dancing on the spot and tagging in Mini Morg. X-Terminator wasn't out of the action for long though, as S.M.I.D.S.Y. rammed Mini Morg into the tagged-out machine, and then decided to drive at X-Terminator itself. The sidelined X-Terminator defended itself with an axe attack, which prompted Sumpthing to rejoin the action.

"Down comes the axe of X-Terminator - shouldn't really have gone into the action there, because Mini Morg was the chosen robot out in the arena. But as I said, you can forget Queensbury rules - they do not apply!"
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator attacks S.M.I.D.S.Y.

X-Terminator's axe shaft is bent out of shape

X-Terminator then rejoined the action itself, but not without trouble as it got itself curiously wedged underneath Mini Morg for a short amount of time. S.M.I.D.S.Y. came in to attack the pair, with X-Terminator responding with two attacks of its axe while Sumpthing was being harassed by the House Robots. Suddenly, both S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Sumpthing found themselves cornered in a CPZ by Shunt and Dead Metal. X-Terminator came in to cause further trouble, and although it managed to bring its axe down between ones of S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s wheels again, it warped its axe shaft further and was attacked by Dead Metal in the process. Then, with seconds remaining, Refbot begun his count out of Sumpthing, which was still motionless in the CPZ after the House Robots' attack. Cease was called just after Sumpthing was counted out, and although the battle went to a Judges' decision, X-Terminator and Mini Morg progressed by default as both robots in their team were still mobile, sending the four team members into a jubilant celebration in their booth.

Philippa Forrester: "Is it down to teamwork, or what is it down to?"
Simon Baldwin: "The sheep!"
— Interview before the second round battle of the Tag Team Terror, referencing Mini Morg's "ninja sheep"

In Round 2 of the tournament, the team faced Barbaric Response and Hydra, the second time that X-Terminator had fought Barbaric Response.

X-Terminator is attacked by Dead Metal

Once again, X-Terminator was trusted as the machine to start the battle, where it was up against Hydra. X-Terminator initially moved away, before it engaged with its foe by bringing its axe down onto Hydra's lifting arm. Hydra responded though, as it used the assaulted weapon to lift X-Terminator onto its rear and into the CPZ, where it was left balanced. X-Terminator fell back down onto its wheels, but not before Dead Metal came in and sent sparks flying as his circular saw made contact with X-Terminator's raised front scoop. Finally, X-Terminator got away from trouble, and it decided to give itself a break from the action as it tagged in Mini Morg. X-Terminator was called upon again soon after though, as a tagged-in Barbaric Response flipped Mini Morg, which prompted it to retreat to tag X-Terminator back in. X-Terminator moved in on Barbaric Response and fired its weapon, but only managed to pin itself to the arena floor, with a nudge from Mini Morg needed for the axe to retract. X-Terminator and Barbaric Response then resumed their tussle, with both machines driving each other into the arena wall next to Dead Metal. Barbaric Response was then attacked by the House Robot as it found itself too deep into his CPZ, and after moving away from Dead Metal, Barbaric Response decided to give Hydra the limelight once more. X-Terminator also tried to follow suit by shifting duty over to Mini Morg, but while the tag was being carried out, Hydra charged in to attack the pair, with X-Terminator using its axe to attempt to fend it off.

"Hydra's taking on the both of them - and is coming out on top I'd say."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator and Mini Morg find themselves under pressure

X-Terminator pushes Barbaric Response into Dead Metal

X-Terminator axes Barbaric Response

X-Terminator fights back late on against Hydra

Hydra then drove at Mini Morg, charging it into the arena wall, with X-Terminator in hot pursuit with its axe. Hydra continued its assault on the yellow machine, and two uses of its lifting arm saw Mini Morg beached on its back. Mini Morg's troubles forced X-Terminator into action, although it saw itself flipped onto its side by Hydra instantly. X-Terminator managed to self-right though, and activated the pit release button before fighting back valiantly against both Hydra and Barbaric Response in the time remaining. However, although X-Terminator forced the battle to a judges' decision, Mini Morg had been counted out and pitted in the remaining seconds of the battle. With Hydra and Barbaric Response still mobile when cease was called, this meant that the team succumbed to what they benefited from in the first round, with the judges ruling in Hydra and Barbaric Response's favour by default.

