Xmas Destruction is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a super heavyweight class robot with a high cuboid-shaped body. Its weapon is a flywheel and it is armoured in aluminium. It cannot self-right.


Using Xmas DestructionEdit

Xmas Destruction's flywheel is quite a powerful weapon, so try to go for opponents with weak armour. Keep well away from flippers and wedges however, since Xmas Destruction cannot self-right and is very easy to flip due to its high centre of gravity.

Against Xmas DestructionEdit

Try to use a flipper against Xmas Destruction's sides, as it cannot self-right or try to use a robot with a good weapon on it, as the aluminium armour is very weak. Additionally, try to use a robot that is heavily armoured, as the flywheel can cause damage.

Xmas Destruction Stats

Xmas Destruction's stats

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