XT2 Pullback Prototype

A prototype of the toy, notice the axe head and "XT" logo the correct way up

X-Terminator 2 was one of the many famous Robot Wars competitors to be made into a pullback, following its success in the Fourth Wars. The axe weapon was activated by pulling it backwards and then letting it go. This could result in multiple axe blows. The toy could self-right if it was flipped onto its sides using the side prongs however, if it was flipped onto its back, it would not self-right without outside assistance. It is based on the Series 4 version but strangely, the axe head that bears the "XT" logo is upside-down. It did not have interchangeable weaponry, but could be fitted with the sticks or rollbar found on the real life counterpart.



The Gauntlet set included with X-Terminator 2

The X-Terminator pullback was packaged with a special Gauntlet gift set, which featured:

  • A grey breeze block wall, like the one included with Hypno-Disc.
  • Two of the tyre targets found in the Series 4 Pinball Competition, worth 25 and 50 points.
  • Two silver barrels worth five points each, the same as those packaged with Dead Metal.
  • Two cones with a ball on top of each of them, like the six given away with the Chaos 2 pullback.
  • A large ramp with two spike pendulums and floor spikes powered by an attachable air pump.

Despite the name, the set had little to no connection to The Gauntlet, the obstacle course that was used as the first round in Series 1 and 2. Additionally, X-Terminator debuted after the Gauntlet had been removed.

Differences from real life

  • The X-Terminator 2 pullback does not have interchangeable weaponry.
  • The "XT" logo and the entire axe head is upside down.
  • The self-righting side spikes do not directly line up with each other.
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