Craig Charles: "Do you feel a bit let down?"
Marlon Pritchard: "The power of the sheep let us down, didn't they?"
— The mascot sheep fail to inspire X-Terminator and Mini Morg towards a place in the Tag Team Terror final

Series 7[]

"Number eleven seeds, entering a fifth Robot Wars campaign."
— Jonathan Pearce

With a lack of returning Heat winners from the Sixth Wars, X-Terminator entered Heat F as the eleventh seed. X-Terminator also had a change in weaponry, which Simon Baldwin was confident was going to help X-Terminator have a successful campaign.

"The biggest change this year, is, we had an axe last year, which wasn't performing very well, so we've changed to a big err.. flywheel on the front."
— Simon Baldwin pre-battle with Jayne Middlemiss

The three robots to face X-Terminator's new spinning disc were German runner-up Tsunami, returning Fifth Wars competitors Team Demon with Diabolus who fought with Kliptonite, and Robot Wars veteran Major Tom 3.

X-Terminator throws Major Tom 3 over

X-Terminator guts Diabolus' spinning disc

X-Terminator immediately brought its new weapon into play, sending Major Tom 3 up onto its side and then inverting it after some more damage. X-Terminator next engaged with Diabolus head on, which dislodged one of Diabolus' discs. X-Terminator continued its assault on Diabolus, warping its armour, while Tsunami suddenly threw Major Tom 3 out of the arena.

"Diabolus in all sorts of problems. Look, the roof has caved in on Diabolus' world."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator leaves Diabolus in a wreck

X-Terminator inflicts further damage to Diabolus as Tsunami drives Major Tom 3 towards the arena wall

Tsunami flings Major Tom 3 out of the arena

Another attack from X-Terminator left Diabolus crippled against the arena wall with its top panel removed, and a follow up flip from Tsunami ended Diabolus' hopes for good as it was sent out of the arena. This attack confirmed X-Terminator and Tsunami's progress through to the second round.

In Round 2, X-Terminator was drawn up against Series 6 returnee Killer Carrot 2, with Simon Baldwin confident of progressing to the Heat Final.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Do you reckon you can take them?"
Simon Baldwin: "Yeah, diced carrots!"
— The pre-battle interview before the second round

X-Terminator turns Killer Carrot 2 over

Killer Carrot 2 moved towards X-Terminator, which sat on the spot. X-Terminator then forced Killer Carrot 2 back towards Sir Killalot but came under pressure from the House Robot itself, although X-Terminator moved away after a minor scuffle. X-Terminator and Killer Carrot 2 then clashed again, with X-Terminator's flywheel throwing Killer Carrot 2 onto its back, which also left it vulnerable to further attacks. X-Terminator then charged into one of the overturned Killer Carrot 2's wheel brackets, ripping it away and sending it flying back onto its wheels.

"Looks big and bulky and strong; and you can clearly see it has immense destructive power."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator continues to dominate Killer Carrot 2

X-Terminator flings Killer Carrot 2 out of the arena

X-Terminator continued to carry out its onslaught with another attack, which mangled the front of Killer Carrot 2's inactive flipper, before righting it again after further damage. In a last ditch attempt to turn the battle, Killer Carrot 2 ran across the arena and activated the pit release button. This did little to deter X-Terminator though, and after Killer Carrot 2 crashed against the arena wall, X-Terminator came in with an attack which sent Killer Carrot 2 hurtling out of the arena - the first instance in the UK championship where a machine successfully threw an opponent out of the arena with a spinning weapon.

Craig Charles: "That robot has never worked that well before."
Marlon Pritchard: "No, we've ditched the axe and it was a good move by the looks of it."
— The post-battle interview

This put X-Terminator through to its fourth Heat Final, where it fought Tsunami for the second time in the Heat.

X-Terminator gets flipped over by Tsunami

X-Terminator is turned over

Both machines started cautiously, as X-Terminator edged towards Tsunami, which turned multiple times and looked to line up its first attack. X-Terminator then pursued Tsunami, striking the back of the robot and causing damage to one of its rear panels. Tsunami continued to retreat as X-Terminator forced it back towards the arena wall, before Tsunami suddenly threw X-Terminator onto its back, with the contact from its spinning weapon sending X-Terminator skittering across the arena floor and next to the side wall. With X-Terminator beached on its back, Tsunami closed in and chucked X-Terminator up onto its side.

