X-Terminator 2 was one of many competitors from the original run of Robot Wars to be made into a pullback toy, following its success in The Fourth Wars. It was sold exclusively as part of The Gauntlet Challenger Box.



X-Terminator 2 with its axe lowered

The pullback is a faithful replica of the robot's Series 4 incarnation, including its axe weapon, self-righting spikes and interchangeable top-mounted poles and rollbar. The axe on the X-Terminator 2 pullback was activated by pulling the weapon backwards onto a small spring; upon releasing it, the axe would fire forwards, sometimes with enough force to land multiple axe blows. The toy could self-right if it was flipped onto its sides using the side spikes, which the player could pull out individually. However, if the X-Terminator 2 pullback was flipped onto its back, it would not self-right without outside assistance.


Unlike every other pullback toy, the X-Terminator 2 pullback was not sold in its own right. It was only included as part of The Gauntlet Challenger Box, a playset based on The Gauntlet, incorporating various accessories included with other pullbacks, alongside unique accessories creating a hazardous route. This makes X-Terminator 2 the only Robot Wars toy to be only be available within a playset.

Differences from real lifeEdit


X-Terminator 2's axe head, which is backwards when compared to the real robot

  • The X-Terminator 2 pullback does not include the interchangeable weapons found on the Series 4 version it is based on, including the flipper and alternative spiked axe.
  • The entire axe head, including the "XT" logo, is upside down on the actual pullback, although some prototype images, including the Gauntlet playset's packaging, show it in the correct position.
  • The axe arm on the pullback is noticeably thicker than that of the real version of X-Terminator 2, and has a different shape.
  • The lifting scoop at the front is made static on the pullback.



XT2 Pullback Prototype

A prototype of the toy. Notice the axe head and "XT" logo the correct way up

  • Although X-Terminator 2's axe was placed on the toy backwards in comparison to the real robot, an image of the toy's prototype found on the packaging of The Gauntlet Challenger Box shows the axe head of the toy in a way that would be accurate to the real machine.
  • X-Terminator 2 was the only pullback not to be released as an individual pack.
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