"If they can get a flip in there, X-Terminator could be out of the arena, out of the warzone, out of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars! They are teetering on the brink of oblivion, the number eleven seeds!"
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator narrowly stays in the arena

X-Terminator fights back after nearly being flipped out of the competition

X-Terminator used its self-righting spikes, but only managed to prop itself up against the arena wall, leaving Tsunami with a clear-cut chance to throw X-Terminator out of the arena and out of the competition. Tsunami finally came in with its flip, but X-Terminator managed to hang on as it fell back onto its wheels after crashing down onto the top of the arena barrier. X-Terminator came back on the offensive, hitting Tsunami side on before following it up with further attacks, forcing Tsunami into a CPZ. X-Terminator continued to attack, catching Tsunami with some glancing blows and then chucking it over again. Tsunami righted itself, but was unable to assert itself back onto the battle, as a relentless X-Terminator sent it onto its back again and then ripped away shards of armour and an entire panel. Tsunami then began to smoke before X-Terminator came in for further punishment, and although Tsunami still flailed away with its flipper, it was unable to right itself.

X-Terminator throws a second machine out of the arena

"What a good machine X-Terminator is though - number eleven seeds, and hugely improved... Sparks flying, the blade spinning, the weaponry potent. That has been their problem in the past, a durable machine has lacked that killing instinct - it now has it with the blade, and X-Terminator could be a force in Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce

With Tsunami finally motionless, X-Terminator came in for one final barrage of attacks, and sent Tsunami out of the arena in doing so, confirming it as the winner of Heat F and sending it through to its first Semi-Final since the Fourth Wars.

In the first round of the Semi-Finals, X-Terminator encountered the Cornish machine St. Agro.

X-Terminator buckles St. Agro's wedge

A heavily damaged St. Agro is tossed against the arena wall by X-Terminator

St. Agro moved quickly across the arena floor while X-Terminator kept its weapon pointed towards its opponent. St. Agro then tried to get underneath the front scoop of X-Terminator on two occasions, but suffered damage before failing to throw X-Terminator with a flip. X-Terminator then chased after St. Agro and ripped a chunk from one of St. Agro's wheels before inflicting further damage to the front of its opponent. Already significantly on the back foot, St. Agro activated the pit, but X-Terminator was quick to snuff out any hopes of a comeback for St. Agro as X-Terminator slammed into the back end of the robot and then pressed it up against the arena floor.

"We are now down to the stage where the fittest and meanest survives, and the weakest are marmalised."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator brutally sends St. Agro into submission

St. Agro is counted out by Refbot

X-Terminator pushes St. Agro down into the pit of oblivion

St. Agro dropped back down, but was no longer moving. X-Terminator bundled St. Agro into Matilda as it was counted out by Refbot, with the House Robot inflicting further damage to the beaten machine. Finally, after it was thrown by the floor flipper, St. Agro was put out of its misery, as X-Terminator pushed it down into the pit. This sent X-Terminator through to the second round of the Semi-Finals for the first time in its Robot Wars career.

In the second round of the Semi-Finals, X-Terminator went up against the twelfth seed Bulldog Breed, a robot with just as much experience, and Simon Baldwin was wary of the task at hand.

Jayne Middlemiss: "This round: Bulldog Breed - are you gonna take them?"
Simon Baldwin: "It's going to be very tough... very tough. It's built like a tank - it is very strong... very strong. All over, there's no just way of getting into it I don't think."
— Pre battle talk before the second battle in the Semi-Final

X-Terminator buckles Bulldog Breed's flipper blade

Bulldog Breed tried to work an opening to flip X-Terminator over but sustained an early crinkling of its flipper blade before a barrage of subsequent attacks rendered its weapon useless. X-Terminator then pushed Bulldog Breed backwards, which upended itself with a flip.

"Already rendering metal there, bending and buckling, and shredding, and tearing."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator cripples Bulldog Breed early on

X-Terminator rips a panel from Bulldog Breed

X-Terminator attacks Bulldog Breed for the last time

Bulldog Breed attempted to get back into the battle by righting itself but X-Terminator continued to keep on top of Bulldog Breed and then forced it into Sir Killalot's grasp. After Sir Killalot dropped the wounded Bulldog Breed, X-Terminator carried out a gruesome rally of attacks which ripped away an entire top panel from Bulldog Breed as well as nearly sending it out of the arena. X-Terminator continued to attack the immobilised Bulldog Breed, much to the objection of Bulldog Breed team member Robert Somerfield, before his machine was finally counted out by Refbot. X-Terminator had beaten the winner of Heat K, and sealed its place in the Grand Final as a result.

"Big Respect to Bulldog Breed, we have always felt bad for what we did to this robot, real heat of the moment stuff and not really realising how much damage we were inflicting while trying to fly them out of the arena. Since this fight I try and give other peoples work a bit more respect."
— Marlon Pritchard apologies to the team members of Bulldog Breed for the damage inflicted to their machine

In the Grand Final eliminator battle, X-Terminator was drawn up against Typhoon 2, in what proved to be a destructive battle.

"This their fifth wars; their first Grand Final."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator emerges for its battle against Typhoon 2

X-Terminator resorts to activating the pit release tyre

Marlon Pritchard's plan to stop Typhoon 2 before it spun up to speed quickly failed to materialise, as the Edinburgh Air Cadets sped away from X-Terminator after activate was called. X-Terminator survived the first hit to its scoop with little damage, but a follow up attack immobilised its disc.

"X-Terminator now impotent. Typhoon senses they can come in for the kill."
— Jonathan Pearce as X-Terminator is rendered weaponless

Typhoon 2 comes in with a shattering attack

X-Terminator activated the pit release button in hopes of turning the battle, but Typhoon 2 continued to inflict damage to X-Terminator with two more crumpling blows. Typhoon 2 then found itself dangerously close to the pit of oblivion on two occasions with its next attacks on X-Terminator. Suddenly, Typhoon 2 careered away and shattered the arena wall, causing further damage to X-Terminator and forcing the battle to come to an abrupt halt for safety reasons. The damage to the set brought an end to filming for the day, with the battle resuming the following day.

"X-Terminator hopes bashed, our arena smashed!"
— Jonathan Pearce

X-Terminator, immobilised after being attacked by Typhoon 2

However, after activate was called for the second time in the battle, a Typhoon 2 side attack immobilised X-Terminator. The crippled machine was then counted out by Refbot, before Dead Metal put it out of its misery and pushed it into the pit of oblivion, the first time since X-Terminator's Extreme 1 Vengeance where it was pitted. Typhoon 2 progressed to the Grand Final battle, where it would face Storm 2, while X-Terminator dropped into the third place playoff.

In the playoff, X-Terminator fought the number one seed Tornado, whose reign as champion came to an end in its previous battle against Storm 2. X-Terminator was not fitted with its scoop for this battle, but the team had managed to get the machine into working order in time for the fight.

"Does it look okay to you?"
— Jonathan Pearce as a patched-up X-Terminator enters the arena

X-Terminator is thrown over by Matilda

Tornado rams X-Terminator in the CPZ

Tornado quickly went underneath the front of X-Terminator, carrying it around the arena before bundling it into Matilda. Suddenly, as X-Terminator got its weapon up to speed and attacked Tornado, it drifted back in too close to Matilda, with the House Robot's flywheel chucking X-Terminator over. A follow up attack of the flywheel put X-Terminator back onto its wheels, but it suffered damage to its shell in the process.

"Poor old X-Terminator, taking some damage again."
— Jonathan Pearce

Refbot counts out X-Terminator, relegating it to fourth place

Matilda adds more punishment to X-Terminator

Tornado then drove X-Terminator across the arena and into the CPZ, where Sir Killalot closed in, but X-Terminator was the robot that inflicted the damage as its disc ripped away part of the House Robot's body. After this, though, X-Terminator stopped working, so after sustaining further Tornado slams, followed by Refbot's count out and additional bodyshell damage inflicted by Matilda's flywheel, cease was called, and X-Terminator finished its Seventh Wars campaign in fourth place. This was X-Terminator's last appearance in Robot Wars.

Craig Charles: "I bet you'd be happy if you never saw Matilda again!"
Marlon Pritchard: "Yeah, we were cringing a big there!"
— Post-battle interview


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat K, Round 1 vs. Hefty Won
Heat K, Round 2 vs. Judge Shred Won
Heat K, Final vs. Panic Attack Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
22nd Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat N, Eliminator vs. Judge Shred 2, Millennium Bug Qualified
Heat N, Semi-Final vs. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger Won
Heat N, Final vs. Behemoth (6) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Wild Thing (11) Lost
Sumo Basho
Joint 2nd (with Behemoth)
Sumo 60.00 seconds 2nd
Tag Team Terror
with Inverterbrat, Fourth Place
Round 1 vs. 101 & King B3 Lost
Playoff vs. Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 Lost
Extreme Series 1
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Chaos 2 Lost
Mayhem & Annihilator
Fifth Place in Annihilator
Mayhem vs. Cataclysmic Variabot, Panzer Wraith Won
Annihilator, Round 1 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, Pussycat, Thermidor 2
Annihilator, Round 2 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, Pussycat
Other Battles
Vengeance vs. Panic Attack Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
14th Seed, Heat Semi-Final
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Immortalis Won
Heat F, Semi-Final vs. Corkscrew Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Barbaric Response, Robochicken,
Spirit of Scorpion
Heat B, Round 2 vs. Mega Hurts 2 Won
Heat B, Final vs. Firestorm 4 (3) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Tag Team Terror
with Mini Morg, Semi-Finals
Round 1 vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y. & Sumpthing Won
Round 2 vs. Barbaric Response & Hydra Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
11th Seed, Fourth Place
Heat F, Round 1 vs. Diabolus, Major Tom 3, Tsunami Qualified
Heat F, Round 2 vs. Killer Carrot 2 Won
Heat F, Final vs. Tsunami Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. St. Agro Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Bulldog Breed (12) Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Typhoon 2 Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. Tornado (1) Lost


  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 12

Series Record[]

Main Series X-Terminator Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Heat Final
The Seventh Wars Fourth Place
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered

NOTE: ICU, a robot built from the Series 3 version of X-Terminator, entered Series 6 and Extreme 2, also failing to qualify for Series 5 under the name Robofox.


Outside Robot Wars[]

Dave the Tortoise at Techno Games

The X-Terminator team entered Techno Games 2001 with a Internal Combustion Sprint competitor called Dave the Tortoise, a petrol-driven walking robot, but it lost its heat after going around in circles, unable to reach the finish line.

X-Terminator (centre) at the 1999 Sevenoaks charity event

X-Terminator's new design from 2004-2005

The Series 3 model of X-Terminator fought at the Sevenoaks charity event in 1999 in between the filmings of Series 3 and 4, taking part in a melee against Chaos 2, Killerhurtz, Corporal Punishment, Facet and Terminal Ferocity.

Shortly after Series 7, X-Terminator was updated to feature a new silver and orange colour scheme and a straighter wedge while continuing to compete on the live circuit. This new model of X-Terminator saw great success, winning the Cosford Robot Crusade event in 2004, twice battling Barbaric Response and winning a rumble over DisConstructor and The Stag before defeating Terrorhurtz in the final. X-Terminator ended its career on a high note by winning the 2005 Robot Crusade event the following year. Shortly after, Marlon Pritchard moved to Australia, taking X-Terminator with him, and the team subsequently retired from robot combat.

X-Terminator in August 2021

In August 2021, Marlon Pritchard shared a video on his Facebook profile showing that X-Terminator, minus its armour, was still in working condition, Marlon also having upgraded the robot to feature LiPo batteries. However, the video would not be noticed by a larger audience until two months later in October.[9]

The Extreme 2 version of X-Terminator, under Team ENIGMA

In November 2011, the Series 6 and Extreme 2 model of X-Terminator was sold on eBay to Team ENIGMA, who also owned Mr Nasty and The Steel Avenger at the time. X-Terminator was with the team for three years before being acquired by John Findlay in December 2014.

Robot Wars Live Events[]

X-Terminator at a Robot Wars live event in 2015

X-Terminator on display at Guildford in 2016

X-Terminator on display in May 2022

X-Terminator was due to compete at the Robot Wars Live Guildford event in 2013, being scheduled to fight Spitfire, Titan and Toon Raider, but was forced to withdraw due to technical issues in the pits. X-Terminator would then appear as a static display at a few Robot Wars Live events afterwards. After being aquired by John Findlay, he began to restore X-Terminator to fighting condition in hopes of it competing again. Ultimately though, X-Terminator would only compete in one battle, this being at the Portsmouth 2015 event against Stinger, The Steel Avenger and Mr Nasty, which it would lose after being the first robot in the melee to be immobilised. X-Terminator was retired after the conclusion of the 2015 tour, with John Findlay salvaging its axe mechanism to use on one of his other robots, Halo. X-Terminator's empty shell was subsequently used for display purposes in front on the main arena for the shows alongside other retired veterans such as Mighty Mouse and Axe-Awe.

Appearances in Merchandise[]


Craig Charles: "Any scores you want to settle...?"
Marlon Pritchard: "Yeah, we've got some scores, we'd like Panic Attack and rip them to pieces"
— Series 7 Interview, after X-Terminator's heat final battle
  • X-Terminator and Panic Attack shared a lighthearted rivalry throughout Robot Wars, initiated by the Heat Final in Series 3 and Panic Attack's winning the Sumo Basho tournament over joint second place X-Terminator. Despite the talk for the cameras, Michael Davies of Panic Attack helped Marlon Pritchard to operate the weapons in the fight against Corkscrew, when Pritchard was going to be alone. Davies also appeared in X-Terminator's Mayhem in Extreme 1. As late as Series 7, X-Terminator were still hopeful for a rematch (the two would have fought in the top eight had Panic Attack won each fight).
  • X-Terminator was the first robot to be able to self-right from any possible position.[10]
  • X-Terminator was profiled in Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide.
  • X-Terminator was Philippa Forrester's second sweepstake robot in Series 3, after original sweepstake The Parthian Shot withdrew.
  • X-Terminator's Series 3 Heat Final battle with Panic Attack was nominated for the Battle of the Series, however it lost out to The Big Cheese vs Chaos 2.
  • X-Terminator is one of four UK Series Semi-Finalists to have made the finals in non-sequential series (doing so in the Fourth and Seventh Wars). The other three robots to do so are Tornado, reaching the semi-finals of the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh wars; Thermidor 2, which reached the semi-finals of the Fourth and Seventh Wars; and Behemoth, which reached the semi-finals in the Second Wars and the Grand Final of Series 10.
  • X-Terminator is one of eleven robots to have fought in five or more series of Robot Wars, having fought in Series 3 through to 7. It shares this pattern with S.M.I.D.S.Y., Bulldog Breed, Team KaterKiller, Team Big Brother, Team Ming, Team Scutterbots, and Thermidor 2.
  • X-Terminator made the Series Semi-Finals in both years that Philippa Forrester was not the pit reporter. It shares this pattern with Thermidor 2.
  • X-Terminator was one of nine competitors in The Seventh Wars to have competed in five series of the original Robot Wars, but not take part in the end-of-series All-Stars competition. According to Marlon Pritchard, it and the team were not invited to take part.[11]
  • At thirty-six seconds, X-Terminator's battle against Tsunami, Major Tom 3 and Diabolus is the shortest battle in UK Robot Wars to require two immobilisations. However, it did not make the top 30 list.
  • X-Terminator is one of three competitors (along with Atomic and Team Knightmare) to lose to the reigning champion in the Heat Final of one series and go on to reach the semi-finals in a subsequent series.
  • X-Terminator is one of only four televised competitors which has a name that starts with X, alongside Xenomorph, X-Bot and Xylon.
  • X-Terminator was the first robot to be counted out by Refbot.
  • Both times Michael Davies from Panic Attack joined Marlon Pritchard happened in the sixth episode of a series (Episode 6 of Extreme 1 and Heat F of Series 5).
  • X-Terminator was the only one of the four grand finalists in Series 7 not to compete in The Third World Championship.
  • In Series 4, X-Terminator 2 won two battles were it was armed with its axe and lost one battle and won one battle where it was armed with its flipper and lost two battles, giving it an equal amount of wins and losses in that series.
  • X-Terminator is the only robot to have side skirts, a separate self-righting mechanism and a rollover design, this being the Series 4 version.
  • Only four of X-Terminator's losses saw it get pitted.
  • Corkscrew was the only robot to beat X-Terminator in the UK Championship that never won a heat at some point.
  • Both times X-Terminator won its heat were in series where it was seeded and also in heats that did not feature a semi-finalist from the previous series.
  • Team member Simon Baldwin now works as a tattoo artist at Studio 100 in Herefordshire, having done so since 2009. Simon also has his own website where he occassionally uploads photos of his tattoo art.[12]


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